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by MeccaPrime

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Original Thread: RINGS DO NOTHING UNLESS WORN! Let's Play The Legend of Zelda Oracle Series


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Welcome, everyone, to Let's Play the Legend of Zelda Oracle Series! I'll be your host through this adventure in duality. But first, a little information.

Release Date: February 2001 (JP) - May 2001 (NA) - October 2001 (EU)
Platform: Gameboy Color
Genre: Adventure/Exploration
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Nintendo
Story: These games are not set in Hyrule, however, the story involves Hyrule in some way (we'll find that out later). The Triforce decides to send link to these alternate worlds in order to protect them from the evils that are plaguing them. Link, as usual, is thrust into this adventure without any sort of equipment (for whatever inexplicable reason) and must collect and use a variety of new and old items in order to SAVE THE PRINCESS save the alternate worlds.  AND THE PRINCESS! 
Oracle of Ages is set in Labrynna; an evil sorceress (Veran) hijacks the body of the Oracle of Time (Nayru). She uses her newfound body and powers to travel back in time to wreak havoc on the present. Link must discover the secrets of travelling through time to complete this quest.
Oracle of Seasons is set in Holodrum; an evil warlock (General Onyx) kidnaps the Oracle of Seasons (Din) and sinks the Temple of Seasons into the underworld, thus throwing the seasons of Holodrum out of balance. Link must unlock the power to control the seasons in order to rescue Din and free the land from randomly changing seasons.

I will be playing both games simultaneously. Ages will be played as a three-heart, minimalist challenge and Seasons will be played as a 100% collect-all-the-hearts kind of playthrough. I will not be doing all of the "secrets" during the main playthrough (perhaps as a bonus video). The items obtained by the secrets are largely novelties and not incredibly useful during the main game. I will, however, be playing the linked ending when I finish with both games, so you still get to see the whole story.

Ages Restrictions
  1. No heart pieces or containers will be collected
  2. No sword beyond the level 1 sword will be used
  3. No defensive or offensive enhancing seed rings (all others are cool though)

Seasons Details
  1. Will collect all heart pieces and containers
  2. Will collect the upgraded sword (Noble Sword)
  3. Will not be going for all of the rings (that is actually mostly luck and is impossible in a non-linked game anyhow)

Start by watching the intro here and naming your heroes!
The names have been decided: Bill and Ted will embark on their respective quests to save their respective alternate worlds!
Introduction: | YouTube

Can you dig it? YouTube Source
Pyromania YouTube Source
Mystery Seeds are a Hell of a Drug YouTube Source
I Went to Wing Dungeon and All I Got Was This Dirty Feather YouTube Source
Fetch-quest EXTRAVAGANZA YouTube Source
Two Turnstiles and a Seed Shooter YouTube Source
The Nut Savior YouTube Source
Such an Eyesoar YouTube Source
Saving the Gorons from Themselves YouTube Source
Antoine Lavoisier, Eat Your Heart Out YouTube Source
Goron Midway Madness YouTube Source
Save - Quit - Restart, Save - Quit - Restart YouTube Source
Doing Favors for the Fish Mafia has Dire Consequences YouTube Source
Water Temple Mk. II YouTube Source
The Best Joke Ever Told YouTube Source
Ramrock and Roll YouTube Source
I Went to Hero's Cave and All I Got was this Crummy Ring (Side A) YouTube Source
The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance YouTube Source

Of Trees and Narcolepsy YouTube Source
Totally Gnarly, Man YouTube Source
Dancing With the Stars Subrosians YouTube Source
I Can't Wait to Bomb Some Dodo- YouTube Source
Gonna Fly Now YouTube Source
Moth Balls YouTube Source
Selling Weapons to Children YouTube Source
Dragon Rave XTREEM YouTube Source
Unicorn's Cave isn't all tha-OHGOD MY EARS ARE BLEEDING YouTube Source
Ted and the Quest for the Holy Phonograph YouTube Source
The Best Fucking Weapon in the Game YouTube Source
Of Golden Beasts, Old Men, and PIRATES! YouTube Source
Who ya gonna call? YouTube Source
A Little Seismic Disturbance YouTube Source
Fire and Ice YouTube Source
I Went to Hero's Cave and All I Got was this Crummy Ring (Side B) YouTube Source
Really... That's the Final Boss? YouTube Source

Bonus Video #1: Goron Dancing (Platinum)   YouTube  
Bonus Video #2: Bill's Terribly Long Quest for the Blue Ring  YouTube  
Bonus Video #3: Bill versus the Manhandla YouTube  
Bonus Video #4: Queen Ambi's "Touching" Reunion YouTube  
Bonus Video #5: Seasons Linked Content/Bill vs Onox YouTube Source
Bonus Video #6: Ages Linked Content/Linked Items/Ted vs Veran YouTube Source
Bonus Video #7: Linked Game Ending [FINALE] YouTube Source

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Make up new Essences of Time/Nature

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Explain how Ralph is able to travel through time.

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Share the excellent adventures of Wayne and Garth.

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