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by ivantod

Part 13: Autumn/Winter 1991


Welcome back to Scenario B. Last time, in this version of events, again "things happened" in Minago, which resulted in everyone being killed, except, by coincidence, Linda. She ended up being patched up by Dr. Emory, a genius surgeon, except he couldn't find her left arm, so he grafted on her father's left arm instead. Obviously, that is singularly unhelpful, since Linda needs her left hand to be able to activate the ark, which in her present condition will not be possible! Therefore, we need to figure out some way of undoing what happened before we'll be able to take off on our journey with the ark. In addition to that, the task in this scenario is also to collect at least 50 animal species. We've already done a few and will be making good progress on that today.

Today, also, we'll venture into the southern parts (which were previously not accessible to us) to see a bit what can be found there!

In any case, we find Ken where we left him last time...

Before we start... let's also check out that news bulletin on the wall, which I forgot to do last time!

N.K. News Bulletin

Ken Challenger has bravely accepted to be the male crew member on the ark! This is in addition to Linda Banning, who has already been accepted as the female member.

Ken is a novice ranger and a childhood friend of Linda.

Let's wish both of these young people a successful endeavour!

Ah, cool, we find out Linda's last name!

But anyway, this is just something I forgot to show last time, so now let's proceed.

Before we do anything, let's level Ken up a bit so that he can deal a bit better with the fauna of the South Area!

In order to do that, we'll take Ken down to Marblepolis again...

...where we can move those stone blocks to fight earthworms.

They provide a decent balance in the sense that they give good experience points, but also will not annihilate us, i.e. Ken stands a chance in the fight. Of course, this also has the side effect of capturing a pair of them which we need for the ark.

So, in the end, here's where Ken arrives at after a few minutes of fighting earthworms:

That's good enough for now, as we already know, over-leveling is not a good idea in this game! Also, you might recall that it's also possible to find chickens here in Marblepolis, but I leave them be, since we aren't strong enough to defeat them right now. We'll come back for that.

So at this point Ken just uses the item which summons a bird pickup and gets out of there.

While we wait to hear from Dr. Emory we're more or less free to do whatever, so I figure let's head down south. Dr. Flora mentioned that place called Rose Garden, which we could go and visit, if nothing else, then simply to buy ourselves one of those talking flowers!

Unfortunately, at the Bird Line counter, we're informed that the line to Rose Garden is not currently in service. Therefore we'll take a flight to another place in the South Area which does have service and then from there we can either walk or use the "Shoot" service to get to Rose Garden coordinates. This is a tiny bit of an issue in South Area since, while there are different places to visit, there is really only one actual town with proper facilities (specifically, it's the only place with Bird Line service!). So getting around the southern parts is a bit more difficult than what we're used to, since you can't just keep hopping back and forth on the Bird Line. You certainly CAN still use the shoot service to be dropped off anywhere on the map, but that one is not actually covered by our "Air Free Pass", unfortunately, so you still have to pay for that. Ah, well, I'm sure we'll manage!

Either way, we get to Rose Garden eventually (even if the weather is not really cooperating!).

Going in, we can see that even though at least some basic facilities do seem to exist, they aren't staffed, and therefore we can't use them.

Anyway, here we are. There is a sign in the middle, leading to a park of sorts, and a building to the right. Let's first check out the building.

There's a couple of people here, and a sign (the one Ken is standing in front of). Also what appear to be some plants exhibited in glass cases. Let's check the sign first.

A dream rose that needs no water or fertiliser and blooms beautifully all year round!

From front to back: Rose Coco, Queen Dominique and Michiko Blood.

In the unlikely case that the glass cover breaks, please run away immediately.

Uh, what do you mean, run away? From roses? Hmm. Ok, we'll let's talk to the guy in blue.

Huh, you managed to get here even though Bird Line is not operational? Anyway, it's best not to go in the garden since we've had a few people end up never coming out.

Uh, what kind of flowers do you have here, anyway?

Well, let's just talk to the scientist lady for now.

This is M.C. Alice, the talking flower! Like a mynah bird, she learns to speak and brightens the atmosphere in the house! Normally they cost 400 G, but since this is the last one, I will give it to you for 100 G.
[ I'll take it! ] / No thanks.

Obviously we're going to buy a talking flower for ourselves, I mean how could we not, right?

We will deliver it to your home in Hardia! Please make sure to take good care of it every day.

Cool we have now a talking flower! As she said, it will be put in Ken's room at his house, so we'll check that out later today. Incidentally, mynah birds are well known for their ability to learn to mimic human speech, so that at least explains that the flower is not in fact able to have a conversation but simply repeats words she's heard/been taught to say. So that makes the fact that Dr. Flora's flower says stuff like "Dr. Flora is my best friend" and so on, pretty sad when you think about it.

Anyway, we have a talking flower, so let's continue.

Ken is getting a better look at the flowers which are exhibited and then we'll proceed through that door on the right!

In this hallway, there's a woman we can speak to...

My son Kevin is there in the back... I've told him that his father is working on a long term assignment over in Flora Jam, but in actuality we're in the middle of a divorce process. But how do you tell such a thing to a young child like him?

Well, to be honest, I'm not even sure why you're telling ME this, but ok. For reference, Flora Jam is a location down here on the southern continent.

Walking through, we find another room with those dancing flowers, but there's nothing else here, so we can go through that last door.

Down in this room is the boy she was talking about.

My name is Kevin! This is my pet, she's a stag beetle! I got her from my dad, who is working in Flora Jam. He never comes to see me... but I'm not so lonely because I have my pet!

Right, well, clearly we'll have to get that stag beetle from him somehow, but I think we can put that off for now since we haven't found even any male ones yet to begin with.

In that chest, incidentally, is a "Grasshopper Mask", a piece of head armour, but it's not actually better than what we already have (the "Rhino Cap" I bought last time), so it stays in our backpack unused. Anyway, now we can head back out and...

...check out that sign.

Be mindful of the plants!

Please do not feed the flowers in this garden without permission!

I'm sorry, did I read that right? Do not FEED the flowers? What in the world. Well, only one way to find out, let's step into the park.

Nice. A bunch of flowers, with some particularly prominent roses there. Maybe if we have a look at one...

Aaa, what! Why does it want to fight me? Why does it have so much HP? You can't see it, but this rose has also incredibly high attack and defence power so Ken can barely scratch it, while it can simply one-shot him!

And if that wasn't enough, it can also...

...summon a bunch of grasshoppers for help! In fact it does summon both male and female grasshoppers, so we do need to get them, although we have a bit of a conundrum here. As you can see, the grasshoppers are very low level with tiny HP, while the rose is the exact opposite. So if we're strong enough to defeat a rose, then we will not be able to capture the grasshoppers because of over-damage. So we'll need some kind of a strategy here, but it's all moot for now, since we can't even survive long enough before we get one-shot by the rose (one possible strategy would be, for example, to capture the grasshoppers and then run away before being killed by the rose--the captured enemies still count even if you run away--but as I said, we have to be able to survive at least a couple of turns for that to work!). So we'll have to come back later for that.

In addition to that, as you walk around... might get randomly attacked by some baby-roses. They at least have generally much lower HP but are still pretty tough, but also don't summon any other species for help.

Roses in fact belong to a relatively small group of creatures in this game which are NOT possible nor needed to be captured for the ark. We do want grasshoppers, though, so we'll come back for that.

Apart from that, as you walk around the garden you might see...

...these little things flying around!

They are bees! I guess one would expect to find bees in a flower garden, so that's not so unusual.

In any case, they don't have any particularly strong stats, so Ken can handle them easily together with the dogs.

It is also possible to find cockroaches here in the garden, but in the present season (autumn) only males are around. So we'll have to wait a bit and come back during a different season of the year (summer should be the best) to get that sorted out.

Ok, so that's about all we can do here right now, so let's head out and see what else is around these parts. If we head a bit north from Rose Garden...

...we get to another one of these tunnels.

Inside, it even has one of those Rent-A-Animal services for easier travel. I'm sure you can guess what these animals are, but if not, we'll definitely be capturing them soon, so you'll get to see them anyway.

The other side of the tunnel, drops us directly into a town.

So this place is called Dogy Figh and it's famous for, well, the dog fighting arena!

As far as I can tell, the weird spelling is on purpose. The official guide I mentioned I have actually shows all location names in English, and so here is a photo of the relevant page from the guide for this one:

That's not to say that there isn't at least one UNINTENTIONAL misspelling in the guide as far as English names go, but this name is so silly that I'm just going to go with it. In any case, as you can see, the name of the town comes from the fact that its main attraction is an arena for dog fights. We're here kind of at the wrong time, since the arena is only open in summer and winter, but we can explore a little bit. There's some weird stuff here.

But first of all, on that last screenshot, Ken is standing next to a sign, so let's have a look at what it says!

<-- Western Desert

Warning! Dangerous Area!

Yeah, so this southern continent has more of a warmer climate, so there's even a sandy desert in the west which we'll check out a bit later. For now, let's have a look around the town (what we can at this time of year).

Well, let's start our tour!

This lady has an interesting comment...

There's an abandoned luxury hotel by the sea, far to the west. I hear it's still quite popular... except that now all guests are crows who are nesting there!

Well, that certainly sounds interesting. Let's see if we can find where it is, although we won't exactly be exploring it today since crows can easily be found closer to where we are now.

Also, this guy.

You can never be too careful with the animals of the western desert, but in case of emergency, just run to the water. Not sure how it is elsewhere, but here in the desert you always want to be around the water. So if you want to go there, it's probably best to do in spring, when there's a lot of water.

Good advice, but we're going to ignore it for now and head to the desert later today even if it's not spring.

I guess this is the main entrance to where the dog fight arena is? We'll check that out in a moment, but first...

...let's talk to the guy who runs the equipment shop here.

Mr. Orman and the Airport director were both people in a good position in their lives. It seems unlikely that they would both commit suicide by jumping...

Hm, interesting, so the owner of this whole place, Orman, has killed himself? And also the director of the airport over in Ozport? What could it all mean? And then who is the third person who killed themselves? It seems we've got ourselves a mystery here...

Also, while we're here, I will buy from him two dog jackets, because they give us +15 to defence:

So that's pretty nice.

Next is this guy in front of the butcher shop:

This dog fighting ring is only open in summer and winter. If you come here in spring or autumn, you won't find anyone to fight with!

Well, yeah. As I mentioned, since it's currently autumn, we're not going to be able to do anything about the actual fights, but there are some other people here that will be interesting to have a chat with...

Inside the shop, we can talk to the two guys behind the counter...

This "ribbon flower" can make even the corpses dance. Everyone who practises medicine in Neo-Kenya has heard of it: the mysterious herbs that no one has ever actually seen! Anyway, there are many medicines out there that can kill you, so I would not consider it surprising that there's one which can do the opposite!

And mysteries are just piling up. I hope nobody forgot about stuff mentioned previously, such as the phantom animal which appears only during a blizzard, and many other things which have been mentioned over time. Right now we don't have time for that, but later for sure.

The other guy:

The first thing to do with unknown meat is to feed it to the dogs... that way you can find out if it's ok to eat or not!

Next is the animal trader, who operates from this same shack:

Some of the animals on this planet are the stuff of nightmares... the only ones looking somehow normal are the dogs. But that's because they were brought here by the humans and released into the wild.

Well, there you go. Now you know why dogs in particular actually look more or less the same as "earth" dogs. Because they are!

In addition it turns out that this guy sells both male and female dogs, so I buy a pair so I wouldn't have to bother hunting them. Although they can be found easily in close vicinity of the ark, but since he sells both genders, I just take an easy shortcut here.

All right, let's keep moving.

Next, we'll go here in the building which houses the hotel (and other things).

First, let's check out the bank.

You can buy a hunting dog with money, but to get a human friend is a little more difficult...

Since we have more than enough money for the time being, I decide to also repay the loan so that we don't have to think about that any more. Even though, as mentioned, you can get a loan up to the amount of your yearly salary at any point in time, usually it's only really useful at the start of the game since later on you can earn enough money to survive from simply selling extra animals.

Next we'll talk to the hotel guy, who is right next to the bank counter.

This hotel and the dog fighting ring belong to Mr. Orman, who jumped from the church a few days ago... But I don't think it was really a suicide. There are rumours that there was some kind of foul play going on behind the scenes...

Going around to where the rooms are...

...there is this guy too.

I just got 300 G "pocket money" from that lady Pomerania, if you see what I'm saying... I mean, she's not bad looking, you should try it on with her too!

I'm sorry, what even are you talking about? Well, it will become clearer as we explore here a bit more, but for now just remember the name of that person he mentions.

The lady sitting up in the room only talks again about the chemical incident in the West Area, so we can just skip talking to her and move on...

...and take this staircase down.

Down here is a bunch of stuff...

...and even the actual fighting arena, but as mentioned, since it's autumn, there is nobody around and everything is closed. We'll have to come back here another time to see what's going on on the dog fighting front.

There is, however...

...this staircase leading further downstairs which we will take. By the way, the fridge over there contains some "dog meat" if you want to pick that up.

This is the actual residential quarters of the Orman family, the owners of this whole thing. Seems there are actually people here, so let's see.

First this guy here (please try to ignore the naked lady on the bed there, we'll talk to her in a moment).

Who dares to come into the rooms of Mr. Beagley with their dirty shoes like that! I'm going to beat you up!

What is his problem, anyway? Also, why is everyone named after different kinds of dogs? Well, let's just keep exploring for now. Next we will talk to the naked lady, but... what do you say to a naked lady, anyway? All right, here goes.

Beagley is the perfect man for me... rich and from a good family. Also, he... doesn't usually last very long here.

I'm going to not think too much about this. If we check out the, for once unlocked, chest, we find one of those items which increase our stats in battle, the medication called "Binbin A". As explained before, when we received some of this from Panheim, "binbin" is among other things a slang word for "erection" in Japanese, so, uh... I guess that sheds a bit more light on the lady's comment just now.

All right, really, let's go somewhere, anywhere, else!

Over here is another person who seems dressed like a nurse...

The only people who are happy about Mr. Orman's death are his three good-for-nothing children! Next thing you know, there's going to be a bloody inheritance fight between them. Someone's going to end up dead, I'm sure.

Uh, did Ken... well, did Ken actually just stumble into some kind of murder mystery?

There are actually more people here than that, but there is some benefit in leaving talking to them for just a bit later, so that's what we'll do. For now...

...we'll just talk to this woman here.

Oh! You're quite a handsome fellow! I'm Pomerania, the lady of the house! Please come and pay me a visit some time... alone, of course! 🎔

Ah. I guess both Beagley and Pomerania are two of Orman's children, and apparently he liked dogs so much that he even named his childer after different kinds of dogs. Well, sure. Also, when we remember what that other guy said about Pomerania, I think it's pretty clear what she's implying here.

By the way, that chest over there, which I've already opened, contains another performance enhancing drug, this one called "Night DX".

I think I've had enough of this place for now, so let's find our way out.

To make things interesting, we'll go one floor up and then take this big central staircase...

...which takes us right back here in front of the main entrance. So that whole underground part is actually connected together.

In order to clean the palate a little bit after all of this, let's proceed outside...

...and we'll have a look around to see what kinds of animal species can be found in this part of the world!

The south is definitely nice with lots of palm trees around. I also do spy an as-yet not encountered animal! Let's have a look!

Cool, it's a buch of sea slugs!

Other than slightly higher HP than expected, they aren't too bad actually since they don't hit particularly hard.

A little bit later, though...

...there's a bird flying rapidly towards Ken! Well, we've seen that before, so it can only be...

...the eagles! Well, good to know they can also be found down here, so I can finally craft that eagle sword that I wanted do make since a long time! Not today though, but I WILL take care of it next time! Alongside the swallow cutter, it's the only one other weapon which hits all enemies in front of you at once! For this, we will need to capture ten male eagles, of course.

All right, let's keep looking!

Hey, what's that?

I think they look amazing, honestly, even if not too weird (well other than the... eye). Of course, this is a pair of leopards, which I'm sure you've already guessed.

As the information says, anything else they may have is kind of diminished because of their extremely low HP.

Incidentally, leopards used to look a bit different in the PC Engine version:

I think I kind of prefer the redesigned version because it made them look a bit more obviously leopards, while still retaining some weirdness.

But, anyway, as we keep exploring around here, I run also into some boars, but they're only males, so I guess it's probably not the right season for female. We'll check that out again later, but in the meantime... in the more wet area, we find...

...some hippos, which we already know from the last time.

At this point, I decide to go to the other side of that tunnel, to check out the western side, and in particular that desert that everybody's been mentioning!

Hm, yeah, that definitely looks like a desert! That bird is definitely not an eagle, though!

Some pretty darn awesome looking crows! Obviously, in real life, an eagle would definitely be easily bigger in size than a typical crow, but not here!

Very slightly different, but not any less cool look from the PC Engine version:

Another animal that you can find in the desert... definitely something you would exactly expect to find here!

Camels, obviously. Even if only two-legged ones!

A surprising number of different abilities, even some potentially dangerous status effects! But, the HP is still not too high, so we manage. In any case, Ken can always transform into an eagle to boost his attack power, if needed. Dolphin would be nicer, but we don't have that at the moment!

Also, check out what they used to look like in the PC Engine version:

This picture cannot be explained.

I must say, I find it interesting how a lot of the more "out there" designs where "normalised" when the remake was done. It seems remake more often leans into making the animals designs looking a bit towards the funny side, rather than the more grotesque side, as it was in the original, and some of the more weird designs were definitely toned down.

But, ok, there is actually more species that we can find around here, and we will, but for now...

...I just capture some horses.

On our travels around the southwestern parts, we also come across this...

I suppose this must be the abandoned hotel that is now overrun by crows which everybody was talking about! Let's add it to the list of things to check out at a later date.

I figure now might be a good time to go and hand in all these animals we've been carrying around for a while!

And then, just as we exit Hardia to go into the ark...'s suddenly winter 1991!

In addition to that, I remember that we can just make a short walk over to the Nebul Road cave and get a couple more species there!

So, I do just that!


...first we find some more of those entrails.

And then, after some more exploring around...

...Ken gets attacked!

It's a pair of crocodiles! I ran into them before, but this time we're lucky to also encounter a female because they are quite rare. I mean, it wouldn't have been a huge issue since I already bought one just in case, but it's nicer to actually find them like this!

Oddly, except for a slightly stronger attack, they don't even have any real special abilities!

And now, for real...

...let's hand in what we haven't so far and see where we stand!

Checking in with the robot... us that we're currently at 23 species out of 50. So we're making progress, but there's definitely still some work to do!

In any case, as we're finishing here...

...Ken gets a message notification. Hopefully it's from Emory, telling us that Linda has recovered (well, according to him, obviously, as for us, we'll still need to figure out what happened to her arm!).

We'll go there soon, but first...

...let's head over to Minago. It was mentioned that rangers are there dealing with the aftermath of the incident, so we'll check that out quickly!

Here we go. There is already a ranger standing here that we can talk to!

Somehow we managed to take care of all the dead bodies here, but oh it was awful. Apart from you and Linda, all 26 people who were here that night were killed. Not a single body... was left unmutilated. If you had put them into a cage with a hungry lion, it wouldn't have looked this bad at the end.

Yeah, I mean, a lion doesn't have laser beams. Well, maybe those here on Neo-Keyna do? Actually, when I think about it, all "special abilities" of animals that we've encountered so far were more "organic" in nature, so on second though I don't think they do have lasers.

Then we have this guy here...

When we examined the situation here, we found that it took them less than 10 minutes to kill everybody in town. I only know of a few people on this planed who could accomplish such a thing. The mayor who is kept in the special observation cell in Hospico... Gomez and his crew over in Paraside... The Orman brothers from Dogy Figh... Linda's old man Hume, himself... but of course he's also dead, and couldn't have done this.

There are way too many mysteries on this planet!

Inside the church...

Orman from Dogy Figh and Pizar, the airport commander in Ozport... apart from the fact that they both jumped from the church, their standing in society is the only other thing they had in common.

Hm, we're finding out more about the three suicide cases...

Then we have another ranger up on the belltower balcony...

The mass murders are now the centre of attention... but it shouldn't distract from thinking about the church suicides. When I think about it, those are very suspicious too. I was a bit curious and found out that the first woman who killed herself here, was taken to Hospico, but nobody knows what happened after that. It seems pretty common that dead bodies would disappear from Hospico...


...we'll proceed over into Linda's house.

Yes... that looks pretty grim.

But if we head up to Linda's room....

...there is also a ranger here that we can talk to.

Ken... this is horrible. How are you doing? How is Linda? I have no idea how she managed to survive this. It looked like she was drowning in a sea of blood...

Uhh... Ok, let's get out of here. I mentioned that I wanted to check if we'll be able to hear more of the story from the animal expert...

... but the answer is no. He's also perished in the massacre and his house is now empty. Oh well, maybe in the next scenario! Obviously same thing with Dr. Oid, the ethnologist who was sure to uncover the secrets of Minago.

Ok, now let's head back to Hardia quickly, because we haven't really had a chat with Ben or with Ken's mother recently.

First, Ken goes to talk to his mum...

I know it's difficult for you, but you must not forget that Linda has it much worse!

The talking flower, as promised, has been delivered to Ken's room. As mentioned, it's kind of like a mynah bird in the sense that it repeats the things it hears. So let's talk to it and find out what it's heard recently, shall we?

"Ah, no, not now... N-no... Ken is about to return soon!"
"Don't worry, I've already checked his location based on his transmitter before coming over!"
"Ahahaha, as always, you have a trick up your sleeve!"

Ahahaha, looks like Ken's mum and the commander are definitely getting it on!

But, speaking of Ben, let's pay him a quick visit!

You need Linda's left hand and your right hand in order to be able to start the ark... So even if you collect the animals, you won't be able to do anything with the ark. It makes me sick...
And then... why is it that she ended up exactly with her left arm missing? I may be off base here... but I have a feeling that Linda's left arm is still to be found somewhere... and in good condition, too.

Yeah, I mean, clearly, it's not just randomly missing. But we'll see.

In any case, it's time to finally go and check out that message which is waiting for us.

The message is from Emory.

It's Emory, Linda's doctor! As far as her physical condition is concerned, Linda is doing well! I can definitely assure you of that! She is free to leave the hospital at any time, so please come and pick her up as soon as possible! Maybe bring her some flowers, they will probably more effective than my medication! Anyway, see you soon.

Well, all right! In that case, I think it's time to make a trip to Hospico and say hei... uh, I mean, hi to Dr. Emory!

Over in Hospico, in front of Dr. Emory's house, there is somebody tending to the flowers... I guess it must be his daugther Sachiko whom we've heard about.

[ Yeah, they are... ] / Not as pretty as you!
If you use the growth stimulant developed by my father, they will bloom within three days of planting!

Er, we should head inside. We need to get Linda.

Oh, what now.

As soon as I told her you're coming over to pick her up... Linda ran away! I thought it would make her happy! I was careless! I'm really sorry!
Please believe me, I only tried to do the best I can! But it always seems to backfire... I don't know what to do.
Isn't there something I can do for you?
You're going to go and look for her straight away, right? Then let me help you! Sachiko, come in here!

And we're treated to one of those full length pictures of a character that the game sometimes throws at us.

This is my daughter Sachiko! Please take her with you as help!
[ I will accept your help! ] / Thank you for the offer, but...

It's definitely a "but thou must" situation here.

I have given her all the necessary training. She will definitely not be a burden to you. Sachiko! Please listen always to anything Ken says and make sure he is happy with you! Do you understand?
Yes, father.
I'm sure she must have been quite shocked... and didn't want you to see her with her left arm like that. Poor thing... it's all my fault... I'm really sorry!

And, just like that... Sachiko is now in our party! Bet nobody expected that to happen! Here is the picture from the party menu:

Like with Hume, she doesn't level up and you can't change her equipment.

Before we leave, we can talk to Emory a bit more...

Yes, father.

Well, that was creepy. But don't worry, because it's going to get much worse.

Outside... I'll probably ask you some strange questions here and there. Please don't mind me, and I would be very happy if you could just answer me some questions. About this planet... and about you... 🎔

Ok, well, there's just one problem. We have no idea where to even start looking for Linda. So maybe it's not a bad course of action to go and report to Ben and see what he says. He seems to be a resourceful fellow so far, doesn't he?

Interestingly, if we go to Ken's house in Hardia, we find it locked this time! Huh.

But we can definitely sit on the swing with Sachiko!

But... But...

Ugh, just say it.

But she doesn't. So normally, you would just get up and leave. However, if you sit down again.

But... But... Would you like me to show you my underwear?
Yes. / [ No. ]
An interesting answer. Let me make a note of it.

Ken Challenger, Ranger Lv. 15
Hardia, Winter, 1st Year.
--End Of Record.

Luckily, before we can think too much about what just happened (don't worry, it's going to get worse)...

...we get a message notification!

Ok, next let's go and talk to Ben and then we'll check out the message.

I mean, of course we'll be looking for the killer, but we don't have resources to look for runaways. That's why this case is handled by aide Kammer's subordinates. They are all professionals in their field and I'm sure they'll be able to locate Linda soon. I will let you know as soon as I hear from them.

Ah, so in other words, I should go and collect some animals until you page me? Sure thing boss.

Ok, let's go and listen to that message.

The message is from Linda.

Please don't worry about me...
I'll be fine on my own...
So please don't look for me...
Farewell, Ken.
I love you...

Yeah, no. We're going looking for Linda. But next time!

So, I hope everybody's happy! Sachiko is getting a lot more "screen time" in this scenario! I mean, everything around her is creepy to the max, but maybe we'll finally find out what's her deal?

By the way, on an unrelated note, the voice acting in this game is really fantastic (all dialogue lines for characters which have portraits are fully voiced!) and in particular, Linda's voice actress Minami Takayama is quite a delight.-that last message from Linda, truly breaks your heart when you hear it voiced. But the quality of the performance really shouldn't be a big surprise, because she's had quite a number of very high profile roles in anime over the years, for example the voice of Conan in Detective Conan (even still in 2021) and also, of all things, the voice of the player character in Danganronpa 2! Among many many others.

All right, well, until next time then!

So, first of all, here is a picture of those weird things that killed Linda's parents last time:

And then... Did you know that Dr. Emory in the original PC Engine version did NOT in fact look like a certain historical figure. He simply looked like your garden variety mad scientist: