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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 1: Freshly Baker - Complete

Not much to say about the title screen. Other than it's probably one of very few title screens that focus on a pair of shoes.

This is the case select screen. This game has nine cases (ten if you count case 0, which consists of less than five minutes introductory conversation). None of the cases are overly long though, a first-time playthrough of this game is likely to take around 5-7 hours.

The file on the right of the screen is actually case 3, not case 1. Case 1 is only visible once you've completed case 0.

Music stops.

I don't know if it's an iOS/Android or a regional difference, but there is a version that shows this opening with almost full lighting. Personally I prefer the near complete darkness version. For anyone who has played this game, could you please refrain from linking or posting the lit up version?

This is what I meant when I mentioned replacing red text.

I were miles away. It's such a nice day out there. I couldn't help gazing out the window.

DC Baker (and her accent) are from Yorkshire, in Northern England. She's also our playable character.

It makes no difference to anything! Maybe if you'd seen a lucky red bat...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's closed down tomorrow, quite frankly.

Aye, but it's where all t'other cases that no one else can solve get sent, isn't it?

Where the real stinkers get cracked!

I'm sure you'll do very well there.

Thank you, Commissioner!

Hmph, you'll have to work very hard to prove yourself, Baker, considering your performance up to now.

Now I know I did particularly badly in my exams.

Not a mental image any of us needed.

Ha ha ha. Don't worry, DC Baker. I've put you with a very special Inspector. He won't let you put a foot wrong. And there's not an officer in the force who can match his powers of deduction.

Ee, really? I'll be working with someone that good, eh?

That's grand. I'll get cracking then and introduce myself straight away.

Are you sure about this, Commissioner? He's so unstable. You could be putting her in danger.

That sounds ominous.

We just have to have faith.