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Life Ending Adventure

by Nemesis of Moles

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Original Thread: Lets go on an ADVENTURE!


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The Life Ending Adventure!

The Life Ending Adventure is a flash game made in japan in the same vein as Kaizo World and various other games like that.

The game itself is short, but filled with some of the hardest an most brutal "HAHA FUCK YOU" traps I have ever seen, forget hidden coin blocks, we're talking spike traps under random floor tiles and unwinnable boss patterns.


But I hear the game isn't finished!!

True, the creator of the game has been added areas in randomly for the past 2 or 3 years. The game is currently (I would say) at least 75% complete, with only 1 zone missing (where as not long ago, it only had 1 zone). Updates for the game have slowed though. And theres enough suffering to show here.

The whole thing sounds really quiet

I know. The game lacks any sound other than beeps and for the first video, I didn't know if I should put background music. I realize now I probably should have. Please suggest any song or tune that would be good for background music of the game and I'll see what I can do. Or I'll just make the commentary better. Thats probably the best choice.

Sound Delay!!

Yes there is a slight delay on my audio, thats thanks to my ineptitude with any video editing software. I think I have it fixed now though in the "live" videos.
As for the sound delay in game, thats actually in the game.

Whats this whole thing about then?

I think it's supposed to be parodying the way how platformers work. Though it could just be another Fuck You from Japan.

I wanna play too!!!

Alright then. Go right ahead. Just dont sue me when your day disappears into one long boss battle You are lucky player, Click here!

All that aside. On with the videos. I'll be taking music requests and if anyone wants to post their own attempts at the game, go right ahead. If anyone wants to try any of the harder 2 bosses, IM me on AIM and I'll send a password to you.


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I'll put up the passwords of where I have been so far, and one stage ahead in case anyone wants to do any guest videos. knock yourselves out.

Before First boss
A3 B2 C4 D5 E3

Start of Second Zone
A1 A3 C4 D5 E3

Clone Boss Fight
A3 C2 D5 E1 E3

After Clone Boss fight
B4 C2 D2 E1 E3
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