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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 86: Legend of Mana

...Well...I've done everything else in the world that I wanted to do. I guess now's as good as time as ever to tackle the mysteries of the Mana Tree!

Why do I have this strange feeling...?

Just like in my dreams...

Let's do this!


Heh...Funny seeing him here, of all places.

She used Her light to outline Herself in shadow. Her visions began the creation of this universe. Everything in the world has a common beginning: Her light. But the desire to know one's self became shadow and separated us.

Words are your powers. The Goddess will speak to you with Her powers. If you know you can handle that power, then proceed.


At this point...

I can handle anything!

This tree is so beautiful...yet also a dangerous climb.

It doesn't help that the place is infested with monsters.

Away with you all!

Ugh...How large is this tree, anyway?

Huh...Well I'll be.

More monsters!

And that! Wait, you're no monster.

A bad monster is doing really bad things to the Mana Tree. They are coming here to suck out the Tree's energy!

Good thing I took care of most of them, then! Still...

There! I think that's all of them.

...Now what?



...Huh? What just happened?

That voice...

I remember it from my dreams!

This must be...

...The Mana Goddess? She looks nothing like I imagined!

At any rate, I must vanquish the darkness within her! I may not know what's going on, but I know how to fight!

Hah! You may be the Mana Goddess, but even you can't-

Ack! Not bad, but how about-


Ugh...Of course this won't be easy! I can't mess around now!

She's strong! I have to be careful this time!

Ugh... That's it! I need to be aggressive!

Gotta watch out!


I refuse to give up! Not when I'm so close!

...Ugh...Almost there...


I did it...

I defeated the Mana Goddess! I truly am a hero!


...So now what?



Hmmm... The winds shall take thee... What could that possibly mean?



Video: Recovery of the Tree of Mana



Video: Ending Pt1

And thus the Sproutlings went to the Tree of Mana to save it.

After all, their purpose is to heal the Tree of Mana when it needs it.

And thus ends my adventures. I don't think I'll be able to come back from this... But in the end, it was worth it.


Video: Ending Pt2

I heard,
A nostalgic song,
Somewhere far away.

It touched me deeply in my heart,
A young force,
Spoke about the song of life.

I am born of you,
And I came back,
Enclosed in a song,
Both kind and cruel.

My life took a turn,
I am born again.

Hurry, to get to be next to you
Again and again, I long for you

After you I hurry
To get to be next to you

Again and again, I long for you

My longing is no diamond
(Just a tiny crystal)

A grain of sand in the desert,
A drop of water in the ocean,

But with haughtiness I come

Seasons come and go
And I follow in their wake

All I want is to sleep,
Embraced by your song

All I want is to wait,
Bundled up in a dream

I follow my longing to you

Sat riding on a wind

Echoes of your song travelling far

Thrown by waves, I surge toward you

Young energy (a nostalgic song)
our smile I keep deep in my heart

And I continue my journey

Time is running out--I must hurry
I thought I was free

Free from the past

But memories full of nuances
Flourish deep in me

At last I reach you
Hear my truth and see my dream

My beautiful dream

Seasons come and go
And I follow in their wake

I thought I was free
Free from the past

But memories full of nuances
Flourish deep in me

At last I reach you


Video: Ending Pt3



Is that right? Yeah, I live on the western part of the continent.




...Whew. What a dream that was.

So this time I dreamed I went to the Mana Tree and defeated the evil within the Mana Goddess. Or maybe it really did happen. Anyway, the Sproutlings showed up and saved the Mana Tree. After that, everything's a bit fuzzy.

Not in the mood to talk, I take it? Fair enough.

Huh, wonder where Bud and Lisa went to. I think I'll do a bit of reading before I head out.

Huh...Never seen that one before.

Peace is boring.

So are nightmares.


Hmmm... Maybe I'll hold off on reading.

Everything looks normal.

The world can be shaped by your imagination! Did you know that?

Yes...In fact, I believe we had this exact conversation before.
Here you go!

This is the town of Domina.

...Domina? What happened?

...Where is everything? What happened?

Guess I better investigate...

...This has all happened before. Has the Mana Goddess sent me back in time?

Perhaps...This is a chance to relive my adventures. I still have my power, my pets, my weapons...But now I could do things differently.

This time, I'll help Elazul. Niccolo can wait.

I've learned so much, maybe I could change more.

Perhaps this time I'll side with Elazul. Maybe I could save more people. Heck, maybe I'll even help Escad


Whew...These guys are tougher than usual.

Nice to have a real challenge for once!

Ugh...Oh well. Maybe I do want a future after all...At least for now.

At any rate...I've got a whole new beginning, and I for one am excited to start over again!

Maybe this time people will sing songs and tell stories about me. I wouldn't mind being one of those legendary heroes I read so much about.

Ah well.