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Legacy of Dragonholt

by Dolash

Part 19: Interlude 5


The bright light of the moon streams down on sleepy Dragonholt, illuminating a lone, wandering figure making their way down the deserted streets toward the Swan. The door creaks open, letting low candle light spill out and reveal Urk, smiling contentedly to herself, ambling into the quiet inn.

She pauses on the landing, taking in the common room. Athtar sits sleeping in an overstuffed chair, with Deepmind curled on his lap, purring, in a restful slumber of her own. A few discarded teacups lie around various tables, while Urist and Sapphire sit either side of the teapot engaged in a hushed, whispered conversation. The two look up and give Urk knowing smiles and waves as she ambles past, up the stairs and toward bed.

Urk breezes into the shared room and notes Aria's absence. She opens the window to the street below and listens intently - sure enough, she can hear the distant roar of song and dance echoing out of the Drunken Hog, a record-setting performance likely underway.

Falling into bed, the orc sage lets the rich food, fine whiskey, distant music and general sense of comfort and ease wash over her. Coming to Dragonholt has started to feel like the best decision of her adventuring career. As sleep begins to set in, she opens her senses one more time to the whisper of the spirits, wondering what else they have in store for her and her companions.

The dreams begin, but no singing spirit can be heard. Instead, Urk feels a mounting scream of despair that sends the inviting spirits of the forest fleeing before it. This dread presence on the horizon is still some distance away, but drawing inexorably closer, and before Urk can find her bearings it plunges her into cold, dreamless sleep.

The party regains half their maximum stamina