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Part 17: Summer/Autumn 1993


Welcome back! Last time, things got a little weird, actually. First, Ken and Linda ended up fighting a bunch of zombies in Minago. Then Dr. Emory claimed that it's all his fault for letting a parasitic infection (?) spread out from the hospital, but not to worry he'll sort it out. Then Ken and Linda went and did a whole lot of hunting, and then finally they found out some information which seemed to indicate that Emory is actually the Puppet Master. Therefore they did what any reasonable person would do and went to confront Emory directly. Turns out, he's completely nuts and the whole encounter ended with Linda injured and in hospital. Oh, and also it turned out that Sachiko isn't really Sachiko but simply one of several clones of Emory's actual daughter Sachiko, who, as it turns out, was in fact the first person to commit suicide by throwing herself off the church, after not having been selected for the female ark crew for the slot that was ultimately given to Linda!

So at this point we find Ken again on his own...

After leaving Linda in her hospital room in Hospico, we should head over back to Hardia and talk to Ben, to see what he thinks of all this! He may not be too happy with us, as we disobeyed him pretty blatantly by going to confront Emory...

Well, I suppose there's no use in dwelling on what's already happened. We need to figure out where we go from here.
Laguna Lodge is Emory's private residence, but it's as big and well equipped as a small town. This means, once the gates are closed, you're not likely to be able to get in. There are ways to break in, but it would take too much manpower and time to be possible to arrange... Not to mention that Linda's left arm is probably being held hostage there!
It seems we're at a bit of a dead end... Ugh, it makes me sick to my stomach!

Looks like we don't have too much to do until the next plot moment, so it might be a good time to finish the hunting! We are missing only two species to make a total of 50, so let's grab a couple. We could actually have done these last time already, but that's ok, it won't take us long!

First, we will head all the way down south...

...into that same place where we fought the ants. You won't encounter this new species normally, but if you make camp here, you have a good chance of being attacked in your sleep... a bunch of hydras!

As you can see, they use mostly fire based attacks and are definitely among the stronger enemies you can find down here, but still we're decently high level so they don't pose much of an issue at this point.

Our next destination today is...

...again that difficul to get to bit of land between two caverns.

First of all, one of the things you can run into here, among other places... a poacher and his dogs. The poacher appears to fight using a (very) large mallet, but nevertheless, this is mostly just a distraction and you don't need to fight them. Dogs are plentiful in other places, so there is no need to come here to capture them.

Last time here, we were capturing us some impalas, but today we have a different species we're looking for...

The rhino!

They might be a bit on the stronger side for the East Area (although they don't have any abilities that are too crazy), but East Area is anyway intended mostly as a beginning area so at least on the surface of the planet none of the animals are really TOO strong. So the rhinos also in the end look tougher than they are. Funnily enough, in this pariticular battle Ken is confronted with three rhinos and after capturing one of each gender, the third one actually uses his "eject" ability to kick out Ken, thus ending the battle, since Ken is fighting on his own! (I took out the dogs so that they don't accidentally overkill anything)

This should comfortably bring us to a nice round 50, so...

...we can head over and report in the ark.

Talking to the robot confirms that, indeed, we have captured the required 50 species that is needed in order to successfully finish this scenario. Incidentally, between the first two scenarios, we have so far only actually personally encountered 57 different species out of the possible 120 in the entire game. So that's actually less than half, which does kind of beg the question, where the heck are all the other 63 hiding? I mean that's not a small number and we've looked at a fair bit of places in the game so far and didn't find them! Well, not to worry, this is only the second scenario, so we'll still have a chance to look into it before the end of the game.

But, as far as Scenario B is concerned, we are definitely done with hunting.

Incidentally, we can check here another news bulletin!

Minago residents zombie(?) uprising!

The bodies of Minago residents who had died in the recent massacre appear to have been zombified and have gone on a rampage. The cause of the rampage is unknown, but it appears to have been caused by a unknown parasitic infection. The path of the infection is yet to be determined, though.

While we were doing the hunting, Ken also received another message notitification!

So, let's check it out. The message is from Ben!

You nitwit! Where have you been wandering about? A woman looking like Sachiko Emory has been seen in Ozport! Go there immediately! That is all!

Heading to Ozport, unfortunately we find no sign of Sachiko at all, however, this one tent here is for once not actually empty, so...

...we can talk to its owner!

There is a huge pool for electric catfish here in the basement... Do you think I would die if I tried to swim in it?

So here you get a bit of a hint to look for the basement where the catfish are, but we already did that last time!

In any case...

...soon enough, it becomes Autumn 1993. Here we can also see the game indicating that we have 0 species left to capture!

And soon after that, Ken receives another message notification!

Checking the message, it's from Ken's mum this time!

Hey, it's mum! I went to clean Hume and Ann's grave, but there was somebody there already. I started talking to her, and she told me she already knows you. So I'm having tea with her at home now... but somehow she wouldn't tell me her name, and seems to be acting a bit strange. Would you mind coming over as soon as you can?

I guess it must be one of the Sachiko clones probably? I don't see who else it could possibly be.

So, let's head home and find out!

As expected, it's one of the clones who is with Ken's mum!

Just tell everything to mum, and don't hide anything, ok? I promise I won't be surprised!

Ken explains to mum everything that's happened until now.

Hmm, seems a bit of a complicated situation. Certainly not something an easygoing person like me can fully grasp, but... I know what's the thing that this girl needs the most right now!
You said you're "No. 1", right? Come over and let me look at you for a second...

No. 1 does just that.

Hmmm... yes...
"Sumire"! From today, you will be "Sumire"! Su-mi-re! This is your name now! Do you like it?
What is it, Ken? If you have something to say, then say it directly!
[ This is no time to be thinking about names! ] / But isn't "Sumire" a bit oldfashioned sounding nowadays? / Can you really decide it so simply like that?
Right, speaking of which, this is the name of a character in an old anime! But you know, important things like names or marriages are best when decided on a hunch!
Oh no, why are you crying, girl? If you really dislike Sumire so much, I'll think of a different one!
N-no... It's not like that... I am h-happy... Happy... Like I've finally been born for real.

After this, we can talk to both of them again...

So... Where do we go from here...?
My name is Sumire! Isn't it a beautful name?

Ken's mum seems to be pretty much the nicest person on this whole planet, together with Ben. But, unfortunately, we have places to be, so we will head out. But, as we do...

I think I will go back to Laguna Lodge and try to convince father.
But you know based on what I've just told you that he's going to jail no matter what... Then what are you going to do after?
N-nothing... special...
Then it's settled! From then on, you will be like my daughter and will come here to live with me! And just at the right time too, since this annoying kid will be leaving me!
Ken? It looks like you want to argue with my decisions again?
No matter how you look at it, this is quite a mess... / How are you going to explain this to the commander? / [ Ah, you're going to do what you want anyway... ]
We don't need to concern ourselves with trivial details. I like Sumire and that's enough for us to live together! Unless, of course, she'd rather not? Sumire! Do you like me?
*giggle* Yes! I like you! I like Ken, too, and Miss Linda and I like everyone!
Sumire, you... look so much better when you smile like that! With that smile, you will have most men at your mercy!
Try it now with Ken! "Come with me to Laguna Lodge", that's what you should ask him now! Don't worry, your smile has the power to turn any man's answer into "Yes".

This game is absolutely hilarious.

Indeed, we get to choose the answer Ken gives here, but the only problem is... all possible answers are "Yes"!

There you go! It was exactly as I told you it was going to be, right?
Sumire, remember that from now on, it's only you yourself who can unlock your future! All right? And if you're in trouble, just come back here! This is your house now, too!

And with this, we can finally leave.

And so we have now the newly named Sumire in our party. She's massively underleveled compared to us, but she does have a secret weapon in the form of her laser beam when she transforms, and yes indeed we can use it in battle ourselves--her so-called "Mode B"! It has the effect of simply one-shotting any enemy--so it's not useful for capturing in that sense, but luckily we won't need it for that anyway.

Expectedly, the party menu re-uses the same portrait here as we've had with the other clone, but that makes sense since, you know... they are clones.

As we go out we can definitely sit on the swing with her, but there is no additional dialogue to be had, unfortunately.

So we'll take the Bird Line south. As always, the only place down south with a functioning service is in fact Dogy Figh, so that's where we'll go in the first instance.

Upon arrival, we find a hunter loitering about. We can talk to him.

Hey did you hear? The real reason the Orman family members left in a hurry is because one brother finally got himself killed during the inheritance dispute. A huge hole in the chest, dismembered limbs... looks like somebody hired a pro. What a pair of brothers!

Ah, so that's how that ended up, huh? Also, I think I might know who the "pro" was who executed the assassination!

Nevertheless, as we descend the stairs...

Ah, this thing again...

[ Good. ] / Bad.
I guess people aren't always what they seem! I learn so much when I'm with you, Ken!

Before we proceed to Laguna Lodge, we can make a quick stop at Dogy Figh. Being as it is autumn, there's no fights going on, but...

...the naked lady is still here!

Hey, you... have you seen Beagley anywhere? I can't afford to lose my golden goose... Ugh, what a bother.

Considering what kind of relationship these two had, I can see how the fact that all family members have been either killed or have left would be a problem for her!

In any case, if we take the tunnel from Dogy Figh to Laguna Lodge...

...we run into a locked door!

Looking at the map (where the line is pointing at Laguna Lodge)...

...we can see the lake. So we have to go around the mountains and approach from the south.

This is in fact the same place where we used to hunt eagles in order to make the sword. But from this side...

...we can get inside.

the main building is actually locked this time around... we head into the side building.

But, as we try to go in...

...this door is also locked! However...

I have the key for this door. Wait a second, I'll open it.

And she does. Coming inside...

We can see the dresser here. In the wardrobe, we can also find "cabbage white butterfly dress" (this is an "armour" item for Ken and Linda, because somehow cabbage white butterfly is one of the animals which can be found in this game, although we haven't found it yet!). It is not actually as strong as what we already have (dog jacket) so we don't need to bother with it.

In any case, looking at the dresser...

Ken found the key to the main building!

[ Sure, tell me everything. ] / Uh, I'm not really a good listener...

The game does give you the option to skip this if you want, and I guess primarily this option is here if you're replaying the game or something like that.

Anyway, here is the story.

For a long time, father and Sachiko were on the run from the Federation and there was no place where they could live in peace. Sachiko in particular grew tired of it. She couldn't make any friends because they couldn't leave any traces. In the end she even thought of killing herself just to be able to get out of it all.
But then they came to this planet and she found out that there was an opening for a crew member on the ark; this would allow her to completely leave her past behind. It seemed like a dream come true, where she could even get to know a person of the opposite sex of her own age. So she volunteered without hesitation.
Father was against it at first, but eventually agreed to it. He was sure she would be able to become the crew member because he didn't expect any other candidates for such a reckless project would come forward.
The rest of the story, you already know. Sachiko didn't make the cut. So she... jumped off. But the actual truth is... she's still alive in a vegetative state and she's been in a come for a while now at a certain location.

Very interesting. As we already know Dr. Emory got involved with some criminal interests because of his bionics research when he needed money for Sachiko to get a heart surgery. So I guess afterwards they ended up not being able to settle anywhere permanently on account of that.

Anyway, we got what we came here for, so we can leave. At the door, Sumire/No. 1 stops us.

It was painted by No. 2. She says she wants to be a painter.
It looks like you Ken, doesn't it? But it's not you. Who the model was is a secret! 🎔

It's a bit hard to tell at this resolution, but it does look a bit like Ken. But if not him, then who is it? Nek? Maybe we'll find out in another scenario?

Time to go in the main building, though!

We use the key and go through the door (welcome to our first actual usage of a key, by the way!)...

...but then all the storage cabinets pop open and...

...we're thrown into a battle against four of these... things. They are called "The Origin" and apparently they are artificial life forms created by Dr. Emory to act as his loyal guards. Yeah, let's go with that.

They pose no real threat to us at this point, Ken can certainly one-shot them.

Sumire/No. 1 is quite low level, as we've seen, but...

...she has her special abilities as a bionic creature/clone:
- A Mode: First Aid (heal)
- B Mode: Hand Beam (the laser attack)

Using B Mode on an enemy simply one-shots them, no matter the HP.

So as you can see, this battle is easily and quickly over. Some guards, huh.

By the way, this chest is now accessible and contains... another "air free pass". A bit late for that one, since we already bought ours way back at the beginning of the game!

In any case, where we need to go is the other side of the house.

Here in what looks like a laboratory of sorts, we find Emory and No. 2, who seems to be wearing Linda's wedding dress for some reason. Let's see what this lunatic is going to do now!

The topic is none other but the question of the female member of the ark crew, that is to say, your bride! I mean, Linda is currently in a bit of a state, wouldn't you agree?

He explains it in more detail in the following cutscene.

What even.

Also, could I have some time to think about it? Because, uh...

By the way, in case you've been wondering why I haven't been posting many PC Engine cutscenes lately, it's simply because in Scenario B, other than more low tech graphics, they don't really contain anything different from the remake versions. In Scenario A there were some noticeable differences in dialogue and otherwise, but that is not the case for Scenario B where all cutscenes are basically identical in content in both versions, except for the one at the very beginning where Linda is trying on the dress.

Imagine starting a newly married life by spending all day and all night as a trio with two beautiful and obedient twin brides!
So, Ken. Sachiko or Linda, who will you choose?
Sachiko. / [ Linda. ]
Well, isn't that interesting! But, did you notice, Ken? They both look like they've been expecting your answer and they sighed. A mixture of relief and disappointment. It's a complex, high-level expression of emotion! Even though they are just like Sachiko... they are still just dolls.
They are not real Sachiko. I'll show you the proof now!

Father! I don't want to activate C-Mode!
What nonsense is that! Let's try again! C-Mode activate! Three, two, one, go!

The two of them run off.

Hahaha, did you see that, Ken? It looks like even their thoughts are starting to resonate now!
I guess all daughters at some point have a duty to go beyond the imagination of their parents... It happened with Sachiko when she applied for the ark crew.

He starts slowly inching away from Ken...

And now my daughters have left me...

While talking, he's managed to make his way slowly over to this button on the wall. He pushes it...

...and the storage cabined moves to reveal a staircase.

What kind of person would even have a daughter? They will only betray you in the end!

I like how in this scene Emory is all over the place. Starting with constantly shifting whether he's talking about the real Sachiko or the clones and then literally changing the mood in each sentence!

As expected, he makes his escape down that secret staircase.

We follow him down, but as you might expect...

Another bunch of "Origins" pops out from behind the doors! Even though Ken is alone, he's still able to make a short work of them.

Eventually we find...

...a staircase going up...

...which brings us back out here to a familiar location. There is nothing to do here for now, so we can leave.

While walking around, Ken is again notified of a message!

Let's check it out! The message is from Ken's mum.

It's mum! Just to let you know, Sumire came back home and brought Yoshiko with her. Oh, right, I've given the name "Yoshiko" to No. 2. We're having a nice dinner here just us three girls. Everything is grea...
(talking to someone in the house) Wait, Yoshiko! No, don't do that!
Sorry, Yoshiko was about to drink a whole glass of vodka because she thought it's water.
(talking to someone in the house) Don't worry, you aren't going to die from this. It's fine, don't even worry!
By the way, did you know that Sumire can cook really well?

Well, then, let's make our way back to Hardia and see what these three are up to...

We can stop by Ben's office on the way...

Sumire and Yoshiko, huh? It must be tough for your mum to suddenly gain two grown-up children like that... It must be tough.
I wonder what it would have been like to have been a dad myself?
Oh, wait a minute, I was a dad to Sally long time ago! Ahahahaha...

Uh, sure. Ok, let's proceed to Ken's house.

I don't usually bother talking much to Ben's secretary since she rarely has much to say, but this time she strikes gold.

Commander is always complaining that he's sick to his stomach... I wonder if I should go and buy him some medicine?

Back at home...

Oh, right, right! They left a message for you! They said: "We'll be waiting for you in the area C-21." That is all they said.
But, C-21, isn't that in the middle of the desert? Wouldn't it be a little too hot for a date? Not to mention the area is crawling with higher level animals, so make sure you're prepared for anything!
Anyway, it's in the desert southwest from Dogy Figh. I don't know what is it, but I have a bad feeling about this. So go have a look and make sure to take care of Sumire and Yoshiko!

Well, ok, let's head down to C-21. I wonder what's there, though?

Before we can do that, however, there is another message for Ken!

So we go quickly to check it. It's from Ben this time!

It's me! Ken, I'm so sorry, but Linda's been kidnapped from Hospico! We've got no leads so far, but we've got three witnesses claiming to have seen someone looking like Emory. There is also one report from someone who saw two dark haired twin nurses. That's all I know for now. I'm really sorry! Stay strong!
That is all!

So, like in Scenario A, here too Linda gets kidnapped from hospital. Although, as we'll see shortly, that's where the similarities end, as this situation will turn out to be completely different.

Now we can really head down to C-21.

Here it is on the map, and there does seem to be something there. Of course, this game being mostly open-world, we could have in fact gone here at any point to see what it is. But that's ok, we'll go now.

Here we go, looks like another abandoned place, in the vein of Koshikata!

Coming inside confirms that the place is abandoned and no services are available. However, there is one of those news bulletins posted by the telephone, so let's check it out...

A big win! The youngest Ranger commander ever!

Gene Challenger (27) has been appointed as Ranger commander. The appointment of Gene Challenger as the commander of the Rangers Corps is seen as a move towards rejuvenation, in order to better cope with the long running Neo-Kenya escape project. Ben MacDonald (29) is expected to become deputy commander.

Huh, so this is from years ago, talking about Ken's father and the current commander, Ben... Well, I guess it was left here when the town was abandoned. Let's proceed inside.

Er, what actually happened here? It seems this place was not simply "abandoned"!

So, yeah, the place is called Garex, but as to the hows and whys of the explosion and all that, it will have to wait for the next scenario. But we definitely want to find out more about what happened here at some point.

For now, we can simply conclude...

...that the place has seen better days! By the way, that chest can be actually reached by quickly going through the basement here. It contains a camel shirt...

...which actually gives Ken a slight +10 defence boost. So, why not, I'll take it.

Anyway, where we actually want to go is this underground shelter whose entrance is here in the corner.

You can take a lift, which takes you directly all the way down to the 7th basement floor, or you can take the stairs, one floor at the time.

Most floors don't actually have anything in them.

Except floor 4, which has these two chests. One is empty, and the other contains a 100HP recovery tablet. So not that special, really.

Anyway, here we are at the basement floor 7. This is as far as lift goes, but there's one more floor below.

Before we proceed, there is a room with the three computers here. The one on the left is not operational, but the other two by the door allow us to "defrost" a cryogenically frozen pair of animals. This is the same as what we've seen in the prevous scenario already, also near the end.

The first one:

TransCargo IN: Anglerfish ♀: 1, Anglerfish ♂: 1.

And the second one

TransCargo IN: Cobra ♀: 1, Cobra ♂: 1.

So the game again shows mercy and gives you a couple of species for free near the end!

Anyway, proceeding down to the bottom most floor, we encounter quite a scene!

As it turns out, Linda was "kidnapped" by Sumire and Yoshiko! Let's see what they have to say! we used a well practised method to get her out of the Hospital, because we knew that if we'd left her there, father would definitely do something to her! Sorry that we had to do it like that!
[ No, it's fine. ] / What a bother... / Well, all right, this one time. / Oh you're just...
We're really sorry!
You should now talk to Ken and explain everything.

The other one takes over.

The game differentiates them by putting the portrait on the opposite sides of the screen!

We need you to go and get something for us. There is a cave south of here called The Sand Hole. The scorpions live there and we need about four pieces of scorpion meet. Will you go and get it, Ken?
[ I will go. ] / No way!
I knew you'd say that! That's just how you are, isn't it?
Four pieces of scorpion meat, if we have it, we can save a lot of time during the surgery and reduce the chance of failure!

Well, then...

...hunting scorpions it is, I guess! But that's for next time, in the grand finale chapter of Scenarion B! Until then, take care!

Today we start with the picture of "Sachiko" doing that... thing when she turns into a robot.

"Leave it to me"

And then also a picture of Emory and Sachiko from the PC Engine version: