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Part 53: Kiss Goodbye - Part 9

I 'eaded back der to pick up the rubbish, it's all part of de service where I werk.

You mean, you went back to the warehouse where the gangsters were?

Yeah. And dat's when I saw it.

The game was doing so well in avoiding the ellipses until this case.

Kopping off? You mean he was kissing someone?

Dat's right.

I couldn't believe it. I've gorra get meself a gerl like dat!

He were kissing someone? In the warehouse there?

Yeah, but dat's not all I saw.

I was standin' der gawpin' at de two of dem kissin' but den...

...all of a sudden Sassina opened 'is eyes really wide, like, starin' straight at me.

I could tell 'e was gonna kill me.

So I dropped everythin' and did one as fast as I could.

So you fled because Sassina saw you watching him?

Are you sure about this, Uttar? Were he really kissing someone? It must've been just before he died.

I see.

Don't worry, I do believe you.

Give over, Prof! You don't believe that, surely?

Do you remember the puzzle piece squashed in Sassina's hand, Lucy?

Aye, we were discussing it before Uttar showed up.

That's right. So what could we deduce from that evidence, do you think?

If Sassina were squeezing that puzzle piece... shows that he probably weren't asleep when he died!

Quite. And Mr Mistry's statement backs that up nicely.

And there's something else of course.

There's evidence that a woman was at the scene of the crime, too.

Do you remember what that was?

Those beads we found. Of course!


Dat's it! De bird 'e was snogging 'ad a bead necklace on. I remember dat now.

And one of those beads ended up in the box you delivered the takeaway in.

Which pins down the time this woman was at the scene to the time of the murders.

So, he's telling the truth then?

Quite probably, yes.

Eh, I already told yews dat I wasn't lying, like.

And if we accept that Sassina had a female visitor at the warehouse that day...

...everything starts to fall into place.

Music stops.

I'm not even sure why, but Alfendi's pointing pose always looks a little off to me.

You do?

Yes. We can finally say for sure how these four gangsters lost their lives.