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Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

by Geop

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Original Thread: NEO SURF MASTERS HD [Wind Waker HD]

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Your Computer with the Thread Theme Song

Everyone knows this game! It’s Wind Waker! Why would it need an introduction? Well, actually, I never played it A year or so back, this was ported to the Wii Woo with fancy-shmancy polished graphics and a buttery-smooth framerate.

Yes, this is a blind LP. No spoilers at all. It’s also quite literally the first thing I’ve ever played on my fancy new Wii U. Like, outside of setting up system settings, I haven’t used it for anything. The blindest of LPs!

Joining me for this foray is Vicas, Kuvo, and Panzer. We probably won’t be aiming for complete-and-utter 100%, since I’ve heard this game becomes a bit of a time-sink. I’ll probably leave it up to their judgment if it looks like I’m shuffling toward an obnoxious segment along those lines. Should things drag for too long, I’ll make use of some fancy editing or do things outside of a recording.

*After* the first session, there will be much higher quality videos! Due to a technical snag mid-session, the saved video was stream quality It’s fine, visually, but it’s not at all close to what we’ll see in later videos.

The episode banner links to Youtube, and the sword/shield icon on the right is to a hosted download! Right-click, and choose save-as to grab that stuff from my site! Not doing dual-audio, since it’s kinda pointless for a game without any real talky-bits.

(Dadboat Playlist by Waffleman_)

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