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Let's Play? “LEGO Worlds”
LEGO Worlds is a game that made me cry. In a good way. There's a kind of inescapable, breath-taking beauty to seeing such a creative concept brought to life in the most vibrant, imaginative way possible. There is so much to take in, it's nearly impossible to express how dearly I think every little decision played its role into making this a masterpiece.

This game belongs in a museum somewhere as a testament to the sheer creative power videogames can hold. The beauty of expression, of exploration, and so many wonderful things that can only be sought through this medium. Our medium. LEGO Worlds is a love letter to the idea of interactive media. A love letter to the things I'm most passionate about in this universe. It is more than anyone could ever expect a piece of entertainment software to be. I've so thoroughly abused the screenshot function, stared in awe at the beautiful landscapes, and found existential peace in this crazy wonderland.

LEGO Worlds is every genre, and yet it defies genre. It is all of my love for games condensed into a single, stand-alone package available for the entirety of humanity to consume. It's difficult beyond reason to imagine any other game could ever come close to encapsulating the beauty of its entire medium like this.

It's only 20 dollars for a brand new, sealed copy on whatever console you want. This isn't just supposed to be about me, and I need more people to experience this technical and creative marvel. To see what we're wrongfully sleeping on.


How will this LP work?

Since LEGO Worlds is difficult to experience in a traditional sense, I'm going to go with an abstract loose style of videos that don't follow any particular rhyme or genre. The idea is always the same, though: Make people see how wonderful LEGO Worlds really is.


The Passion

Conquer & Adore


Slice of Brick-Life

What is LEGO Worlds?

Not Quite LEGO Worlds

Goodbye Times
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