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Part 35: The DJ's Swansong - Part 6

She was a huge fan of Dread, and several people say they remember seeing the pair chatting at times.

Were they involved then?

We have reason to believe that they were, yes, although there's little evidence to actually back that up.

Aye, well, with both of them dead, there's no one can tell us for sure, I suppose.

Now let's turn our attention to the room where Brewer's body was discovered.

It was a store room not a minute's walk from the studio.

Right next to it, were it? Telling.

On the thoroughness of the initial investigation, certainly.

It seems the store room is just that, and staff rarely have cause to go inside. It was apparently kept unlocked, though, so anyone can get in there should they want to.

So Brewer went in there to hide after she took the drinks into the studio?

That seems most probable.

What we need to figure out then, is what went on in that room.

Apparently Alfendi managed to track down someone that had a recording of the radio show, find the handkerchief, and get new statements in the time it took Lucy to decide to return to the office. Even if Alfendi sent someone else to get the new statements, that's still quite a lot to do in what presumably was quite a short space of time.

Have a look over them, Lucy.

Will do, Prof!

Everyone sans Randal Mann gets an additional statement here, Randal Mann's existing statement just got an update since his original statements already mentioned his actions after Dread collapsed.

That's all the new information we have at this stage.

So I can finally have a look at this store room then, can I?

The question is whether Brewer committed suicide or was murdered.

Let's see for ourselves, shall we?

Brewer's death:

We need to figure out which it was.

Right, well, where do we start then?

There are two pieces of evidence that led to Dread's murder being pinned on Brewer.

Firstly, the song request written in Brewer's handwriting, and secondly, the poison used to kill Dread.

I suggest we start by looking at both of them.

Aye, that sounds like a plan.

Now I've added the store room to the crime scene reconstruction, just tap the door in the studio to go in.

The door in the studio. Okay, sounds simple enough.

Yes. So, let's get started.

The Store Room:

Evidence from the Store Room:

Okay, I'm all done. There's no question it's Brewer's handwriting on the song request sheet.

And the poison's the same stuff that were used to kill Dread without a shadow of a doubt.

I can't deny it seems pretty likely that she did do him in.

It's too soon to draw any conclusions, Lucy. Personally, I find the broken glass container that contained the poison a little curious.

Aye, that were bothering me, too.

It looks like it was smashed with some considerable force. Its original shape is beyond recognition.

There's no saying what folk will do when there's unrequited love involved, Prof.

I dare say there is a good reason for it, yes.

Anyway, let's see if there isn't any evidence to suggest foul play.

Aye, let's have a look.

Do you think this note she wrote on her hand might be a clue about summat?'s obviously something she'd only just written...

I wonder what 'Farrods – sale' means?

Hey, Prof, remember the ad they played ont' radio after what happened ont' show? That's what it was. It were an advert for the big sale on at Farrods.

Ah, of course. Brewer must have heard the advertisement and made a note of it on her hand.

That must be it.

Well, that would tell us something, wouldn't it? Like...

Brewer must've been thinking she'd go to the Farrods sale. And thinking it while she were in that room.

So she can't have had any clue that she were about to die then, can she?

No, she can't.

Just to be sure, let's find out when else that advertisement was aired.

It's just possible she made the note on another occasion.

I'll go and make the necessary enquiries straight away, Prof.

Lucy leaves and then returns.

I've got the answer, Prof.

Aye, investigating's all about speed, I say.

Anyway, it turns out that were the very first time that ad had ever aired.

[ Then it's undeniable.

Were she an accomplice of the real killer then, do you think? Killed to shut her up or summat?

What do you think?

I don't think Brewer were in on it, actually. She's left the song request fax lying around in full view, not to mention all them sweet wrappers.

She just doesn't seem to have been that bothered really. Not what you'd expect of a killer.

An excellent deduction. I couldn't agree more.

Hee hee.

There's too much evidence left behind in this room.

If she'd known about the plan to kill Dread, she would've been tidier. She wouldn't have wanted to get caught.

In all likelihood, I imagine Dread approached Brewer. He would have told her of his plans for a great practical joke, and asked her to help him.

Aye, that makes sense. That's why she were totally unfazed after hearing Dread collapse and making notes about sales int' shops!


Yes, a contemptible trick indeed, even for a murderer.

So who were it then? Who's behind all this?

I believe I know who it was.

Do you?

Yes. Brewer's killer and Dread's killer were one and the same.