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Part 13: A Murder Staged - Part 1

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

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Why not? I don't have PM access though (assuming that PM'ing a Mod is the normal way to get a thread title changed); if any Mods are reading this, would you mind changing the thread title?

Are we expecting you?

Oh, I must be in the wrong room.

Alfendi appears.

Ah, Lawson. What are you doing here?

This is the third time in a row that someone seems to have missed Alfendi in the office - either the office is really large, everyone really needs to visit an optician, or, Alfendi spends his time at work when he's not on a case under a desk.

There you are, Al. So who's this young lady then, hm?

I'm Lucy Baker. I'm the Prof's new research assistant.

You two haven't met before, have you?

It also looks like he forgot to put his trousers on.

Sorry, but the introductions will have to wait.

Have you heard about the actress in the on-stage murder case?

Aye, I have. I saw it on the Jeremy Summer show.

I'm not sure, but the name Jeremy makes me think that this could be a reference to the Jeremy Kyle programme. Jeremy Kyle is a rather controversial chat show (as opposed to celebrity gossip)- by controversial, I mean that just about everyone despises the programme to the extent that admitting to watching Jeremy Kyle will almost certainly lead to looks of disgust from anyone in hearing distance, if not open mocking.

Some loopy fan announced they were going to kill the lass on stage!

That's the press's take on it, is it?

They've got it wrong?

Yes, it's much more straightforward than that.

So you have your man, then?

Unfortunately not. Someone punched the young bloke and knocked him out cold, you see.

What, the murderer got a thumping?

Interesting. This sounds like a case for the Mystery Room. We'll look into it.

I had a feeling you'd want to take it on. I've already sent the file over. Good luck with it.

Let's go over the case.

The incident took place during a place in which a high-profile actor and actress were starring.

Roscoe Strapping was briefly mentioned in the last case, he was in the programme that Jack Potsby (and Lucy) was watching.

It turns out the pair were also engaged to be married in real life.

Despairing of his actions, the hero leaves the room.

Ooh, I bet she were having a case of the jitters before her big entrance.

Immediately after that, the lights went out.

As it dawns on the audience that this is not part of the play, another shot rings out through the darkness.


Shot in the dark, eh?

He was found lying unconscious in the wings...with the murder weapon in his hand.

It's far from conclusive proof that he's the killer. So that information's being kept from the press.

Sounds fishy to me.

Perhaps. But he definitely lost consciousness for a while. That is beyond dispute.


So, let's consider who the culprit could be.

He was found lying unconscious in the wings with the gun that was used in the shooting in his hand.

However, he claims someone knocked him unconscious and planted the weapon on him.

Going off the evidence we have, he's got to be our number one suspect, eh?

He exited the stage just before the theater was plunged into darkness. He claims to have been alone in his dressing room when he heard the shot.

Hmm, I wonder.

She was on stage with the victim when the lights went out. She was also the closest person to the victim when the lights came on again.

The one who discovered the body!

So, those are our three suspects. Based on that information, Lucy, who do you think did it? What's your hunch?

After you've told me that, we'll start with the actual detective work.

It's curtains for whoever did this, Prof, you mark my words!

This is an extremely complicated case.

I would start by considering Bray, the young man found unconscious holding the gun.

Was he struck by the real killer? Or is he lying?

Personally, I find the goings-on backstage to be more than a little suspicious.

So, shall we investigate the scene?

I'll give you five minutes this time.

What a shock.

No problem, Prof!

The crime scene:

The floor:

Behind the set door:

The body:

The sofa:


Behind the set:


Roscoe Strapping

Statement 1:

After my exit, I went straight back to my dressing room. I only realised something was wrong when I heard the gunshot.

Statement 2:

When I came back onto the stage, the lights were up and Destiny was holding Gloria in her arms. I knew she was dead in an instant.

Destiny Knox

Statement 1:

After the blackout, I heard Gloria scream. I'd know her scream anywhere. She's my absolute idol, it was definitely her.

Statement 2:

After the scream, I heard a gunshot right next to where I was standing. It was pitch black, so I couldn't see anything. I just remember being utterly terrified.

Bray Clegg

Statement 1:

When he made his exit from stage, Mr. Strapping bumped into Destiny. I panicked a bit, because it wasn't in the script.

Statement 2:

I heard a woman's scream, but then I was attacked by someone who knocked me out. I didn't see the killer's face. When I came to, there was a gun in my hand!