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Lack of Love

by TwystNeko

Part 6: Level 7

Spiders and Caverns and Simon, oh my!

Tasuketerion - We met this guy before, but we'll help him this time.
Haraheridori - Looks like a pterodactyl. We help it with a prison break!
Iroatei - Leader of the spiders, talks via Simon.

Unnamed Creatures:
Spiders - They skitter around, collecting bodies for food.

There's no new music tracks for this level, but I'm going to add a couple anyways, as they don't come up specifically.

Track 6 - Dream

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

I had the image of a piece by Hosono that I heard long ago. That piece [of his] was really great. What was its title?
Track 7 - Unity

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

A rearrangement of number 6. Also a feeling of nostalgia, and cheerfulness.