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Part 77: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 8

Al's witness

I was. Someone shot me. Very nearly lethally.


Here we go again.

Come on Lucy, let's get this investigation buttoned up.

Aye. Quick smart.

The bullet they pulled from Al's body was fired from Makepeace's gun. There can be no doubt about that.

In other words, he was shot by Keelan Makepeace, as we've known all along.

Surely you can't take issue with that?



Justin, you say you saw me pointing my gun at Makepeace, correct?

Correct. I saw it all too clearly.

And where was I standing at that point?

According to the file, the Prof were standing round about here when he were closing in on Makepeace.

That's it, yes. That's the very spot.

Hilda? Do you agree? Is this where you saw me, too?

Yes, that's where you were. Why, what of it?

Grin? No, this is very sad.

Unfortunately, someone among us has given a false statement. One of you is a liar.

Oh be serious, Al!

I always am, Hilda. No, consider where I'm supposed to have been standing, and it's obvious.

The false statement is...

Hilda said in this statement that she saw the Prof from the top floor of the Central Tower, but that can't be.

Are you just guessing?

Oh, weren't that the right one?

No, you're spot on.

With both Alfendi and Alfiendi using this pose, it's not always immediately clear which personality is talking.

Stop these foolish games!

Al had his gun trained very carefully on Makepeace. I saw it quite clearly.

I don't think so, Hilda.

You can't see down to where you say the Prof were fromt' top of the Central Tower.

Excuse me?

All you could have seen is the southern side of the West Tower where Makepeace was.

I was on the northern side of the tower. You wouldn't have been able to see me at all.

No...No, that can't...

I mean, I didn't exactly lie, but...

But what?

I may have been rather seriously mistaken perhaps.

What? What are you trying to say, Hilda?

I definitely saw Makepeace with his gun at the ready.

But I didn't actually see Al.

Alfendi's wavering again.

So I was the only one who actually saw Al, was I?

It seems so.

What of it?

Yes, what of it?

You're going to have to be less obtuse, Al. I don't follow.

You will. All in good time.

Isn't it amazing what a little bit of investigating can turn up?

Don't you think, Hilda?


Are you alright, Hilda?

Let's go over what we've learnt in order.

First of all, we've established that Diane was shot in the temple.

And that in itself tells us something more.

The killer almost certainly didn't use the stairs, but knew of another way to the roof of the West Tower.

I still can't see how there can be another way up to the roof.

Furthermore, we've uncovered some disturbing facts about the murder of Keelan Makepeace four years ago.

The statements of investigating officer Hilda Pertinax have been shown to be extremely questionable.

Firstly, she claimed four years ago to have seen me wielding a gun threateningly at Keelan Makepeace.

In actual fact, all she saw was Makepeace wielding a gun. She didn't see me at all.

But that's not the end of the witness's dubious statements. She also claimed to have seen Makepeace holding his right side while he wielded his firearm.

I'm quite certain of what I saw. I assure you I'm telling the truth.

He was clasping his right side. I remember it clearly.

The aforementioned points lead us to two further issues that require investigation.

And what does the inconsistency between Hilda's statement and the postmortem report tell us?



You have none? Good.

Then let's investigate.

Erm, I, er...