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LISA: The Painful RPG

by thevoiceofdog

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Alternate titles:
Don't be a sad dad Brad, be a glad dad! Let's Play LISA

Character art by @yourboymelt


LISA: The Painful RPG is an RPG Maker game released in December 2014 by Austin Jorgenson, also known as Dingaling or Widdly 2 Diddly. It has a pretty heavy influence from Earthbound but takes the writing and subject matter to a far darker place. LISA tells the story of Brad Armstrong--a washed up martial arts instructor with a bit of a drug problem struggling to overcome his inner demons. Unfortunately for Brad, this mid-life crisis occurs during a Mad Max style apocalypse where all women have ceased to exist, strange fleshy monsters roam the land, and no one can find a poncho big enough to cover their nipples. It is truly hell on Earth.

This will be a VLP. The game is paced well enough to work in video format and doesn't fall into a lot of the usual pitfalls JRPG's tend to. More importantly the game owes a lot of its atmosphere to some excellent sound design that would be totally lost in screenshot format. Some quick edits may be done to cut repetitive combat but there really isn't much of that in this game.

Will this be a 100% LP?

I know how to get just about everything in this game so 100% is certainly something I can do. Really the 100% in my mind refers to getting all the characters and showing off all the weird things you might miss, so I'll definitely be aiming for that. We'll see how it goes.

Will you be doing pain mode?

Pain mode is an added difficulty mode with some important changes. Most importantly you can only use each save point once. There's some new enemies as well and a hidden area that fleshes out the plot a bit. If I do this it will probably be as a stream after the LP, as I've never attempted it before.

Will you be playing LISA The Joyful?

Most likely yes. LISA The Joyful is a DLC that sort of wraps up the events of Painful with a short playable campaign. It's definitely lacking compared to Painful but is still part of the story and really necessary for closure in the series, so I feel kinda obligated to include it.

Oh man I can't wait for you to get to--

Stop right there. Don't. Lots of people have already played this game and that's awesome, but for obvious reasons there will be no spoilers or discussion of things we haven't seen in the thread. Please do not use spoiler tags either.

Ok I'm sold let's start the pain train

If you want to get right to the game start with part one. Part zero is a sort of introduction to the LP where I gush about Earthbound and the various weird games it's influence has spawned, eventually leading into LISA. I only put several months into producing it so I'll only be partially crushed if you skip it.


Featuring some audio enhancements and co-commentary from a raving loon

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