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Life is Strange

by Panzer Skank

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Original Thread: Let's play Life is Strange - like Majora's Mask w/ sexy teens



Hi! Hello! I'm very excited to welcome you to my Let's Play of Life is Strange!

Life is strange is an adventure game with a strongly choice-based story developed by DontnoD Entertainment and published by Square Enix. Dontnod is a French game studio who also made the very stylish but rather poorly received Remember Me. In LiS, we live a week in the life of Max Caulfield, an 18 year old girl who has just entered her senior year at a college prep school called Blackwell Academy. I won't spoil any more details of the story in this post, you'll have to watch the videos!

By the way! If you're looking for more THRILLING CHOICE-BASED ADVENTURE, please check out my buddy Kaubocks' sweet ass Tales from the Borderlands thread!! It's great and so is he!!

About Decision Making: Most of the time when we come to a large decision, I will be putting a poll in the thread for you, the viewer, to vote on! Polls will be posted with new episodes on Monday and will close on Friday of the same week.
There are a lot (A LOT) of smaller decisions in the game, so many it would be very difficult to poll the thread for every last one, so I'll be making the small decisions on the fly. This includes dialogue and some choices that I already know the best outcome for (i.e. the best schedule for watering our plant). HOWEVER, it is pretty easy for me to go back and catch a video if there's any small choice you'd personally like to see the outcome of, so let me know!

Thread rules!!!

1. Please NO SPOILERS!!!! None!! Not even behind the fun black bars!!
2. Feel free to speculate as hecka much as you want but don't call someone out if they speculate correctly cause that ruins the fun
3. I ain't wanna see no arguments about character's sexual orientations. It's weird I even have to add this but it's an argument that seems to explode outta control with any discussion of LiS, please don't?? I love you thread I believe in you.

Part 1 - Welcome to Blackwell Academy
Part 2 - Calm, Relaxing Times at Blackwell High
Part 3 - Girls Dormitories
Part 4 - Chloe's Room
Part 5 - David's Garage
Part 6 - Obstacles

Part 1 - New Day
Part 2 - Breakfast at Two Whales
Part 3 - American Rust
Part 4 - Train Tracks
Part 5 - Rain Showers
Part 6 - Eclipse
2-X Bonus: Kate's Conversation
2-X Bonus: Warren is Playing the Fucking Field

Part 1 - Breaking Curfew
Part 2 - Trespassing
Part 3 - Late Night Swim
Part 4 - Pancakes with Joyce
Part 5 - Frank's Trailer
Part 6 - Focus
3-X Bonus: Time Travel Prank

Part 1 - An Alternate World
Part 2 - William and Joyce
Part 3 - Return
Part 4 - Boys Dormitories
Part 5 - Playing Detective
Part 6 - Mountains
Part 7 - The Party
Part 8 - Midnight
4-X Bonus - Ruining the Party

Part 1 - The Dark Room
Part 2 - Gallery Visit
Part 3 - Confrontation
Part 4 - Storm
Part 5 - Nightmare
Part 6 - The End
5-X Bonus - Theorycrafting

(Here's a link to the full youtube playlist!)

Through the events of the game, Max keeps a rather detailed journal of her adventures! It's really cool and gives a lot of insight into her character, so I'll be screenshotting the pages and putting them here!

Episode 1 - Monday's Entries

Episode 2 - Tuesday's Entries

Episode 3 - Wednesday's Entries

Episode 4 - Thursday's Entries

Alternate Timeline

Primary Timeline

Episode 5 - Friday's Entries

After Destroying the Contest Photo

In the Broken Reality

Max also writes entries about each character in the game! This is much easier for me to post than writing an individual bio for every person we interact with so thank god for this.

Max Caulfield

Victoria Chase

Kate Marsh

Mark Jefferson

Nathan Prescott

David Madsen

Principal Wells

Chloe Price

Rachel Amber

Warren Graham

Joyce Price

Frank Bowers

This game has a really excellent soundtrack! DontnoD's choice of songs for pivotal moments really nails both the emotion of the scenes as well as telling a story with the lyrics. I'll be throwing some links to the tracks on youtube here so you can enjoy them outside of the game!

Video 1-1: Syd Matters - To All Of You [lyrics]
Video 1-4: Angus & Julia Stone - Santa Monica Dream [lyrics] "Maybe it reminds her of Rachel?"
Video 1-5: Sparklehorse - Piano Fire [lyrics]
Video 1-6: Syd Matters - Obstacles [lyrics] We've been migratory animals/Living under changing weather
Video 2-1: Alt-J - Something Good [lyrics]
Video 2-2: José González - Crosses [lyrics]
Video 2-6: Local Natives - Mt. Washington [lyrics]
Video 3-3: Bright Eyes - Lua [lyrics] And I know you have a heavy heart/I can feel it when we kiss
Video 3-6: Mogwai - Kids Will Be Skeletons [no lyrics]
Video 4-3: Amanda Palmer - In My Mind [lyrics]
Video 4-6: Message to Bears - Mountains [lyrics]
Video 4-7: Breton - Got Well Soon [lyrics] Has anything like this ever struck you?
Video 5-4: Mudflow - The Sense of Me [lyrics]
Video 5-X: Foals - Spanish Sahara [lyrics]

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this ATROCITY by Nyagato

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