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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

by MeccaPrime

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Original Thread: Life moves pretty fast, but not fast enough to abandon Link to the Past!


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Holy Jesus Fuck! It's a miracle!

All right guys, I feel really bad about leaving this unfinished so I've made some time to work on the LP and I fully believe that I can get it finished this time! Come join me as I attempt to finish this for my internet honor.

If you missed the original thread, it can be found here (archives required).

Without further ado, let's get into it!


Welcome everyone to my newest major LP project: Let's Play the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This will be more of a completionist run in that I will collect all of the items and heart pieces and show off most of what the game has to offer. I'll also be showing off some ways to exploit a few glitches along the way if such an opportunity arises. First, some information.

Title: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Genre: Adventure/Dungeon Crawler
Release Dates: November 1991 (JP), April 1992 (NA), September 1992 (EU)
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Re-released in 2002-2003 on the Gameboy Advance)
Developer: Nintendo

After receiving a telepathic plea for help from Princess Zelda, our hero embarks on a journey that becomes much larger. Soon he realizes that simply saving the princess won't be enough as the world is being held hostage by a great evil that is about to be unleashed. Our hero must travel across the land  and even to an alternate dimension  in a quest to retrieve the Master Sword and reseal the evil that has escaped.

It was decided in our last thread that the hero shall be named Ferris; let it be so!

Wanted in All the Wrong WaysYouTube
Level One - Eastern PalaceYouTube
Everyday I'm Shufflin'YouTube
Level Two - Desert PalaceYouTube
Lenny the MurderbeeYouTube
Level Three - Tower of HeraYouTube
Wishing WellYouTube
The Dark Side of the WorldYouTube
Now You're Thinking with PortalsYouTube
Level Five - Swamp PalaceYouTube
Level Six - Skull DungeonYouTube
Level Seven - Gargoyle DungeonYouTube
Level Eight - Ice PalaceYouTube
Level Nine - Misery MireYouTube
Level Ten - Turtle RockYouTube
Finale - Ganon's TowerYouTube

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