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Part 11: Interlude: Flight of the Pegasus, and Various Loose Ends

Interlude: Flight of the Pegasus, and Various Loose Ends

Once more, we're back near the beginning of the game. This time, we're going to have a look at the last escape method, the Pegasus method. We're at the Crossroads, which is one room west of the Bluff and just above the circus boat. There is one more path we can take here that we haven't taken yet, and it's to continue west.

And if you've played the first game (or read the LP), you might remember it too! This is where Brandon ended up after using the pegasus potion near the end of that game.

Here comes somebody.

(Music: Zanthia's Arrival)

Hey, look who it is: it's Zanthia, the protagonist of the second game in the series. Her voice actor is the same as last time, too.

Hey, it's you! What are you doing here?

And she recognizes Malcolm. Perfect.

So I'm loose. Is that a federal offense?

You know I have to report this!

What am I supposed to do? You want me to get back in the statue?

This counts as getting caught and will cause Herman to arrest you the second you step into the Bluff location again, forcing you to go through the prison system. It's quite likely you'll run into this one the first time you play the game, and you can get a few hints here, too. Setting your mood gauge to nice and talking to Zanthia will cause her to suggest a few ways off the island.

How am I supposed to leave? I don't have a boat, or potions, or anything!

Why can't you audition and juggle, or get an outfit and bluff your way on board?

She pretty much spells out exactly what you need to do to pull off the juggler or mime escapes. Either way, I'd like to avoid getting arrested again, so let's try entering this room while wearing the jerkin and squirrel disguise instead.

Zanthia arrives in the form of a pegasus just like before.

What are you doing here?

Well, shit. Looks like it didn't w--

That's me. Ol Farmer Brown.

Oh, I guess we're fine after all.

Did you bring my sprouts?

Uh, I don't have them right here.

I need those sprouts!

I'll get them right away.

Looks like Zanthia is in the business for some sprouts. The only ones we've seen are sesame ones, so I guess that's what she's after. Whatever the case, as soon as you leave the Pegasus Landing, so does Zanthia. Now that we've been introduced to her, another location opens up back in town.

(Music: Magician's Lodge)

This place, the Magician's Lodge. We couldn't lockpick it before; the only way to get in is to go and watch Zanthia land as a pegasus.

And this is what it looks like on the inside. The perspective in this room is really strange and makes Zanthia look giant and Malcolm really tiny. Assuming we still have our disguise, we can talk to Zanthia some more here and get some new lines.

Did you bring my sprouts?

Uh, well...

I mean it! If I have to do it all by myself again, I'm not letting you guys have any of the potion!

I guess Zanthia really got sick of doing all the footwork herself after the last game, huh. What's this about a potion, though? Something we could use to escape, perhaps?

Well, whatever it is she's cooking up, it's not complete, and she won't let us have any of it either way right now.

Uh, how many sprouts did you say you wanted?

Twelve... large... sprouts!!!

We know how to make sesame sprouts; use some water on some seeds, and boom. That makes small sprouts, though. Zanthia wants large ones, and the regular way doesn't cut it for those. We need some more potent seeds.

Some eel-fertilized ones, to be precise.

These turn into large sprouts when watered.

Zanthia wants twelve of these... and as you might have noticed, we only have ten inventory slots and we need to use some to hold our fishing gear and bottle. It's an extremely annoying process that takes several trips between the dairy and the basement to rack up the necessary sprouts, and as far as I know there are no alternate ways to get the required sprouts. I'm sure we'll be handsomely rewarded, though.

Eleven sprouts later...

That's it? Don't I get paid or something?

No, but I do need to make quite a few potions. Could you get me twelve more sprouts?

Son of a bitch.

Make sure he doesn't get his hands on any fertilized seeds. He's just the sort of person who would try to use their explosive growth for mischief.

This lousy hint is all you get for all your hard work. This line doesn't even make any sense in-universe, since, well, we're Malcolm and we haven't been walking around without our disguise since we met Zanthia, and either way why hasn't she reported us to the authorities?

Either way, there is an actual puzzle here, but the sprouts are a diversion that at best gives you a hint. The hint is relevant, though... fertilized seeds will be necessary to do what we want. First, let's have a look at the conspicuous cabinet on the right, there.

It's very delicate.

Perhaps we could use the cabinet as a distraction, in order to get our hands on some of that potion Zanthia is mixing up.

Some fertilized seeds might help us get some action going. We've already seen their explosive power when we busted into Darm's basement to get us a batch of portal potion. All we need now is some water.

Omigosh. Marko's going to kill me when he sees this!

Glad to hear Marko's still in the picture, I guess.

I can't understand how this fell over by itself.

Yeah, uh, it's a mystery all right. Now that she's busy fretting over the cabinet, we can get ourselves some potion.

It's called a primordial potion. I wonder what it does.

Whoa, this could be fun.

Perhaps so, but it's not very useful. As you'll recall, the potion is not finished: Zanthia said she needed some Essence of Horse to get it done. If we want something useful out of this, we need to find some of said essence.

Back at the toy factory, a piece of firewood and the right settings gives us a toy horse. Close enough, right?

Into the cauldron it goes. What kind of potion did we make?

Pegasus potion, as it turns out! If you'll recall, back in the first game, we just mixed some gems and flowers together to make this kind of potion. However, there was a semi-secret item in that area of the game that didn't seem to have any use: a small silver statuette of a rearing horse. Perhaps originally you needed Essence of Horse in the first game, too, but it was cut for being too complex a puzzle or something.

Let's drink the potion and see what happens.

I guess this isn't the right spot.

Well, it sorta worked... we're just not in a position to go anywhere from inside Zanthia's hut.

Back at the Pegasus landing pad, Malcolm reflects briefly on the joys of travel.

I wish I had a potion right now.

Happily, we do!

(Music: Pegasus Potion)

Wow, that was fun! And now, I can plot my revenge on Kyrandia.

It did look pretty fun. And here we are, once again, on the Isle of Cats, ready to plot our revenge and fix some weird religious idols. That's the pegasus escape.

Now, there are a few more loose ends at the beginning of the game we should tie up before we move on to the final act of the game. We've seen almost everything, but there are a few more things we should cover.

First, let's have a look at some more uses for the amazingly multifunctional Kyrandian squirrel. There's nothing quite like wanton disregard for the safety of small furry animals, after all. What if instead of a rocking horse, we throw a stunned squirrel into Zanthia's potion?

We get... this really strange-looking potion. Let's scoop some out.

Its... a Squirrelasus Potion now. That makes sense. Against our better judgment, let's drink it.

Sometimes I feel like a nut.

Okay, then. This potion has no apparent purpose other than... that. You can't use it to escape Kyrandia, no matter where you drink it. It's just a weird easter egg or something.

Here's the last remaining thing you can do with squirrels. Remember when we had to get an eel, some sesame, and some cream in order to make a fish cream sandwich? A squirrel will substitute for an eel in a pinch.

Of course, the resulting sandwich is... different.

The squirrel cream sandwich will substitute for a fish cream sandwich for the purposes of solving puzzles, though most people will comment that it tastes awful and that there's got to be something wrong with it. Speaking of sandwiches, there is one more use for them other than to bribe Darm or the circus dog.

Remember this cow statue thing? It's in the town hall, above the basement. Malcolm called it "The Voice of Reason" when we first encountered it. It looks like it's holding a sandwich, doesn't it?

So why not... try smearing a sandwich all over it or something? I don't know, really. Whatever. Use fish cream sandwich on Voice of Reason.

Thanks, I just love fish cream sandwiches!

Holy shit, it's alive.

I am the Voice of Reason.

Can you reason with that pig-headed Kallak?

I can only judge. I cannot preach.

So I guess this thing is... it's a fish cream sandwich powered legal official of some sort?

That old windbag? No way.

Fun fact: The Voice of Reason from this game and Treeface from the first game have the same voice actor.

Can you help me get out of Kyrandia?

That, I'm afraid, is your problem.

I'll be pleased to act as judge and hear the evidence against you.

That seems like an oddly specific and generally pretty weird thing to say, especially if you run into this right at the beginning of the game. That's all we're going to get out of the Voice of Reason for now, though. We can give him more sandwiches, but he just eats them and thanks us.

The squirrel cream sandwich is not appreciated, however.

For this next one, we're going to need some firewood from the city limits.

We'll drop it here in preparation. Next, we're going to get caught; any way of doing that will do. Next time we come back to the Bluff, Herman tries to arrest Malcolm, except...

The strategically placed log makes him trip on his face and fail. After this happens, we're force-moved to the room west of here and can keep on adventuring. However, going back to the Bluff is still potentially dangerous. Next time we do...

... Herman has acquired a giant bug net which he uses to capture Malcolm. Man, just look at that grin.

We can avoid this netty fate, though. All we need is a sharp cutting implement, like the scissors from the prison. I think the broken glass bottle and toy soldier also work. All you need to do is hold one of these items in your mouse cursor as you exit to the Bluff.

Herman Muenster: Ace Bailiff. Once again, we're forced to leave the room immediately after. After eluding arrest twice, Herman finally brings out the big guns.

There is no way to avoid the paralysis spell. You're going to get arrested here no matter what you do.

Okay, that's it for now. There was one more thing I remember being able to do, but... I can't seem to get it to happen this time around. Rather than delay this update any further, I'll see if I can pull it off later and edit it into this update.