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Original Thread: Let's Play Legend of Grimrock - For all your dungeon crawling needs



Oh man this game. Legend of Grimrock is a first person dungeon explorer styled after the old games like Eye of the Beholder or Might and Magic. Made by 4 man indie team Almost Human the game was pretty well received and I'm hoping it gets a sequel someday. It might be styled after 20 year old games but the gameplay feels far from dated. While it's easy to see where Legend of Grimrock has it's feet planted the game manages to reach a new height for the genre.

I love the hell out of this game. Odd considering I never got into any of the older games. Something about this game is just done right. All the mechanics work well together, they've done an amazing job with the sound and ambiance. For what it is the game is gorgeous as well, despite playing on a grid with very very basic rules the animations look great and the game feels natural. I could gush more but then I'd have nothing to talk about in the videos.

The LP is going to be pretty straightforward. The game doesn't really lend itself well to any viewer participation so it's just going to be me and Olesh solving puzzles and hopefully not dying. The game isn't extremely difficult from a combat perspective (barring a number of particular fights) but some of the puzzles are pretty devious and the secrets are well hidden. This is going to be a 100% run so I'll be showing off how to find all the treasure and secrets, where the biggest best gear is and how to solve all the puzzles. Hopefully we should be getting some bonus videos as well showing off some of the things I won't be able to hit in the first playthrough. Let's get started.

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