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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest

by Maxwell Adams, SeriousSirrus

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Original Thread: [vlp] Ocarina of Time:Master Quest, random games, and more random games


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We're going to play a whole bunch of games and just use this thread as a dumping ground for everything. For now, though we're pretty focused on one game - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest. This game is a rom hack of the original Ocarina of Time made by the Nintendo for their failed 64DD console expansion. It was meant to be an expansion pack for the original game. It was never released for that system, though. Some years later, Nintendo released the game as a bonus for pre-ordering Wind Waker on the Gamecube. Here's the wikipedia article I'm skimming details from.

This game is very similar to the original game. The difference is in the dungeons, which have all been remixed for extreme difficulty. That's what is different. Just the dungeons. They are harder. The rest of the game is identical but the dungeons are all crazy now and the puzzles are really tricky. HEY. LISTEN. THE DUNGEONS ARE HARDER NOW. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE.

We tried to play this entire game in one sitting. Meanwhile, a nearby DVD player was churning through The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition. The idea was to beat the game before the movies were finished. Will we make it? Watch these videos to find out. Watch this video right here to see what kind of state we'll be in after 12 hours of playing.

You can also check out some videos from Serious Sirrus, who is doing a three-heart challenge run of the game.


01 - Kokiri VillageViddler
02 - Deku Dungeon 1Viddler
03 - Deku Dungeon 2Viddler
04 - Basically nothing gets doneViddler
05 - Hyrule CastleViddler
06 - Kakariko Village, lots of wasted timeViddler
07 - Goron City, Lost WoodsViddler
08 - Dodongo's Cavern 1Viddler
09 - Dodongo's Cavern 2Viddler
10 - Dodongo's Cavern 3Viddler
11 - Dodongo Cavern 4Viddler
12 - Dodongo Cavern 5Viddler
13 - Lon Lon RanchViddler
14 - Zora's DomainViddler
15 - Inside Jabu-Jabu 1 <-- this, this video right hereViddler
16 - Inside Jabu-Jabu 2Viddler
17 - Inside Jabu-Jabu 3Viddler
26 - Insanity on Hyrule FieldsViddler
27 - Death MountainViddler
28 - More Death MountainViddler
29 - Death Mountain - In which Lunk gets wanderlust Viddler
30 - Zora's Domain Viddler
31 - Zora's DomainViddler
32 - Return to Death MountainViddler
33 - Return to Death MountainViddler
34 - Return to Death MountainViddler
35 - Return to Death Mountain AgainViddler
36 - Water Temple Viddler
41 - Taking on the Water TempleViddler
42 - take that, Water TempleViddler
57 - Shadow Temple (with apologies to Boots Randolph)Viddler
58 - guest commentary by Diabetus, Meriel, Drakkel, and maybe some other peopleViddler
59 - awesome dance, everywhere, all the timeViddler
66 - winning strategy = hit him when he's downViddler
67 - and so it endsViddler
Youtube - Twelve Hours of GameYouTube
53 Bonus - wow, we never made any sunblock jokesViddler

SeriousSirrus' Three Heart Challenge Videos!

These videos are also available on the Internet Archive!

1. Don't watch if you have a rupee phobiaViddler Google
2. The theme is existenceViddler Google
3. Rather lengthy preperation for Dodongo's Cavern Part 3. Don't watch this unless you really chickens. (thanks to Popo and Drakkel for challenges)Viddler  
4. Rather length preperation for Dodongo's Cavern Part 4. Don't watch this unless you really zombies. (thanks to Popo and Drakkel for challenges.)Viddler  
5. Dodongo's Cavern at long last. Fuck this dungeon. (thanks to Popo for challenge.)Viddler  
6. Preparations for Jabu-Jabu Barrels of Fun.Viddler  
7. How does grass grow inside of a fish stomach? Seriously.Viddler  
8. Forest Preparations Ultimately nothing gets done. Guests: (1) Viddler  
9. Forest Temple Part 1 This is going to be a long ride. Guests: (2)Viddler  
10. Forest Temple Part 2 Progress goes in circlesViddler  
11. Forest Temple Part 2 AHHHHHHHH!!!!Viddler  
12. Forest Temple Part 2 It's dangerous to go alone. But I do anywayViddler  
13. Horse Races "WAHHH!!!" Viddler  
14. Fire Temple Part 1 Finally an enemy that can kill us in one hit. Viddler  
15. Norwegians are from Norway aka: Fire Temple Part 2Viddler  
16. Water Temple Preperation Vista Viddler  
17. Ice Temple? This dungeon is actually kind of fun? Viddler  
18. Water Temple Part 1 Let the drowning commence.Viddler  
19. Water Temple Part 2 The most ridiculous puzzle I ever had the displeasure of solving.Viddler  
20. Water Temple part 3 Will it ever end?Viddler  
21. Well Part 1 we've seen this all before. Viddler  
22. Well Part 2 Viddler  
23. Shadow Temple Part 1 I hate this dungeon with the intensity of a thousand man-eating gorillas. Viddler  
24. Shadow Temple part 2 This is what happens when you mix helium and vicodin. Viddler  
25. Shadow Temple part 3 Our search for the Jesus boots continues. Viddler  
26. Shadow Temple part 4 Stranger seriously fell asleep during this video. Viddler  
27. Boss Battle: Bongo Bongo I am a very lonely man. Viddler  
28. Spirit Temple Preparations Part 1 And now for something completely different. Viddler  
29. Spirit Temple Preparations Part 2 I have nothing witty to say about this. Instead, I'll just say "Suns are hot!" and call it a day.Viddler  
30. Spirit Temple Part 1 (kind of) Poor link, he got sand in his...skirt? thing? Viddler  
31. Spirit Temple Part 2 ... Viddler  
32. Spirit Temple Part 3 It's all a giant movie reference! Viddler  
33. Spirit Temple Part 4 (insert interesting comment here.)Viddler  
34. Spirit Temple Part 5 Now with a new addition by the name of Captain Rangoon. Bow before his mighty barely audible voice.Viddler  
35. Boss Battle: TwinRova Now with one less person and more Viddler  
36. Big Bottle Bonus Video Words can not describe how amazing this was. Viddler  
37. Ganon's Tower Part 1 Well what do you know, Ganon has a rainbow bridge.Viddler  
38. Ganon's Tower Part 2 Can it be, the legendary light temple? (for those who don't understand the reference read this)Viddler  
39. Ganon's Tower Part 3 The final hurdle until the ultimate conclusion.Viddler  
40. Boss Fight: Ganon Finally, after all these years, I am finally complete. This game is finally, over.Viddler  
Dodongo's Cavern not so short shortcut. Viddler  
Sneak Preview: Fire Temple This was a beautiful thing. Viddler  
Bonus: Rest of the ending Pick up from 3:46 to see what you couldn't watch due to the game crash. (I aplogize, this is a youtube video.)YouTube  

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