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Part 4: The Hand Sandwich - Part 3

blackmongoose posted:

So did you try to select "I pity," "the," or "fool?" A lot of the arrows end up just being noise, but there are some like that set that are pretty funny.

I didn't think that I got to pick the opposite sides' arguments (I would have selected "I pity" though).

What's all this then?

Pick whichever one you think you'd like to tackle, and we'll start investigating it.

Right you are, Prof.

Picking the sole option we have right now.

First examine the body, and we'll see if we can establish a cause of death.

I'll get on it right away.

In this phase of a case, we need to find whatever we're told to, (in this case, the body), and answer questions. You're also free to put off looking for whatever, and go collect any evidence that you may have missed in the initial timed investigation without any repercussions. Unlike the initial investigation, there is no time limit here.

It looks like posterior strangulation.

You're familiar with the terminology, are you, Lucy? You know what 'posterior strangulation' is?

Well, posterior usually refers to the behind or rear of something, so...

Ahem! That would hardly be life-threatening, would it, Lucy?

It would be if someone tried it on me!

Aye, 'posterior strangulation' means someone wrung her neck from behind.

Precisely. That was an easy one. Sadly not all of the problems we tackle here have such simple answers.

No, I'm sure.

If you're ever up against a brick wall, you might appreciate a hint or two about the evidence.

Just tap the hint icon next to the evidence in question under Fact-finding in the menu.

Oh, thanks for that, Prof. I'll bear it in mind. Menu, Fact-finding, then tap the hint icon. Got it.

I'll cover some of the hints at the end of each case. Some hints don't really add anything, some provide a little conversational interaction between Alfendi and Lucy, but some spoil future events in the current case.

Oh, sorry, Mr Carrière.

Yes, according to the report, they did find the murder weapon at the scene.

Let's see if you can uncover it too, shall we, Lucy? The murder weapon.

No problem.

An examination of the body shows that Ms. Aldwich was strangled with a long, thin, strap-like item.

The murder weapon should be on the scene somewhere, so that's what you're looking for.

I'll find it, Prof, don't you worry.

I found a tie here, look.

Yes. Which would be consistent with the marks left on Ms Aldwich's neck.

That cravat...

Oh? Do you know summat about this tie, Mr Carrière?

Oui. It is the cravat of the lover of Mademoiselle Aldwich.

Somewhere, in a different time and place, Miles Edgeworth is slapping a desk and yelling Objection!

I believe 'is name is Monsieur Phelps. Oui. Bosco Phelps.

By 'eck, you know his name?

Oui. I was something of a confidant to Mademoiselle Aldwich at times.

Give over!

I apologise for not saying this before, but I am not comfortable to speak of the private matters of the clientele.

Now, I wish I 'ad not been so 'ighly principled, and per'aps a life could 'ave been saved.

We'd best call Phelps back in, eh, Prof? With this new info.

Perhaps. Let me just mull it over for a while.

First we should tackle this case's biggest mystery.


The victim's body was found with her hand thrust among the ingredients of the sandwich she'd ordered.

Dead fishy, that.

Oui, this is of vital importance.

Let's examine the sandwich first and foremost.

Then we'll try to establish what her hand being inside it is telling us.

This is the sarnie in question.

With the mademoiselle's 'and inside.

An intriguing scene indeed.

The appearance of the stone heart can be a little inconsistent during the secondary investigation stage.

As I said in my statement, Mademoiselle Aldwich shared my passion for crime fiction. The idea of a murder victim leaving a dying message would not 'ave been strange to 'er.

You mean, like some sort of clue to the killer's identity? Ee, how exciting!

Hm, a message? That's an interesting idea.

I'll adjust things so you can examine the sandwich in more detail. Excuse me a moment.

Alfendi briefly disappears.

There. Now you'll be able to have a more through look at it.

So, are you ready to examine the sandwich again?

Aye, let's get stuck in!

That sandwich sounds kind of disgusting in my opinion, factoring in the fried fish, and disregarding the hand.

So, you've had a look over it now.

Aye, that I have.

But what is the reason for 'er 'and to be in this sandwich?

I wonder if it's not 'why' her hand is in there. But 'where' her hand is in there, if you see what I mean?

Tres interessant. Apart from 'er 'and it is a sandwich of pickles, egg...

Yes. But let's take another tack.

Can you think of what Ms Aldwich might have been trying to convey in this dying message of hers?

And why do you think that?

I've got it! By 'eck!

Of course! The first letter of each of the ingredients. Magnifique! First we 'ave pickles, then 'er hand, egg, lettuce, pineapple, and finally smoked salmon!

So we do. Whose name does that spell out then?

I've never had to read a sarnie before, but this one spells out P-H-E-L-P-S.

Sarnie and Butty are both slang for sandwich in the UK.

Ee, that doesn't half take a longtime, updating the files like that.

Yes, I know.

But you'll find a lot of extremely relevant information in the updated files. Don't overlook it.

I hear you, Prof.

It seems we 'ave identified the killer. Bosco Phelps is guilty of murder.

Don't you worry!

Well, it seems we've reached a conclusion then.

Thank you very much for your assistance, Mr Carrière.

It was my pleasure. I always like to 'elp see that justice is done.

Aye, ta very much.

Do not 'esitate to contact me if there is anything else I can do.

I assure you, we'll be in touch.

Carrière leaves.

So, we know who the culprit is now, correct?

All sorted!

Okay. Well, let's just make sure we're on the same wavelength before we move on, shall we?