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Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds

by Zomodok and Diabetus

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Original Thread: I'm finishing the second quest of Parallel Worlds


Introduction (Thread 1)

Parallel Worlds is a 100% Rom hack of Link to the Past. It uses the same engine from Link to the Past and everything with new items and dungeons. It even has a new story to put you through as you play it.

A lot of people didn't like it because as all Rom hacks go, it's fucktastically hard. But if you have the patience to put figure out everything in this new game, the shine of it actually pulls through.

So I'm going to do a play through of it. Hope you enjoy.

First Quest

The introduction and up to the Guardhouse Backup
Saving Zelda Backup
Chest Key, Hammer and Scales Backup
The first dungeon is complete Backup
Collecting a heart peice plus dying to the mini-boss Backup
Beating said second Dungeon Backup
Starting the Third Dungeon + Heart collecting Backup
Third dungeon finished + ZELDA IS MISSING Backup
Onward to the Icy World Backup
Item Collecting in the Icy World Backup
I get the Ice Rod Backup
I beat a dungeon in the Icy World. The world rejoices Backup
I kill the boss of Impa's Way Backup
I basically go to a bunch of dungeons and do nothing but get some items. (And die) Backup
We pause our regular scheduled feature to bring you this public service annoucement Backup
Saria's Garden is done. Current dungeon report 3 out of 7 complete. Backup
This video made me jump up in joy Backup
He's a boner. ALWAYS Backup
Two more dungeons Backup
When will it end Backup
Halls of Pain, more like, Halls of Bunnies. Backup
Note: Final three videos are permanently lost - Ed
1 Dungeon and 1 Parallel Tower run remain.
It's almost done!

Introduction (Thread 2)

When I was a boy, my parents taught me a lot of valuable life lessons. true to yourself, treat others as you would want to be treated, and littering is bad. It was that last life lesson that they embedded into my psyche. Litter was a mortal sin. If you see some trash that didn't come from your hands, you should still pick it up and toss it anyway.

I am here to carry out that duty.

Several months ago, one brave/stupid man started publicly playing what has been hailed as one of the most complete and detailed ROM hacks ever made. A hack of one of our generation's most favorite Super Nintendo games of all time: The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past. Our generation wasn't lying, either. LttP was an incredible gaming achievement when it was released in the early 90s.

Two ROM hackers named Euclid and Seph set out to shatter our fond memories of LttP. Through sprite enhancement, overworld rehauling, all new dungeon designs, and a lot of Beamos statues, their masterpiece, Parallel Worlds, took all that was good about LttP and set it on fire, as they vigorously chewed and digested all of the positive energy of LttP and shat out the most gut-wrenching thing that has ever dared to be shown on a SNES emulator. Parallel Worlds.

Zomodok, the brave soul who started this mess, went further in the game than most mortal souls would. He even completed the first quest. But Euclid and Seph didn't want the players of their ROM hack to ever feel a sense of victory or completion. No, they tacked on a second, supposedly more difficult quest. This second quest would take first quest conquerers, who by this point were losing most of their cognitive abilities - drooling a lot, developing rabies, and receding into the womb - and simply kick them in the face. A lot. Wearing boxing gloves stuffed with horse shoes and thrown-away jump drives that had Parallel Worlds on it but got immediately corrupted. There would be no mercy.

Needless to say, Zomodok developed premature Alzheimer's by the time he reached the Icy World of the 2nd quest. So here I am. Already being a carrier of a chronic illness, the efforts of Parallel Worlds to infect me with other forms of bodily harm will hopefully be stymied. We'll finally learn if those action movie cliches are true, that sheer resolve and gumption will let you do anything in 90 minutes, leaving maybe a small cut on your face to show for it. Let's go.

Second Quest Videos

Zomodok's Videos

The Start of the Second Quest Backup
Diabetus is back in Backup
Let's continue the Second Quest Backup
Beating the first world. Onward to the Icy World Backup

Diabetus's Videos

Diabetus vs. Darunia Backup
More Darunia and some item collection (Outtakes with Oyster) Backup
Darunia Downed Backup
Icy World Item Collection Backup
Parallel Tower - Run #1 Backup
Sheik's Hideout (Part I) Backup
Sheik's Hideout (Part II) Backup
Parallel Tower - Run #2 Backup
Final Item Collection Backup
Parallel Tower Run #3 No Save State Attempt #1 Backup
Parallel Tower Run #3 No Save State Attempt #2 Backup
"Hard Optional Puzzle" - Blind Attempt Backup
"Hard Optional Puzzle" - Attempt #2 sans save states Backup
Ganon Backup
Memories Backup
Bonus Dungeon...and The End Backup

Bonus Games

Toejam and Earl Backup
Super Demo World Backup
Battletoads and Double Dragon Backup
Megaman Soccer Backup
Battletoads Arcade Backup
-Part II Backup
-Part III Backup
-Part IV Backup



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