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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 38: The DJ's Swansong - Part 9

You don't have a shred of evidence to support your claim that Dwight faked his own death, do you?

Mr Dread's hanky is proof of it!

Good grief, what is that tasteless bit of rag?

We found this hanky with a handwritten note on it.

What does it say? 'Well? Surprised?' Hmph.

It were this hanky that Mr Dread were planning to show to let everyone know they'd been tricked.

It would seem you knew nothing about this handkerchief.

Rubbish! I don't know anything about it!

It must have been the tea girl who tricked Dwight into the idea of a foolish schoolboy prank.

You saw the fax she sent, didn't you? The one with the death threat?

Good golly, you even found a perfume bottle full of poison next to her, didn't you?

I'm afraid that was a mistake.

She didn't kill herself. We have evidence to prove it...

Ms Brewer made a very interesting note to herself.

Allow me to read it to you.

Well arrest me now! What damning evidence indeed.

Good. I see you've understood the significance of this note.

It refers to an advert that was aired – for the very first time – straight after the show was interrupted.

The note tells us two things.

Firstly, Ms Brewer knew from the outset that Mr Dread was going to collapse as part of the show.

She were a huge fan of his, so if she really thought he'd collapsed, she'd have never bothered with the ad.

And secondly, she intended to visit Farrods on the way home and have a look at the sale.

She'd hardly have bothered making a note of a sale if she were about to do herself in.

Well, that's all very interesting, but let's not forget the woman was a killer. You can't hope to understand how such a person thinks, surely.

The fax you're referring to was another suggestion of yours, was it not?

I can hear it now, what you'd have said to the poor lass.

'Dwight wants to stage an amazing practical joke on the show. He could really do with your help'.

You knew she were a huge fan of Mr Dread and his show.

Of course she were going to agree. She'd have been that chuffed that you asked her.

I haven't the first idea what you're talking about.

After the show, you waited for your chance to slip off to the store room where Ms Brewer was waiting.

The poor lass had no idea. I bet she were on cloud nine, thinking she'd done summat to help her idol...