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Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

by Ambisagrus

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Original Thread: Let's Hug Our Grandmothers: Wind Waker


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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the tenth Zelda game and the third 3D one, released in early 2003. It's somewhat similar to its 3D predecessors in the way it controls, but there are some major changes. The combat system is improved by the ability to parry certain enemy attacks and pick up weapons such as sticks, spears, and greatswords. The art style is vastly different, taking on a stylized cel-shading design. The biggest change to the series, however, comes in the form of one of the game's new mechanics. Hyrule is no longer a single continent, it is now an ocean known as the Great Sea with many islands spread through it. Link must travel between the islands by sailing.

Updates will be every few days, I don't have a strict update schedule but I'm shooting for three a week. They'll be about a half hour each. Joining me in this Let's Play will be my good friend and fellow SA member A Wooden Palisade. He's got his own plans for an LP fairly soon (which I'll also be included in), so keep an eye out for that once it gets going!

If you're into that kind of thing I post the updates on twitter usually.


Prologue Hosted Viddler Download
1. Humble Beginnings Youtube Download
2. Metal Gear Link Youtube Download
3. Ineptitude Youtube Download
4. Don't Say Grappling Hook Youtube Download
5. Pimples Youtube Download
6. This Is A Cry For Help (With Voidburger!) Youtube Download
7. Unlikely Allies (Also with Voidburger!) Youtube Download
8. Link Finally Visits His Grandma Youtube Download
9. In Which We Love And Love To Hate Youtube Download
10. Yelling Simulator 2009 (Voidburger again!) Youtube Download
11. Celestial Cosplay (Even more Voidburger!) Youtube Download
12. We're Not In Hyrule Anymore (Oh Wait That's Exactly Where We Are) Youtube Download
13. Insert Disc 2 Youtube Download
14. A Song of Ice And Fire Arrows Youtube Download
15. Hailfire Peaks Youtube Download
16. Everything is Terrifying (With RChimpCola!) Youtube Download
17. I'll Get It Later Now Later (RChimpCola again!) Youtube Download
18. Horrible Abominations (With Wogturt!) Youtube Download
19. My Eyes! (with Faceguy and Wogturt!) Youtube Download
20. This Little Piggy Went to Like Eight Different Markets in One Afternoon Youtube Download
21. Oh No! There's a Moblin in My Daughter! Youtube Download
22. Escape to the House of Floormasters Pt. 2 (With Faceguy and Wogturt again!) Youtube Download
23. WIZROBES NO (With EVEN MORE Wogturt and Faceguy!) Youtube Download
24. IT'S AN LP TAKEOVER Youtube Download
25. Little Link: The Wind Master in Adventures in Floormasterland (With Shaezerus!) Youtube Download
26. How To Be A Scam Artist (with Shaezerus!) Youtube Download
27. Link vs. Senior Citizens Youtube Download
28. Got 50 Problems But A Floormaster Ain't One (With AnacondaRifle!) Youtube Download
29. Twilight Princess Is A Really Bad Game (With VoidBurger!) Youtube Download
30. We Don't Go To The Ghost Ship (With AnacondaRifle!) Youtube Download
31. I'll Get It Right Now And Then Never Again Youtube Download
32. How To Carpet Bomb A Villain's Hideout (with VoidBurger!) Youtube Download
33. So A Princess, A Villain, And A Guy In Green Walk Into A Bar... (With VoidBurger!) Youtube Download

Bonus Videos!
B1. Horrible Garbage Hosted Viddler Download
B2. Toussaint Louverture: A Tribute Hosted Download
B3. KOOL TRIX Hosted Download

Nintendo Gallery, recorded by Brett824
G1. Nintendo Gallery 1 Hosted Viddler Download
G2. Nintendo Gallery 2 Hosted Viddler Download
G3. Nintendo Gallery 3 Hosted Viddler Download
G4. Nintendo Gallery 4 Hosted Viddler Download
G5. Nintendo Gallery 5 Hosted Viddler Download
G6. Nintendo Gallery 6 Hosted Viddler Download
G7. Nintendo Gallery 7 Hosted Viddler Download

Fan Stuff
by Voidburger
by Voidburger
by Voidburger

This next one probably needs some explaining since it wasn't in any particular video so here you go!

Jolly_McJollyson posted:

Jesus. His eyes are the gateways to the night realm. Not even grandma could hug this kid without folding in on herself and disappearing into some terrible circle of hell.
by Shaezerus
by Shaezerus
Now in big-ass wallpaper form!
by Shaezerus
by Krolm
by kitkat_skye
by Chance II
by Grimbo
by Pops Mgee
by Pops Mgee
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