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Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

by ThornBrain, Mugiwara Yoshi, BigTUnit1, XelEsparza

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Original Thread: Classic Zelda Goes 3D - Let's Play A Link Between Worlds + Tri Force Heroes



--The Game--
What do you do when you've got a whole game's worth of art assets, people clamoring for a new game, and the need to add another to the pile of online multiplayer games on the market? You make Tri Force Heroes! Built on the A Link Between Worlds engine and devised as the successor to the Four Swords games, Tri Force Heroes has you play with two friends as you explore the wacky, clothing-obsessed kingdom of Hytopia. Solve devious puzzles, get each other killed every other level, gather materials to make fabulous costumes and dresses, and maybe someday you'll be able to afford that cheerleader outfit.

The story is such:
Hytopia is a kingdom obsessed with fashion, and its princess Styla is the most fashionable of all. So of course an evil witch curses Styla to wear a dumpy brown body stocking for all eternity.
TacoBob, fresh from saving the world in A Link Between Worlds and shopping at Stupid T-Shirts 'R' Us, wanders into Hytopia. There he finds that King Tuft is calling for adventurers to brave the Drablands, fight the evil witch, and save his daughter from the horrors of tackiness. But he's gonna need a couple friends to it...

--The LP--
This is a live-commentated, co-op LP between myself, Mugiwara Yoshi and BigTUnit1 (with Xel Esparza filling in for Yoshi in a couple parts, or Renose, Torlon, RebelliousPawn, or Delish and a few online randos for livestreams). All game footage is recorded from my end, but I make sure to show the guys' perspectives when necessary. Large segments in Hytopia are separated from the main game in case viewers are like me and would rather skip the incessant dialogue and get down to the actual gameplay. Every update will have progress; the fun of live co-op LPs is the ways we fuck each other over, but no update will go by without at least 1-2 levels completed.
This is not a 100% LP, but we endeavor to show off and purchase as much as possible.

Viewer Interaction! - Player names can be changed at will. If you would like to suggest a name for us that fits within the character limit, feel free to mention them.
Also, the video does not move around like it does in A Link Between Worlds, so the background may include fanart that fits within a 1280x720 image. If you would like to contribute background art, feel free to post it in the thread and to base it around this transparent base.



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