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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 63: Ham and Cheese - Part 2

It's just as it was four years ago. It was pouring with rain then, too. And so dark in--

Hilda, look!

Oh yes.

That, that were the Prof!

Quick, he's in trouble.

Lucy runs up the stairs.

No, Lucy! Wait!

Eh-up, there's no one in here.

That's a body...I think.

What's the pig mask for, though?

Correct, Ms Baker. Yes, it's me.

You know, you really ought to listen to what people tell you.


What was it Hilda said to you now?

'Do not leave my side under any circumstances', was it?

Oh, eck! Where is she?

I...can't open the...door...

Correct again!

Leaving Hilda all on her own.

So much easier to kill her that way.

You wouldn't!

Oh dear. Do you want to leave?

What do you think?

Then let me give you a fighting chance.

What do you mean?

A particularly nasty case of murder.

All you have to do, is solve it.

Find the correct answer to my little puzzle, and I'll let you out.

You want me to work out the culprit of some random crime that happened goodness knows when?

In a word, yes.

Hang on, this isn't one of them is it? You know, when Miss Marple announces, 'It were all of them!'

This isn't crime fiction! This is real.

Rest assured, there is only one culprit in this case.

The case files are right there on the table. Best of luck to you.

The speaker switches off.

Hey, what do you mean, 'unfortunate things'?


Hmph. Oh well, there's nowt for it then. I'll have to figure out who killed this pig.

Hilda'll be fuming. I best get out of here and apologise for running off before she bursts a blood vessel.

So, where are these files then?

Here we are.

Now, let's see...

They're all wearing masks! All the suspects are dressed up as animals as well.

And who have we got for suspects?

Well, they've all got motive enough, that's for sure.

What else have we got here?

What are all these photos? They all look alike.

Here we go. There's a note with them.

I see, this Pig were a wary fellow. He'd set up a load of hidden cameras around the place. These photos show the comings and goings from this room ont' day of the murder.

And the only two people that knew about the camera were Pig himself and his missus, Cat.


Seems like you should be able to figure out roughly what happened just by looking at these, then.

So, which one's first?

Looks like they'd had a fight, then.

According to the paperwork, Pig were expecting him to turn up for a meeting that day.

Now, we haven't had a picture yet showing Donkey leaving, so the two of them must be in there together.

And then it's just...

By 'eck, that's a lot of photos.

And a lot of comings and goings. I think my head's about to explode.

If only there'd been a camera to show us what happened inside the room as well. Too easy, I suppose.

I could really do with some statements from everyone involved as well.

Now, I suppose I'll have to try figure out the cause of death and what were used to kill the victim.

That's elementary stuff, that is. I can hear the Prof in my head telling me that.

Lucy has also spent this entire time talking outloud to herself. I think she needs a holiday.

Well, at least I've got an idea of where to start, I suppose.

Keep your chin up, Prof. And you, Hilda.

I'll solve this case, no trouble!