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Part 50: Kiss Goodbye - Part 6

The forensics report doesn't come back until you've checked the plastic takeaway box, which leads to the conversation about the missing delivery person - if you've already done that, Lucy comes straight back with the report, if you haven't, you're sent back to investigate the scene in further detail, and the report is phoned in as soon as you've checked the box.


They couldn't find any signs of scorching ont' ceiling.

I see. Pity.

If Agonni didn't do himself in, then he must've been done in by someone else.

In which case it makes no sense whatsoever that he hadn't had the crushed up sleeping pills.

Perhaps we're overlooking the most obvious explanation.

That is, the culprit attempted to administer the soporific to Agonni, but failed.

Ee, you're right. That is simple.

The culprit was then left with no choice but to resort to extreme violence to conclude the ill deed.

For which he or she used what, Lucy? Do you know? What was the murder weapon?

It were the rope. Of course!

Precisely. The perpetrator strangled Agonni.

And it took some considerable force, because it caused Agonni's neck to be broken.

Then, as we have already deduced, he or she set the victim's dead body on fire. No doubt the intention was to eliminate the evidence, by burning the rope as well.

Nice and neat. Aye, that ties things up nicely.

...Sorry. That weren't intentional.

It would indeed explain the evidence before us. But we're still in the realms of conjecture, unfortunately.

We lack a suspect and a credible explanation for how the culprit escaped the locked crime scene.

Oh. Aye, I forgot about that.

Don't get dejected, Lucy. We have other avenues to explore.

Do we? We've been over everything already. I don't see how it's possible...

There's no such thing as a perfect crime, Lucy.

The inconsistency:

I wish I could find a clue or two to get me started down the right track.

Lucy's definitely getting a little disheartened this time around.

Consider this: The culprit was bound by the circumstances of the original four Jigsaw Puzzle Killings.

Aye, so...

So a discrepancy between these killings and the originals could tell us something, could it not?

Ooh. Aye, there's an idea. I'll see what I can find.

There's summat a bit funny about this puzzle piece, wouldn't you say?

I mean, if Sassina were drugged and out of it at the time, how would he have crushed it in his hand?

An interesting idea, Lucy. It is a little odd, I grant you.

You certainly wouldn't expect someone to squeeze their fist in their sleep.

So does that mean the killer put the piece in Sassina's hand and squished it him-or herself?

Well, in the original Jigsaw Puzzle case, I'm fairly sure the puzzle piece was found on the victim's back. It's a bit of a mystery why it's been crushed in this instance.

Aye, why has it been?