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Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Chaos Mode

by Artix, Faerie Fortune, Chaos Argate

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Original Thread: Goku vs. The Postal Service - Let's Play Wind Waker: Chaos Mode!



Another fucking Wind Waker thread, are you serious?

No, wait! Come back! I promise, this isn't the Wind Waker you think it is. If you saw the Ocarina of Time thread, the game has some new tricks up its sleeve, but you're in the right mindset. For those of you haven't, Chaos Mode essentially turns a bunch of different cheat codes on and off at random, ranging from "we can use the moonjump to bypass this stupid puzzle entirely" to "The game is literally unplayable right now".

So what's changed from Ocarina?

The author of the hack, for starters. This one comes from CosmoCortney, and she takes a different approach to how the hacks affect the game. Specifically, things seem to run on a global timer - in general, the game starts with warping characters models, then the colors start changing, and after that comes the physics fuckery. It also does a lot more model swaps than Ocarina did. Anyone who saw the first stream or two a few months back can attest to Outset Island's infestation of mailboxes and the green tentacles.

What's new

What's back

What's out

And maybe more! Who knows what else is lurking beneath the surface?

You might notice that most of the things that were removed are the ones that actively impacted your ability to play the game. As a consequence, Wind Waker is a lot more...player-friendly than Ocarina was. It certainly has its moments, don't get me wrong, but on the whole WW plays a lot closer to the base game than Ocarina ever did.

I don't believe you

Two things of note before we begin - First, this is a stream LP It is recorded in advance with little editing, so if those things offend your sensibilities, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Second, this game prominently features rapidly changing colors. If you are sensitive to this sort of thing, I highly suggest that you do not watch this LP. I do not have any idea when the colors will start, and at best can apply a warning to the recorded videos.


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