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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

by ThornBrain

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---Game Description---
Majora's Mask is a direct sequel to the seminal Ocarina of Time, and except for the still-shit first-person aiming, it improves on it in every way. The story is more introspective and creative, the characters are more alive, the world is more richly detailed, and the difficulty fully expects you to do your homework. Also, it's dark. Like, there is no hope in anyone you meet dark. Where OoT was a classical tale of good destined to defeat evil, Majora's Mask is a memorable parable of loss, death, madness, and acceptance. You are not destined to save this world; this time, you have to want to.

The story is such:
The Hero of Time slips away from Hyrule to find a long-lost friend. While wandering the Lost Woods, he is attacked by a masked Skull Kid, who steals his horse and escapes. PizzaJoe gives chase, only to fall through worlds and end up in the mirror universe Termina, where Skull Kid has doomed the land to be crushed by the moon in three days. A mysterious (read: creepy) figure called The Happy Mask Salesman tasks PizzaJoe with retrieving the titular mask from the Skull Kid, while helping out everyone else in the world Skull Kid screwed over. Good thing he can time travel.

---LP Description---
100% LP, show off everything, blah blah blah you know the drill by now.



EPM's The Interplay of Narrative and Engagement in Majora’s Mask

Epee Em posted:

Given that the HMS can identify any mask you bring him, it's reasonable to assume his knowledge of Majora's Mask is as accurate as we'll ever get.

And come to think of it, since Thorn didn't show that off, I'll include all those. The transformation masks don't get comments.

"That's the Postman's Hat, isn't it? That is a fine thing. It is filled with the joy of freedom."
"That's the All-Night Mask, isn't it? That looks like an expensive mask."
"That's the Blast Mask, isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with feelings of gratitude."
"That's the Stone Mask, isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with an appreciation for things that go unnoticed."
"That's the Great Fairy's Mask, isn't it? That is quite rare. Normally, you wouldn't be able to get one of those."
"That's a Keaton Mask, isn't it? It carries quite a lot of nostalgia. It was popular with children long ago."
"That is the Bremen Mask, isn't it? If you have that, then it would appear you have the qualities of a leader."
"That's the Bunny Hood, isn't it? That is a fine thing. It is filled with kindness towards animals."
"That's Don Gero's Mask, isn't it? That mask has a very operatic feel about it." ( The M. Bulteau mask?)
"That is the Mask of Scents, isn't it? You've done well to get that mask. Looking at its condition, I can tell that its previous owner was neat and tidy."
"That's Romani's Mask, isn't it? That is a nice mask. It is a sentimental item that exudes a lot of maturity."
"That's the Circus Leader's Mask, isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with the feelings of tenderness left behind in the back of one's heart."
"That's Kafei's Mask, isn't it? The worry of a concerned mother is expressed quite well in that mask."
"That's the Couple's Mask, isn't it? That is truly a very fine mask. It's overflowing with powerful feelings of love and gratitude."
"That is the Mask of Truth, isn't it? You have a frightful mask. But being able to see into people's hearts and minds seems useful..."
"That's Kamaro's Mask, isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with the joy a teacher has in finding a good student."
"That's the Gibdo Mask, isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with the love of a father and child."
"That's the Garo's Mask, isn't it? If you have that mask, you must be one with quite a bit of courage."
"That's the Captain's Hat, isn't it? That is a splendid thing. It earns the respect and sworn allegiance of legions of soldiers."

And interestingly enough, you can't wear the Giant's Mask anywhere but the Twinmold boss room, but if you use a cheat device to do so anyway, the HMS will say: "That's the Giant's Mask, isn't it? That truly is a rare mask..."


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