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Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

by pokecapn

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Original Thread: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures: Crisis on Infinite Hyrules



With the Wii U on the way, you might be asking yourself, "Self, does Nintendo have any idea what they're doing with this asymmetric gameplay business?" Well, it worked pretty well 8 years ago...

Released in 2004 for the Nintendo GameCube, Zelda: FSA made use of the wack-ass peripheral known as the GCN-GBA link cable. By hooking these cables up to your Game Boy Advances, you and three friends could play through a cooperative adventure through a land of shittily scaled sprites and bizarre graphical effects known as Hyrule. At the end of each level, everyone gets judged by the game and their heroic cohorts and through a variety of criteria (mainly money), there's a winner for each level. Cooperate and compete. Nintendo's done that a couple of times now.

The twist? When entering caves, houses, and under certain other conditions, your Link moves down to the GBA screen. This provides a very strange form of immersion into the game, and also allows you to ransack hidden treasure chests while the other three fools bumble around on the main screen. Neat trick.

Right about now, you should be asking yourself, "Self, who the fuck would use this joke twice? And how can you LP a game where a quarter of the action takes place on 4 GBA screens?"

Nintendo had another wack-ass peripheral called the Game Boy Player. It attached to the bottom of the GameCube and fully emulated the GBA. Not only that, but it came with a fully working link cable port. Enter the Gigaquad:

*not actual game footage

*actual game footage courtesy of KFJ

4 GameCubes, 4 GBA Players, 4 GCN-GBA cables, a Wii to plug them all into, 4 SD capture cards, 1 HD-PVR, and 2 computers. For some reason, it's named after my first USB flash drive, but that doesn't really matter.

Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.


1-1 ~ Lake HyliaYouTube
1-2 ~ Cave of No ReturnYouTube
1-3 ~ Hyrule CastleYouTube
2-1 ~ The CoastYouTube
2-2 ~ Village of the Blue MaidenYouTube
2-3 ~ Eastern TempleYouTube
3-1 ~ Death Mountain FoothillsYouTube
3-2 ~ The Mountain PathYouTube
3-3 ~ Tower of FlamesYouTube
4-1 ~ The FieldYouTube
4-2 ~ The SwampYouTube
4-3 ~ Infiltration of Hyrule CastleYouTube
5-1 ~ Lost WoodsYouTube
5-2 ~ Kakariko VillageYouTube
5-3 ~ Temple of DarknessYouTube
6-1 ~ Desert of DoubtYouTube
6-2 ~ Desert TempleYouTube
6-3 ~ PyramidYouTube
7-1 ~ Frozen HyruleYouTube
7-2 ~ The Ice TempleYouTube
7-3 ~ Tower of WindsYouTube
8-1 ~ Realm of the HeavensYouTube
8-2 ~ The Dark CloudYouTube
8-3 ~ Palace of Winds, Part 1YouTube
8-4 ~ Palace of Winds, Part 2 & Shadow BattleYouTube

Final Scores courtesy of kidcoelacanth

Diagram of the setup courtesy of CrushedB
digging. courtesy of Raizor
Cubes courtesy of My Name Is Kaz
The Phantom Tennis courtesy of Raizor
Force Gem Totals courtesy of Raizor. Looks rigged to me.
Big Spreadsheet courtesy of Cloud Potato
Huge voting post courtesy of Color Printer
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