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Original Thread: The Most Unexpected LP - Let's Play Ocarina of Time Blind!



Let's Play OoT Blind!

I can assure you, your eyes are not deceiving you. I have never, at any point in the 16 years since it was released played Ocarina of Time. Not only that but I've managed to not absorb a single piece of knowledge about it. Literally all I know about this game is that almost everyone hates Navi, fuck the water temple, Hyrule Field is huge and there are ocarinas and time travel. I've played most of the 2D Zeldas but I've never played any of the 3D ones except for watching my girlfriend play through the first couple of hours of Wind Waker. For the record, I've also never played any other N64 game.

So why do an LP?
Two reasons. One, for reasons I won't get into here, I've never actually played a lot of the "classic" games that defined the childhoods of people who were growing up in the 90s and as a consequence, I hold no nostalgia for them whatsoever. Combine this with playing these games as an adult, in the year 2014 and you get a unique perspective on the design, progression and gameplay of these games. Secondly, most people who have already played this game have played it to death and know every secret, every hidden item, every easter egg. They know the game inside out. Part of what I love about games like this is the joy of discovering all these new and fun little things, and in my own strange way I want you guys to be able to relive that joy and excitement through me!

So does that mean you're going to constantly criticise the game?
Not even a little bit! If I notice something that really rubs me the wrong way, like genuinely bad or poorly thought out mechanics, or a plot point that makes no sense, I will call it out and hope it sparks fun conversation with both the thread and my co-pilot! But my intention is just to play this game and enjoy discovering it for the first time!

How much editing will there be?
As little as possible. If I get stuck on a puzzle for an hour I will speed through the footage or do a jump-cut but beyond that, everything is recorded live and nothing will be edited out or glossed over! For better or worse, this is a completely blind LP!

So are you doing this on your own?
Goodness no! Doing it on my own would make this already big project twice as long as it needs to be and to tell the truth I'm not nearly charismatic enough to pull off solo commentary. For every episode I will have a co-pilot along with me. Their purpose is to both give me someone to talk to and to help me out when I get stuck, or to poke me in the right direction if I get lost. Its like having my own personal Navi!

So what's your spoiler policy?
Okay, I know most people have played this game so this is gonna be a little strange to deal with but Absolutely no spoilers at all under any circumstances this is a no black bar zone! Part of the reason I've been so excited about starting this LP is because there are very few people who actually can do it blind and I don't want to ruin that part of the premise! I know very very little about this game and I'd like to be surprised by all the little things it has to offer so please don't ruin it for me


Youtube Playlist!
Episode 1 - I Can't Remember My Navi Button with ChaosArgate (my apologies for the visible FRAPS overlay while we were in the menus, unfortunately they're baked into the raw video and I can't edit them out. I promise they won't appear in the next episode though)
Episode 2 - Inside Treedad with ChaosArgate
Episode 3 - Pizza Nightmares with ChaosArgate and my good friend Pan!
Episode 4 - I Speak English Good with ChaosArgate
Episode 5 - I Am NOT Into That with ChaosArgate
Episode 6 - Oh Goodness, No with ChaosArgate
Episode 7 - Hi, Friend~! with ChaosArgate
Episode 8 - New Heights of Incompetence with ChaosArgate
Episode 9 - Beware of Landsharks with ChaosArgate
Episode 10 - King Lasershark with ChaosArgate, Silver Falcon and Triskelli
Episode 11 - No with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 12 - Dongers with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 13 - Octorock with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 14 - Barry's Nads with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 15 - You'll Understand When You're Older with ChaosArgate and WanderingKree
Episode 16 - Horsing Around withChaosArgate and WanderingKree
Episode 17 - More like Hyrude! with ChaosArgate and Silver Falcon
Episode 18 - Minotaurs with ChaosArgate and Silver Falcon
Episode 19 - Spooky Scary Skeletons with [ChaosArgate and Silver Falcon
Episode 20 - Technical Difficulties with ChaosArgate
Episode 21 - I Forgot To Stream Dark Souls with ChaosArgate and Silver Falcon
Episode 22 - Can't Stop The Rock with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 23 - Goron Buddies with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 24 - Wiggly Snake Path with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 25 - I Warned You About Those Stairs, Man with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 26 - Hot Gamer Tips with ChaosArgate and Panzer Skank
Episode 27a - Everything You Know Is Wrong - The original recording of this session, featuring a tiny, shitty skype window! With ChaosArgate and Artix
Episode 27 - This Is Welcome To Zelda with ChaosArgate and Artix
Episode 28 - Sheik, The Friendship Ninja with ChaosArgate and Artix
Episode 29 - This Isn't So Bad with ChaosArgate and Fizzicist
Episode 30 - I Don't Hate This with ChaosArgate and Fizzicist
Episode 31 - I Am Thou with ChaosArgate and Fizzicist
Episode 32 - Why Joey, Why? with ChaosArgate and Fizzicist
Episode 33 - Can I Get That Key Bronzed? with ChaosArgate and Fizzicist
Episode 34 - There's Something In The Water with ChaosArgate and Fizzicist
Episode 35 - Look How Cute We Are with ChaosArgate
Episode 36 - I'm Sorry I Tried To Blow You Up with ChaosArgate
Episode 37 - This Is The Best Save State with ChaosArgate
Episode 38 - Why Are We Fighting A Rendering Error? with ChaosArgate and Nidoking
Episode 39 - I Will Never Do That Again with ChaosArgate and Nidoking
Episode 40 - Bat Troubles with ChaosArgate and Nidoking
Episode 41 - Bunny Slippers with ChaosArgate and WanderingKree
Episode 42 - Don't Watch Chaos Edition with ChaosArgate and WanderingKree
Episode 43 - Three Copies Of Smash with ChaosArgate and WanderingKree
Episode 44 - Shootin' Hoops with ChaosArgate and WanderingKree
Episode 45 - Thanks, Navi with ChaosArgate and WanderingKree (Shadow Temple boss uncut)
Episode 45.5 - Faelure Reel with ChaosArgate and WanderingKree (Shadow Temple boss sped up + music)
Episode 46 - Girls Only Fort with ChaosArgate
Episode 47 - The One Where ChaosArgate Consults A Guide with ChaosArgate
Episode 48 - Sorry I Shot You with ChaosArgate
Episode 49 - Navi Got Me Killed with ChaosArgate and gnome7
Episode 50 - This Is Going Well with ChaosArgate and gnome7
Episode 51 - Welcome To The Fishing Stream with ChaosArgate and gnome7
Episode 52 - Why Aren't You Dead? with ChaosArgate and gnome7
Episode 53 - I'm Very Proud Of You All with ChaosArgate and gnome7
Episode 54 - Ledges with ChaosArgate and Artix
Episode 55 - Poor Decisions with ChaosArgate and Artix
Episode 56 - The Faenal Showdown with ChaosArgate and hitbox stream chat

Test Footage - Super Mario 64 with ChaosArgate - this was the test footage I posted in the sandcastle for this thread to test my audio/video setup! ChaosArgate banned me from using OoT to do it so he picked this out for me instead and we had a blast! The audio is a little quiet though so keep that in mind!
Fae Plays Smash 3DS for the first time with WanderingKree and ChaosArgate
Bonus - Talon's Game ChaosArgate shows me the "proper" way to beat Talon's dumb minigame for idiots.
Bonus Stream! Artix, ChaosArgate and Fae play the trainwreck that is Ocarina Of Time 2D

ChaosArgate posted:

Hey guys so I hear you wanted Fae to do more Super Mario 64? Well a few hours ago we played some Mario 64 and recorded the magic.

Bonus Video 5 - Hyrule is Just Awesome Fae makes a tribute to the thread and the first act of the game
Bonus Video 6 - Fishing For Real This Time - The full, 100% unedited fishing stream, where we fish, talk about socks, share fish facts and hang out for two and a half hours!
Bonus Video 7 - Duck Headcanons - the second fishing stream, a full four hours of fishing and chatting about language, candy, and duck facts!
Bonus Episode 8 - T-Shirt Chat with ChaosArgate and Nidoking (Bomchu Bowling and Shooting Gallery!)
Bonus Episode 9 - Epona? with ChaosArgate
Bonus Episode 10 - I'm Still Not Doing The Bottle Quest with ChaosArgate

Bonus Exploration Videos
Bonus Exploration Video 1 - Who is Saria Anyway? (Hyrule Field and Kokiri Village)
Bonus Exploration Video 2 - Chickens! (Death Mountain and Kakariko Village)
Bonus Exploration Video 3 - Sariaphone featuring gnome7!
Bonus Exploration Video 4 - I've Already Been To Most Of These Places


Here's where you can find all the silly things people have drawn/made for the thread!

The "Link Using a Catapult" Challenge

Cheez posted:

SystemLogoff posted:

Arp1033 posted:

Veloxyll posted:

HardDisk posted:

Your Computer has the best and most correct interpretation of Navi

Your Computer posted:


Reoxygenation posted:

Link gonna fuck Ghoma up

Veloxyll posted:

When you were doing the stealth section, I couldn't help but imagine this:

The real Ocarina of Time starts here.

Faerie Fortune posted:

Does it count as fanart if its made by the person LPing the game?

HardDisk posted:

This stood out for me:

Shiny777 posted:

If there was just a little more room up top there...

Cartheon posted:

How about this? I name this masterpiece, "Making Friends With A Maglite Flashlight."

Spam Down B posted:

Your Computer posted:

Yeeeaaaaah... Leapfrog...

davidspackage posted:

I can't really draw for shit, but here's what I was thinking when Fae got Din's Fire:

Fredrik1 posted:

I can't draw for shit either, but here is my artistic interpenetration of Fae's poem.

chocolatekake posted:

Bit late on this one...oh well.
Re: Episode 8

Fae, how could you? First you murder the Dodongo, then talk smack about his new hobby.

Reoxygenation posted:

im sorry

Your Computer posted:

I support this notion and drew up a quick explanatory picture

Reoxygenation posted:

my take on that scene, i have nothing against navi but

Cartheon posted:

I name this masterpiece "Also Known As Nestle Brand Water"

Carbon dioxide posted:

Did you say "Lord Chimney-Chunga"?

I'm so sorry.

davidspackage posted:

After watching the latest video I drew this. I call it "Fae, reading the thread"

Your Computer posted:

Fredrik1 posted:

Is this thread a horse?

hailthefish posted:

chocolatekake posted:

Re: Exploration 3. I really need to catch up

The Adventures of Link, The "Good Little Boy"

evilspacehopper posted:

Edit: I forget who asked for this but I ended up drawing it...

Your Computer posted:

Time for tea.

Your Computer posted:

Sorry it's no dramatic chipmunk..

Aristide posted:

Just got around to the most recent update and I've got to say, aggressively friendly Link has quickly become my favorite Link.
Thank you, Fae♥

MarquiseMindfang posted:

I really hope you don't mind but you made me want to do a (quick and shitty) version too!

Your Computer posted:

Your Computer posted:

Veloxyll posted:

Since no-one has posted fanart on this yet.

evilspacehopper posted:

Good thing I have access to basic art supplies at work!

Your Computer posted:

I tried drawing an animation of the noscoping octorok, but photoshop is a pain to animate in, so it turned out quite... rudimentary

Rahonavis posted:

Happy New Year, thread! I drew you some stuff:

(My favorite part of the LP so far.)

"I like the way these candles light up as we get more ghost friends!"

Tuxedo Ted posted:

Best 200 rupees I ever spent.

YggiDee posted:

The 3DS version of Flipnote finally came out in countries that speak English, so I doodled a thread tribute.

(musical accompaniment)

SkinCrawling posted:

My guess is two attempts, because I guess some really bad luck will kill Fae

In celebration of today's Sick Flip, I drew a really dumb comic.

SkinCrawling posted:

I might miss the stream depending on how much time my plans for today will take.

Regardless, happy birthday and have a fan art of our smoking hot redead

Rahonavis posted:

Some fanarts, cause it's been a while.

Let's consider the sheer existential horror of being a Bombchu.

chocolatekake posted:

Fredrik1 posted:

The adventures of tree-dad! (this took way too long)

FeyerbrandX posted:

Since Artix got a couple of certificates for his spinoff, it's appropriate for you to get a couple too. But one will have to wait until the end.

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