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Legend of Grimrock

by rojovision

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Original Thread: Grazing to Mazing - 4 Minotaur Rogues in Let's Play Legend of Grimrock!



Legend of Grimrock is a modernization of the classic dungeon crawler. It features real time combat with a grid based movement system and more puzzles than you can Rubik's a cube at. Our party of 4 prisoners have been chained together and "pardoned" atop Mount Grimrock. The only thing left for us to do is survive - something no other prisoner has ever accomplished. The game was created by Almost Human and released for PC in 2012. A mobile version also exists.

I played through most of the game when it came out and it really reintroduced me to / rekindled my interest in dungeon crawlers. Oddly enough I grew up in the right era to play the old classics of the genre, but didn't end up playing many. What foolishness!

About the Playthrough
I'm familiar with some of the puzzles, particularly on the earlier floors, but I don't remember everything, and I've never been to a couple of the later floors. We're going to be going with what I would describe as a somewhat nontraditional party - four minotaur rogues! No fighters, no mages. Humans, lizardmen and insectoids are right out. This means we won't have any sweet, sweet magic at our disposal, and we have an iron wall for a front line. Plus we're going to burn through our food faster than usual (minotaurs are kind of fat). However, rogues aren't helpess. They can still jack up their evasion, backstab enemies, and wear light armor with some training. They can also specialize in four different types of weapons, so each of our party members will focus on a different weapon - one of unarmed combat, daggers, throwing weapons, or missile weapons (bows, etc).

Grimrock gives you the option of playing in "old school" mode which turns off the map forcing you to scrawl directions onto your walls like some sort of caveman. Since I'm neither Neanderthal nor masochist we won't be playing with that option enabled. However, I've decided to bump the difficulty up to hard which as I understand it makes the enemies a little smarter and a little faster.

The game is full of secrets. Through some internet searching I found some info that lists the number of secrets per floor without spoiling what or where they are. We'll be using this list to keep track of how well we're doing at finding hidden loot.


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