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Part 5: Interlude: Portals and Potions

Walrus Pete posted:

If you're talking about what I think you are (the fleas?) then yeah, the thread's in for a real treat. It's so... nonsensical, and weirdly punishing. It might not be as bad as I'm remembering it but boy is it ever stupid.

Nope, none of those things. Although those are bad, too. No, I'm talking about something... grindier.

Either way, time for an interlude! This time I'm going to show off the portal escape.

Interlude: Portals and Potions

There are six ways in total to escape Kyrandia. When we did the "pun" escape, we had to talk to Brandywine the dragon and bribe her into telling us how to click eels together. If we hadn't done that, she would instead have given us a hint towards a different escape.

Why don't you go get him a sandwich?

What did you do that was so bad?

Brandywine has some leads on where we can get our hands on some portal potions. After getting this hint, we can get Darm to leave the same way as before: give him a sandwich and use the jester's staff on him three times. Once that's done, we can continue our conversation with Brandywine without Darm interrupting us.

So, now, any chance you'd want to sell me one of those Portal Potions?

Any idea where?

And that's the hint. Darm hid his portal potions somewhere so Brandywine couldn't get at them - a somewhat misguided move, given that she hasn't actually been using them - and it sounds like he bricked them up somewhere.

The cellar area with the teleportation rug has a suspicious-looking patch of shoddy brickwork. All we need is a way to break through. Note, by the way, that we don't really need the hint; the bricks are suspicious enough on their own. To figure this one out, we need to remember what we read about in Malcolm's family album earlier: a relative of Malcolm once used fertilized sesame seeds to explosively displace a bathtub.

We know where to get sesame seeds, but what kind of fertilizer do we use? Typically you'd use manure, but apparently it's also possible to make fertilizer from fish parts. I mean, obviously, right?

Well, we know where to get some fish.

Jam the eel and some sesame seeds together and you get fertilized seeds. I'm fairly sure this is not how you do it in real life, but this is Kyrandia.

Fertilized seeds go in the cracks between the bricks. All we need to do is pour some water from the creek onto the seeds, and...

Most excellent.

What awaits us inside?

A bunch of old junk, mostly.

There's more garbage here than in the dump.

One item in particular stands out above the rest.

Voila! I did it! I wonder what I did.

The nautilus shell-shaped container contains ready-brewed portal potion. All we need is a bottle to put some in. The potion doesn't work just anywhere, though; we need to find the right launching spot.

The town arena, to be precise. Examining those footprints will give you an appropriate hint. All we need to do is use the portal potion on ourselves in this room, and...

I think it's time to get off this stinking island.

Ahh, I'm still alive. Now, to plot my revenge on those fools!

Gunther is a little disoriented. Where did we end up though? We haven't seen this room before.

It's actually the little cave next to where Duke is standing in the Dog Fort. We hadn't had a reason to go down there before, so we never did. And that's the portal escape; it's the fastest of the bunch, provided you know beforehand to break open that wall and how to do it.