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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Chaos Mode

by Artix, Faerie Fortune, Chaos Argate

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Original Thread: Ledges and Textboxes: The True Faces of Evil [Ocarina of Time, Chaos Mode]



(Note: This LP was originally part of Faerie Fortune's Blind LP of Ocarina of Time. Any mentions of spoiler warnings and such are related to that and can be safely ignored.)

Ocarina of Time doesn't need much introduction, as a game. Considered by many to be the quintessential Zelda (if not the best one, or even the best game ever made), Nintendo has spent the better part of a decade and a half trying to get out from under its shadow. It literally wrote the rulebook on how Zelda works in three dimensions, and is arguably second only to Mario 64 in terms a successful jump from 2D to 3D. It's been played blind, blindfolded, straight, romhacked (by Nintendo, no less!), and shattered to pieces by speedrunners.

This is not that game. Sure, the plot beats are the same and the dungeons are all there, but your childhood memories won't help you here.

This is Ocarina of Time: Chaos Edition. Those of you familiar with Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition will be right at home, but for the rest of us, the short version is that it randomly turns assorted codes on and off. But there's so much more to it than that - a situation where you are constantly walking backwards at max speed while the camera bugs out and C-Right has overwritten your bombs with Farore's Wind isn't just possible, it's practically business as usual. Make no mistake, this is not a fun game by any stretch of the imagination. It is barely functional at the best of times, and an unplayable mess that requires an almost paranoid level of savestating and frame delimiters at its worst. Any text box could lead to a soft lock, the slightest movement can break scripting, and equipment needed to complete the game can be overwritten long before you ever acquire it. Frankly, the fact that even the Deku Tree can be beaten is a small miracle, forget the rest of the game.

And yet, it can be beaten. There will be times when you have to dig through mountains of bullshit for even the smallest measure of progress. And yes, sometimes it's just flat out impossible because of the current combination of effects. But with persistence, luck, and a little ingenuity, you can do it. Or I can, at least. Please don't put yourself through this.

One last thing: because of how violently the camera can misbehave, if you are sensitive to motion sickness or anything similar you may not want to watch these videos. I've been told that it's not that bad, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.


An Increasingly Loud Series of "Uhh"
Part 1 - Kokiri Forest
Part 2 - Deku Tree
Part 3 - Deku Tree
Part 4 - Deku Tree
Part 5 - Castle Town
Part 6 - Sacred Forest Meadow
Part 7 - Kakariko Village
Part 8 - Death Mountain

Sheik and the No-Good, Very Bad Text Box
Part 1 - Dodongo's Cavern
Part 2 - Dodongo's Cavern
Bonus - King Dodongo Practice
Part 3 - Zora's River
Part 4 - Lost Woods
Part 5 - Jabu Jabu's Belly
Part 6 - Temple of Time

Walls are a Suggestion, Really
Pre-stream Prep
Part 1 - Death Mountain
Part 2 - Fire Temple

Everything is Normal
Part 1 - Sacred Forest Meadow
Part 2 - Forest Temple
Part 3 - Forest Temple
Part 4 - Forest Temple
Bonus - Forest Temple Practice Stream

Part 1 - Ice Cavern
Part 2 - Water Temple
Part 3 - Water Temple
Part 4 - Water Temple
Part 5 - Water Temple
Part 6 - Water Temple
Part 7 - Water Temple

Pro Speedrun Stratz
Part 1 - Death Mountain
Part 2 - Bottom of the Well
Part 3 - Shadow Temple
Part 4 - Shadow Temple
Part 5 - Shadow Temple

Spirited Away in the Darkness
Part 1 - Gerudo Valley
Part 2 - Gerudo Valley
Part 3 - Haunted Wasteland
Part 4 - Spirit Temple (Child)
Part 5 - Spirit Temple (Child)
Part 6 - Spirit Temple (Child)
Part 7 - Spirit Temple (Adult)
Part 8 - Spirit Temple (Adult)
Part 9 - Twinrova

Odds and Ends
Part 1 - Castle Town
Part 2 - Lon Lon Ranch
Part 3 - Lake Hylia
Part 4 - Gerudo Valley
Part 5 - Ganon's Tower

The Chaos Whisperer
Part 1 - Ganon's Tower
Part 2 - Ganon's Tower
Part 3 - Ganon's Tower
Part 4 - Ganon's Tower
Part 5 - Ganondorf
Part 6 - Ganon/Credits
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