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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 9: The Bungled Burglary - Part 3

I'm really glad to hear that people are enjoying the game.

Method of Entry:

So, we're trying to work out how the killer got into the room, are we?

That's right.

Now I am quite sure that could not be more plain. Why, you only need to look at all that shattered glass to know that the outlaw came in through the window.

And that's the only possible way in, is it?

Isn't there some other way into the flat other than through the window?

I'll have a look around and see what I can figure out, Prof.

If it wasn't the window, then about the only other possibility is the front door.

If the door were locked and the key were inside the flat at the time, then--

Then it's plain to see that the outlaw did not walk in through the front door, as I have already said.

Which, I do declare, brings us back to the window.

I find that hard to believe. Lucy, what do you think?

I can assure you, I had never set eyes on that man before. And neither had mah husband. Why would Jack let a stranger into his home? Or are you implying that I let the outlaw inside mahself?

Indeed, it seems unlikely that Nicks could have gained entry to the flat through the front door.

I think we should examine the window in more detail, Lucy.

Aye, alright, Prof. I'll give it a good going over.

It were obviously smashed deliberately, eh?

Can you ascertain from which side the window was broken?

It were broken from the outside. From the balcony.

And how do we know this?

Because of where the broken glass fell. Most of it's inside the room.

Now at last will you believe mah statement is true? The outlaw broke into mah home and murdered mah husband.

Prof, it does se--

I have not finished, young lady! There is a piece of vital evidence on the balcony. Something left behind by the outlaw.

But of course, you would have already have noticed something so obvious now, wouldn't you?

Ee, there's a blood-stained towel ont' balcony here, Prof!

Mah, is that so?

It would appear to be a towel used to wipe the blood off the murder weapon.

But why's it been chucked out there ont' balcony?

Now surely you can figure that out without mah help.

Well, maybe, aye...

There is one thing I'd like to double-check.

Let's assume that the culprit did indeed break the window in order to get inside the flat. The loud noise would have alerted everyone to the intrusion.

It was locked? Can you be sure of that?

I do declare I can. I distinctly remember it was locked from before.

Very reassuring to know. I'm pleased we could clear that up. Lucy, make a record of it, would you? It's fundamental to the case.

I am delighted that we are finally seeing eye to eye.

Keep the locked door in mind, Lucy.

I'll make a mental note, Prof.

There's one more thing I'd like to try clear up if I may?

I didn't get a screenshot unfortunately, but Alfendi does his "probability of guilt percentage" eye sparkle here.

And what might that be?

I most certainly did. Why, I still remember it now. I was in the shower at the time.

Then I heard mah husband scream. I came running out of the bathroom and I saw the outlaw.

And you stand by your statement? That's exactly what happened?

Well! I hope you are not implying that I am a liar, Inspector?

I merely wanted to confirm the accuracy of your very important statement. Thank you very much.

Well, I do believe the 'issues' that were troubling you are no more. We have proven that outlaw is guilty.

Oh, aye?

What exactly are you trying to say?

The victim were taken by surprise and stabbed from behind. Smashing your way through a window hardly qualifies for a surprise attack, does it?

Mah poor, sorry simpleton. You still fail to understand. Mah husband was sleeping at the time. He did not hear the outlaw breaking the window.

Give over. Are you really--

Are you doubting me?

That in itself is surely compelling evidence that the outlaw broke in to mah home as I have described.


There can be no more room for doubt!

I would kindly request that you allow me to go back to mah home now, Inspector.

Of course. Thank you very much for your cooperation. We shall get our files in order now after all the new information you've given us.

I believe that would be for the best. Such a simple case as this can surely be laid to rest now.


If we happen across any other awkward issues, I presume you wouldn't mind helping us again?

...As long as you are not wasting mah time Inspector, I should be glad to help.

Thank you. I wish you all the best.

Much obliged, I'm sure.

Potsby-Mahn leaves.

We weren't going to reach a conclusion like that. She knows that we suspect her.

Sorry, Prof. That's my fault. I got a bit het up.

It's probably at least partly because I first played this game straight after I'd finished Lost/Unwound Future, but I can't help but appreciate how Alfendi is completely calm and even understanding about Lucy losing her cool.

Aye, likewise. You can tell she's hiding summat by the way she's that quick to get mardy.

Mardy is slang for sulky or uncooperative.

I'm convinced she hid the murder weapon somewhere in the room after she killed her husband. She wouldn't have had time to dispose of it outside before the caretaker arrived.

Even though the caretaker came running because he heard the window being smashed?

Then she arranged the scene to look like an intruder broke in from outside. However, there's an inconsistency between the course of events she describes and the scene she set up.

Is there?

Of course. There's no such thing as a perfect lie, Lucy. The murder weapon is somewhere at the scene of the crime without question.

There are two issues: the murder weapon, and the way she set the scene to make it look like a break-in.

Right, okay.

The murder weapon:

Let's see if we can find the murder weapon the suspect used. She must have hidden it somewhere here. Judging by the shape of the victim's wound, we're looking for something long and thin.

Long and thin? Right, I'll get looking.

Need to check the clock here.

This clock's got me thinking, Prof.

Hmm...You'd better have a closer look at it then, Lucy. You might be on to something.

So, you've had a chance to examine the clock in detail now.


And what do you think? Is there any way it could have been used as the murder weapon at all?

It's long and thin alright. And pretty sharp too.

If you look closely, you'll notice it's also slightly bent.

Aye, there's every chance this is what were used to do the fellow in!

I agree.

Which means the murder weapon were in the room right from the start.

And having committed the crime, the perpetrator hid it on the premises.

In other words, the culprit was in the flat before, during and after the crime. An excellent find, Lucy.

Ee, I'm that chuffed!

Chuffed is basically slang for pleased.

Ask forensics to go over the clock hand again, would you? If it really was the murder weapon, they should be able to find traces of Potsby's blood on it.

Will do!

Decisive Evidence:

We need to locate some irrefutable proof that shows Potsby-Mahn's statement to be false.

I hear you, Prof!

Eh-up, what about this, Prof? This could be it!

The broken glass? Which statement would that be inconsistent with?

You've got it!

I've got it!

Yes, the broken glass is quite clearly inconsistent with that statement.

We've backed Potsby-Mahn into a corner now. This proves she's been lying.

Of course, you appreciate what the inconsistency is exactly, don't you?

Alfendi may think that Lucy has sharp instincts, but with the way he occasionally asks Lucy if she understands what the contradiction at the time is, I can't help but think he's got some reservations about her actual ability at spotting contradictions.

Aye. The bits of broken glass are on top of the body, not underneath it. That's all wrong.

Precisely. This puts paid to the idea than an intruder broke in via the window and killed Potsby. Well spotted, Lucy.

Hee hee.

Music Stops.

That's everything. We've tied up all the loose ends, haven't we?

Yes. In theory, at least.

How do you mean?

Why do you say that?

Never mind. Why don't you call our suspect in and we'll take it from there?

This time we'll get her to tell us the truth, whether she likes it or not.

Ee, I can't wait!