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Part 31: The DJ's Swansong - Part 2

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

Welcome back, Hydro! I hope your trip went well.

Thank you! It did go well, thanks.

Randal Mann is in charge of the sound equipment, so let's accuse him.

Interesting. Why?

I can't help feeling he were up to summat and he arranged it so that the ambulance arrived late.

That is a possibility.

But how could he have got any poison into Dread?

That's...summat I haven't figured out yet.

Personally, I think we're looking at someone else.

I believe the culprit to be....

...Dolly Hollerday!

Oh, fine.

As far as I can tell, it's...

...that Dolly Hollerday lass who did it?

I agree.

Aye, I knew I were on to summat!

Yes, I'm let's see...

...43.6% sure of it.

That's rubbish!

Yes, well there are simply too many pieces of the puzzle missing at this stage.

That's not much of a number to go on, is it? It doesn't exactly inspire confidence, Prof.

No, it's a fairly weak conjecture, but still, there are a number of questions I'd like to ask Ms Hollerday.

After all, she was right next to Dread when he collapsed.

Oh, I see, that's it, is it?

Right, well, I suppose I'd best go and see if I can get in touch with--.

Ms Hollerday! What are you doing here?

One of your detective fellas told me to come, dinn'e eh? A right little so-'n'-so he was!

He threatened me, you know. Said he'd 'pinch me' and 'check me elbows' if I didn't come in!

Basically, the detective threatened to arrest Dolly.

Oh, right. That sounds like our Detective Sergeant Hague.

Yes, he's, er...very sharp.

Phone rings.

Eh-up, that's the phone!

Lucy leaves.

So, er, wot do you lot get up to here then, eh? Anyfin' special?

This is a special division of Scotland Yard where we investigate especially heinous crimes.

No, no. We merely wish to ask you a few questions to help us with the speedy resolution of the case.

Oh, no, officer. I never speed. That's ever so dangerous. I always stick to the speed limit, me.

Ahem. Let me try to explain. You are a witness, you see, Ms Hollerday...

Lucy returns.

Prof, message from Sniffer.

He says she's the one!

You know how he is.


Eh-up, have I said summat wrong?

It's kind of worrying that Lucy doesn't see why Dolly is upset.

Erm, allow me to reassure you...

In truth, yes, you are under suspicion of perpetrating this crime. However, no one has yet concluded that you are, indeed, guilty.

Would you be so kind as to cooperate with our investigation so as to clear your name?

Hmph. Well, if I have to. I have got better things to do wiv my time though. Know what I mean?

I think I came in halfway through summat there. Still looks like you've managed to calm her down now.

Okay, then. So, first let's examine the body, shall we? We need to investigate the poison that induced death.

I'm also particularly interested in the song request sheet that the victim read out moments before his death.

Right then, let's get down to business!

So, where shall we start?

Dread's body:

Let's talk about the body, shall we?

Ms Hollerday, you actually saw the victim die right before your eyes, didn't you?

If there's anything at all that you noticed that seemed out of the ordinary, please, do tell us.

Yeah, wotever. I s'pose I can try to remember.

This is Mr Dread's body, here.

The cause of death was poison. That's beyond dispute.

Um, wot on earth's that thing on the floor next to him? It looks disgustin'!

Sorry? What are you referring to?

It's a wig, Prof. I always thought his hair were a bit too, erm...well, healthy for his age in all them photos you see of him.

No doubt all part of portraying a young image to increase his popularity. Perhaps he needed to volumise? ...Do you think?

What, even ont' radio?

Wow, I had no idea he wore a syrup.

You had no idea?

If what you say is true, it implies that somebody took Mr Dread's wig off after he died.

Who would do summat like that, eh? That's so hateful.

We lack the information to answer that at present. So, let's turn our attention to another matter for now.