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Legend of Grimrock

by Iron Chitlin

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What is Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock is a grid based first person dungeon crawler, a throwback to games like Eye of the Beholder. It, more often than not, manages to revitalize a largely archaic gameplay style with more modern design sensibilities.

The gameplay is focused around combat and puzzle solving, and while the puzzles are, with a few exceptions, thoughtfully designed; the combat suffers a bit. Combat manages to be engaging but ultimately falls into repetition as you learn the one strategy that works one nearly every enemy.

The Story

Unlike many RPGs, the story takes a backseat to the more immediate tasks of exploration and survival. You control a group of four prisoners who are shackled together and thrown into the top of Mount Grimrock, a massive mountain that contains a twisting dungeon that snakes it's way down to the base of the mountain. If they can escape the dungeon, their crimes will be absolved.

Table of Contents

Level 1: Into the DarkYoutube
Level 2: The Old TunnelsYoutube
Level 3: Pillars of LightYoutube
Level 4: The ArchivesYoutube
Level 5: HallwaysYoutube
Level 6: TrappedYoutube
Level 7: Ancient ChambersYoutube
Level 8: The VaultYoutube
Level 9: Goromorg Temple IYoutube
Level 10: Goromorg Temple IIYoutube
Level 11: The PrisonYoutube

Bonus Stuff

UZWorm Plays the AccordionYoutube
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