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Legend of Grimrock

by Highwang

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Original Thread: Things are looking grim in this Legend of Grimrock 2 Single Character LP



What is this game?

Legend of Grimrock is Almost Human's first ever game, released in 2012 as an homage to classic RPG games on the PC but with more streamlined game elements. In this game, the player controls four prisoners as a nondescript nation dumped them inside a strange mountain fortress, promising them absolution of their crimes if they can solve the mystery of Mount Grimrock and escape alive. The players are helped by a mysterious dreamer that shares the same dreams as them, along with a fellow prisoner known as Toorum that has scouted ahead solo and given the players some assistance.

For this LP however, we are not the four prisoners but rather Toorum. Welcome to the LP of Mister Thunderbolt.

Plans for the LP

The mode that inspired the Grimrock 2 challenge run, this LP will cover the much-discussed Toorum mode. Joined by Killer Emcee and Uzworm, we putz around Mount Grimrock as I try to be informative, make bad jokes and desperately try to remember everything about the game.

A note: While I am well versed in this game, I am not as outlandishly experienced with it as with Grimrock 2. This will not actively be 100%, but if you bring up any secrets I might've forgotten I'll make the effort to at least try and check it out.

Table of Contents

Toorum's Logs, aka a handy playlist.

Episode 1: There's Nowhere Toorum!
Episode 2: Arachnophobia
Episode 3: A Puzzle Jamboree
Episode 4: Toorum's Crab Shack
Episode 5: LPs in the 80s
Episode 6: Slime Approaches. Command?
Episode 7: This is B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Episode 8: Fuck Floor 9
Episode 9: Gorgomorgs that do your taxes
Final Episode: You cannot escape jail
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