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Part 71: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 2

Please just untie me first, Lucy. Then I'll explain everything.


Put down the gun, Al. At once!

Hilda? You're here, too?

Lucy, please. Could you at least remove this blindfold?

Prof, I want to help you, but--

But you drop the gun first!

That's fine. I'm going to let it go on three. One...two...three.

Alright. Now, before we go any further, we need to conduct an investigation of the scene.

How very stereotypically British.

I feel like it's been a long while since my eyes have seen the light.

I don't care how long it's been.

Start talking! What happened here?

Aren't you going to untie me?

Just tell us what happened first, please, Prof.

Very well. Where should I start?

Why did you come here alone? Why didn't you request backup?

Because Diane's note said I should come alone.

And that if I didn't, she would detonate a bomb at a hospital or a school, or Lucy's home.


Hmph. Alright. And then what?

Obviously I came here, alone, and tried to find Diane.

I eventually tracked her down in this room, but--

But you allowed yourself to be caught, did you?

If Lucy hadn't rushed ahead, it's possible none of this would be happening.

Oh, I see.

Yes, I watched you solve the case, Lucy.

And a fine work of deduction it was, too. I'm impressed.

I think Alfendi must have just blocked out that whole Hen part.

Ee, thanks, Prof.

Don't change the subject, Al!

What happened after that?

After Lucy managed to work her way out of the room she was in, Diane became very volatile.

She said she planned to kill me in front of Lucy.

Give over!

She blindfolded me, and...

She pressed something cold and hard up against my forehead. I heard her cock the hammer of her gun.

Then there was a gunshot.

Aye, I heard that. That's why I came running.

I really thought I'd been shot, but it turned out I hadn't been.

Then something heavy landed in my lap. Just as I was wondering what on earth was going on, Lucy came in. really didn't do it then, Prof?

Of course not.

Hilda really doesn't trust Alfendi.

Now be fair, Hilda.

I've already searched this tower from the ground up, and there's nobody here but us three.

Al is the only possible culprit of this crime.

Surely the killer could've got away somehow, no?


There are doors into the tower on the first three levels, but only the ground floor one can be opened.

What about the floors above us?

The stairs going up from this room lead to the rooftop, that's all.

There is an external staircase leading up to the roof, but it's long since been completely impassible.

Nothing's changed in that respect since four years ago, so you should know that as well as anyone, Al.


Alfendi never stops smiling in this scene. It's a bit unsettling.

Lucy, where were you when you heard the gunshot?

I was at the bottom of this tower.

Then there's no other explanation. I was outside the castle at the time, but I headed straight for this tower when I heard the shot.

So you were on the ground floor, Lucy. I was outside the castle, and Al was alone with Diane in here.


So I ask you, Lucy. Who killed Diane? Can there really be any doubt?

Diane's killer were...Must have been...