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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 67: Ham and Cheese - Part 6

It were that dodgy dealer, Dog that killed Pig!


You're the killer, and I can prove it!

You're barking up the wrong tree. When exactly do you think I had the opportunity?

At 12:16 precisely, you paid another visit to Pig. Alone. Isn't that right?

H-how do you know that? Who's the snout?

Hmph, that hog always was too nosy for his own good.

Is that why you killed him, is it? Because that would add motive to the obvious opportunity you had.

This is turning into a shaggy-dog story. I did not kill Pig.

I don't think so. Pig was caught on camera just a few moments earlier poking his snout round the door.

Let's get this straight. There's no snap of Pig leaving the room, right?


And there's no snap of Pig's body being taken out of the room, right?

Of course not.

Strange. Okay, for the sake of argument, let's say I did kill Pig. If that was the case, his body would've been in the room.

And it would've still been there when Donkey turned up. He would have raised the alarm there and then.

But that's not what happened.

If you say differently, then tell me where the body went?

I hid him? What, buried him so I could dig him up again later? A bit far-fetched, isn't it?

Maybe. But that's what you did.

We are talking about the same room here, are we?

Oh, but there is somewhere, isn't there?

Somewhere dead cunning where you concealed your victim's body. It were...

You hung Pig up ont' hatstand! You put him on a hook like it were a butcher's.

The hatstand?

How on earth could something as spindly as that conceal anything?

Let me give you a pointer. There's a statement that explains that little mystery very nicely.

Aye, Donkey said Pig's coat were hanging up int' room.

So what?

So that's where you'd hid his body. Inside his own coat.

After you'd killed him, you put the coat around his body and hung him up ont' hatstand.

There's evidence to support this statement.

One of the hangers is bent, you see. As if it had summat rather heavy hung from it.


Come on, why don't you just admit it, eh?

When I went into the room the second time, Donkey was already in there.

What? Why?

Because there's summat vital you had the opportunity to do that Donkey didn't have.

Only you could have...

It's true that Donkey could have killed Pig and hidden the body in his coat, aye.

But the only one who had the chance to retrieve it and move it onto the sofa were you.

After you and Donkey left the room together, you went back to fetch summat on your own.

Aye, it weren't that long that you could've killed him then...

But I--

You thought you could give yourself a cast-iron-alibi by delaying the discovery of the body.

But you can't pull the wool over my eyes!

Grrr...fine. You've got me.