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Lego City: Undercover

by BioEnchanted

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Original Thread: Do I have to do EVERYTHING? Yes. Let's Play Lego City: Undercover

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What is this game?

Lego City: Undercover is a game released in 2013 by Travelers Tales (AKA the guys who make all Lego games) chronicling the adventures of Chase McCain as he returns from exile trying to bring master criminal Rex Fury to justice. This is a game that I quite enjoy despite the infamous loading screens and the fact that the postgame is massive, maybe too big for it's own good, but that point means that each of the mechanics gets plenty of playtime.

Format of the LP

I will be running through the game at a normal pace, doing side stuff as it is en route but not going too far out of the way unless I feel it will save a lot of time in the long run (There's one detour that I'm going to take as soon as I get the mechanics unlocked). I will endeavor to get 100% of the stuff in this game, which I have done twice before so I know roughly where everything is.

This will also be my first attempt at Live Commentary, so we'll see how that goes.

A pitfall is that I only have the Wii U version of the game, because I don't feel like dropping £40 on a game I already own. This means that anything that happens on the tablet is invisible to the audience as there is no good way to record the tablet controller that I have access to, but all the audience will be missing out on is the video part of video calls (The audience will still get the audio as it pipes through the main TV). For menu-heavy mechanics, like shops, I will show all costumes and vehicles unlocked in bonus videos as they become relevant.

Thread Rules/Spoiler Policy

This game has a surprisingly intricate plot, so please no spoilers about where the plot goes, even in tags. If it's not in a video, don't talk about it. Also don't point out where things are being "missed" - if there is something I could be doing but aren't there is a reason. I know it's there, but it's likely to be too far out of the way to bother with right then. With a few exceptions I won't be starting something that I cannot finish right then for clarity's sake.


Part 1 - Welcome to Lego City! 0.7% Complete.
Part 2 - Grappling with Evil, Running with Bandits! 1.9% Complete.
Part 3 - Concerning Convicts. 4.1% Complete.
Part 4 - Mine, All Mine! 5.7% Complete.
Part 5 - Is Jason Statham teaching me Martial Arts? 7.0% Complete.
Part 6 - The (Former) Prisoner. 10.3% Complete
Part 7 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles - 11.5% Complete
Part 8 - The Peril of Parking Violations - 12.3% Complete
Part 9 - First time for Everything! - 13.4% Complete
Part 10 - Mikey Spoilers needs to Read the OP! - 15.4% Complete
Part 11 - Introducing: Time Saver Alpha! - 16.0% Complete
Part 12 - In Big Trouble in Little China - 20.0% Complete
Part 13 - Farmville - 21.6% Complete
Part 14 - It Belongs Anywhere But In a Museum!- 22.7% Complete
Part 15 - When am I ever going to use this?- 24.1% Complete
Part 16 - Another rescue?- 25.4% Complete
Part 17 - Magnates: How do they Work?- 31.0% Complete
Part 18 - Brainfreeze! - 32.3% Complete
Part 19 - Bad First Impressions - 33.9% Complete
Part 20 - The True Mastermind - 35.1% Complete
Part 21 - We are riders. On a mission - 36.5% Complete
Part 22 - In Space... No one can hear me squee -37.7% Complete
Part 23 - Cherry Tree Hills Roundup - 41.7% Complete
Part 24 - Level 1 and Heritage Bridge Roundup - 43.4% Complete
Part 25 - Sweep of Levels 2 and 3 - 45.0% Complete
Part 26a - Auburn Part 1 - 47.9% Complete
Part 26b - Auburn Part 2 - 47.9% Complete
Part 27 - Fort Meadows Round Up - 51.5% Complete
Part 28 - Bluebell National Park Cleanout - 53.5% Complete
Part 29 - Dojo and Bank cleanout - 56.9% Complete
Part 30 - Uptown Clearout! - 58.2% Complete
Part 31 - Lego City Airport Clearout - 60.0% Complete
Part 32 - Space Centre and Scrapyard Clearout! - 60.3% Complete
Part 33 - Paradise Sands Clearout - 61.8% Complete
Part 34 - Fresco Cleanup - 63.4% Complete
Part 35 - Museum and Fire Department Cleanout! - 70.6% Complete
Part 36 - Kings Court Cleanout!- 72.4% Complete
Part 37 - Downtown Cleanup - 76.3
Part 38 - Blackwell Manor 1 and Pappalardos Clearout - 77.8% Complete
Part 39 - Festival Square - 78.8% Complete
Part 40 - Pagoda Cleanout - 81.6% Complete
Part 41 - Construction Site and Secret Base cleanup - 83.6% Complete
Part 42 - Bright Lights Plaza - 85.7% Complete
Bonus 1 - Character Showcase - Residents (Subclass of Civilians)
Part 43 - Park - 87.7% Complete
Bonus 2 - Vehicles Showcase - Emergency
Part 44 - Blackwell Manor 2 and Moonbase Clearout - 88.2% Complete
Part 45 - Tunnel Snakes and Jeff Bridges - 89.1
Bonus 3 - Vehicles Showcase - Performance
Part 46 - Albatross Island Cleanup - 91.7%
Part 47 - Apollo Island Cleanup - 95.1%
Bonus 4 - Worker and Heavy Vehicles, and Aircraft Showcase
Bonus 5 - Service Workers Showcase
Part 48 - Lady Liberty Island - 98.3%
Bonus 6 - Cops and Robbers Showcase
Bonus 7 - Miners, Astronauts, Farmers, Firemen and Construction Worker Showcase
Bonus 8 - Special Characters
Bonus 9 - Vehicles
Part 49 - Finale - 100% Complete!
Part 50 - Bonus Missions (Not counted towards final percentage)

Current Progress: 100% Complete (40.5% Came from buying unlocked tokens and the unlocked red bricks from the police station)

Video 48

Character Tokens
274)Forest Fireman (All BBQ Fires Extinguished)
275)Barney Greenschist (All Boulders Broken)
276)Demolition Dummy
277)Security Supervisor
278)Ellie Phillips
279)Albert Spindlerouter (All Coffee Breaks Taken)
280)Bandit (All ATMs Robbed)
281)Jethro Hayes (All Pigs Returned)
282)Space Alien (All Aliens Captured)
283)Troublemaker Tim
284)Squirrel McTavish (All Flowers Watered)
285)Rod Stanchion (All Drill Thrills Done)
286)Mine Foreman (All Silver Statues Destroyed)
288)Cornelius Burns (All Cats Rescued)
289)Rex Fury (Astronaut) (All Districts Conquered)
290)Hockey Player

Vehicle Tokens
Bonus Vehicle: Justice
Bonus Vehicle: Spirit

Red Bricks
40)Mario Hat
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