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Part 52: Kiss Goodbye - Part 8

Why don't we see what he has to say about it before we accept his confession, hm?

Yeah, I'm boss now, ta, miss. Yez can call me Uttar if yez want.

Mmm. So, Mr Mistry, do you stand by what you said before?

Aye, you didn't really kill those four fellows, did you?

Yeah, I did. I, I...

Sounds like an outright confession, Prof...If I'm understanding correctly, job done.

Perhaps you could talk us through the course of events exactly as they happened, Mr Mistry?

Alright, if yez want me to.

De gaffer gorran order on de phone. When 'e asked where it was goin'... was de Agonnis' gaff!

Have they got a name for themselves round these parts then, the Agonnis?

Yez 'aven't 'eard of dem?

If that were true, there'd be a load of missing people around this neck of the woods, wouldn't there?

I'm almost certain we're still in London, as opposed to Merseyside.

I told de gaffer I wasn't gonna do it, but 'e said if yez wanna keep yer job, yez gorra.

So what did you do?

At least you don't have to transcribe anything Mistry's saying, Lucy.

So it was you who put the soporific – that is, the sleeping pills – into the wine before you delivered it?

Yeah, dat's right.

It was kill or be killed, y'know like. Yez gorra protect yerself round 'ere.

Dat's why I crushed up dem sleepin' pills and put dem in de wine before I took it der.

I gave it 'alf an hour and den went back. Dey were all cleared by den. Snorin' like babies.

I see.


Nevertheless...There are a number of points I'd like to clear up with regard to what you've told us.

Aye, you can say that again.

However, there's one very stark discrepancy that I'd like to address first.

Do you know what discrepancy I'm referring to, Lucy?

Can you pick out the particular piece of evidence on the scene that doesn't fit with that statement?

We're still in the interrogation room, I'm assuming that the reconstruction machine is small enough to be easily carried around.

You said you put the sleeping pills in the wine before you delivered it, Uttar.

But we found the lid of the wine bottle at the scene.

And forensics didn't find any trace of the drug from the wine ont' inside of the lid.

Sozz, but dat's gone right over me 'ead. What are yez tryin' to say, eh?

Let me boil it down for you.

The wine got ont' inside of the screw top as you were carrying the bottle with t' other food to the warehouse.

After you'd delivered it, the mobsters opened the bottle, and the lid fell ont' floor.

Now, if the wine ont' lid didn't have any of the drug in it...

...then we know the crushed up sleeping pills must've been added after the bottle were opened.

Dat's true! Wow, yews gorra great mind.

Oh, I don't know if I'd go that far.

Mr Mistry, you do realise what this means?

There's no question that the soporific was added to the wine at the scene of the crime itself.

Now, do you remember what I said to you before, when I asked if you'd committed this crime?

'So it was you who put the soporific – that is, the sleeping pills – into the wine before you delivered it?'


Quite. You made a statement there that is clearly at odds with the evidence.


No, we're not in the habit of incarcerating innocent people, Mr Mistry.

Ah, yez can never rely on the bizzies.

I've 'ad it now. I'm done for! If I'm not inside, 'e get me for sure.

I'm dead.



Don't tell yez never 'eard of Barbarossa Sassina?

Aye, we know who Sassina is.

Then yews know 'e's a deadly killer.

Takes on 'ole gangs and beats the livin' daylights out of dem.

Dat man's single-'andedly taken out gangs of more than a thousand!

Possibly a slight exaggeration, wouldn't you say?

If only I'd never...

If only I'd never seen it! Never seen Sassina doing dat terrible thing dat day!

So, if I'm understanding correctly, you were hoping to be arrested in order to escape Sassina?

Yeah, dat's it. I don't care 'ow bad it is inside. I've just gorra get away from 'im.

Alright, alright, calm down, Uttar.

You really don't need to worry. Sassina is dead.


As if!

It's true. We can show you his death certificate if you want.


He can't be. Not Barbarossa Sassina. Dat man's my hero!

I give up, Prof. This lad's off his rocker.

It's quite normal for young boys to idolise these thugs, Lucy.

But more importantly, he said something rather interesting.

You mean, that terrible thing he said he saw Sassina doing?

Is dere something yews wanna ask me?

Oh, you've settled down a bit now, have you?

I'm still in shock dat Sassina's dead, but...if you say I 'ave to, miss, I'll tell you what I know.

You have to.