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Linda Cube [Linda³]

by ivantod

Part 22: Autumn/Winter 1992


            I look at you and wham, I'm head over heals
            I guess that love is like a banana peel
                    -- Elvis Presley

Welcome back to Scenario C. In this world, everything is surprisingly normal. Well, there is a certain obsession with bananas, but other than that.

When we left off, we had just finished listening to a message from a person named "Spectra", who told us to come over to the hotel and talk to here.

On the way, we can stop for a short chat with the receptionist...

I know it's nice to camp outside under the moonlight while keeping each other warm, but why not a bit of a change of pace sometimes? There are couples who come to stay here in the hotel sometimes, even though they have a house of their own. In addition, in winter when food is less plentiful, there may be some stronger animals roaming in the vicinity of towns, so you can never be too careful!

So the usual story about trying to entice us to stay at the hotel... but there is genuinely no reason to spend money on that in this game, especially when Ken learns the "camp" ability already at level 4! Why bother sleeping at the hotel?

Anyway, the person we came here to see... the room all the way in the back. Let's see what she has to say!

Um... nice to meet you. I am Spectra.
Sorry to make you come all this way, but... I have a bit of a bad leg, so please excuse me for sitting down.
So, um... the leader of the pack of wild dogs called "Fang", have you heard of him?
Actually, what I want to ask you is... to take him down!
Otherwise, the number of his victims will only go up and even my husband and two sons were mauled to death by him!
If I could, I would do it myself, but... as you can see, I'm not quite fit enough for that.
Please! Please, make him... make Fang go to hell!
[ Leave it to me! ] / And what do I get in return? / I respectfully decline.
Thank you so much!
Um... as a way of thanks... in exchange for the proof that you have defeated Fang, I will give you the key for the "forbidden room" on the second floor of the church in Minago!

So this is kind of interesting, because as you might guess, it isn't even possible to get this key in Scenario A or B, because you need this person to be there to give it to you, and she obviously isn't! One of the reasons why I postponed dealing with keys until now, since as you can see, you can't even get all of them in previous scenarios. But now we can, and so we will.

As a matter of fact, we have heard about Fang before. It was mentioned by the old gentleman sitting upstairs in the hotel's bar. He told us about Fang having slaughtered a whole family in Minago once. But I guess maybe that was some other family since she clearly survived?

So then the question remains, where would one go looking for this "Fang"? Well, this was a while ago, but you might remember that during our exploration treks in Scenario B, at one point in one of the caves we came across somebody talking about a "nest" of wild dogs! The place in question was Karagoram, so that's where we'll head again. But it's interesting to note that if you use the first two scenarios to do a bit of exploration and get an idea where some things are, this then allows you to save a bit of time at this point!

In any case, Karagoram is just a bit to the south east from Hardia, so we can get there quite easily.

We need to go deeper!

And the back up on the other side. Having detailed maps of all dungeons in the game guide is a lifesaver as they can be confusingly laid out:

You can see here on the map how there are multiple "unconnected" sections on this floor, which can only be reached by a right combination of up and down stairs!

Over here is a chest, but it only contains a 50HP recovery tablet.

Oh hey, here is an animal we can catch!


We pass by what look like some bone remains... possibly previous victims of Fang's?

Ah, I think we might have found the dog nest!

Yeah, that big guy there is probably Fang himself. For once, we actually get what almost seems like a mini-boss fight. But don't worry. He's easier to defeat than roses.

Here we go! First, looks like he brought help. Second, what in the world is that thing!

So, let's see. A bit similar to the Hume fight, this guy hits rather hard, so it's important to have proper defence so you don't get one shot with him. So in order to achieve that, first of all we'll use the transform option on Linda (she is faster and usually gets a turn before Ken).

Linda transforms into a rabbit-woman for an extra +30 in defence. It also gives her +20 attack, but that's less critical at this time. After this, she will immediately use her Armored Skin ability for an additional +26 in defence. This is good, but not enough, so Ken will have to also help out here.

Ken transforms into a dolphin, which gives him +56 to his attack power. It does also decrease his defence and HP, but that's ok since we'll use the old trick of Linda taking the hits for him.

Unfortunately, Fang's hits are still a little too strong! In order to solve this, Ken will use the best special ability that has ever existed in any JRPG.

Ken uses Smelly Fart ability!

It causes Fang's attack power to go down by a whole 71! Now we're talking!

Now we just do the usual thing where Linda will defend Ken, and Ken will use his Desperate Attack ability to deal damage. This gives him an additional +64 in attack power, but at the cost of -64 in defence. Hence why we need Linda to defend him.

But it results in some nice hits, here you can see Ken dealing a whole 138 damage to Fang.

I wasn't bothering too much with them, but after a couple of turns, Fang's posse decide to cowardly run away so we don't even have to deal with them at all.

In any case, at this point we can just continue with our strategy for an additional couple of turns until we're done with this fight.

So you can click above to see this fight in a video form. I highly recommend that you do, since you absolutely have to see/hear the audio and visuals that accompany the Smelly fart ability when Ken uses it! Seriously, don't miss it!

In the end only the skull remains and the rest of the dogs disperse. If we examine the skull...

Well, I guess that'll do as a proof for Spectra!

Before we head back to her, however, we'll visit another place in this cavern.

You might remember this guy here guarding the stairs...

Due to budget cuts or something, I guess I'm the only guard on duty now. But don't worry I'm good enough to stand guard on my own. Really, don't worry.

Ah, I guess he's guading those stairs in case dogs try to come down. Well, we've deal with Fang, so probably less of an issue now.

Down here, we find again those people who seem to be looking for a source of water in order to rejuvenate some eggs. Let's talk to the lady.

About 100 years ago before this excavation, there used to be a calcareous underground lake here. It seems to have been a habitat of a now extinct animal species. But, according to some research, the animal's eggs have an arachnid structure which can withstand a long dry season. So they think that the animal can come back if water is restored to this site as like there used to be!

Inside the tent is another scientist.

I guess the excavation budged has finally run out, huh... But I won't give up! If the machines stop working, I will keep digging with my bare hands! Oh, by the way... how about donating some money for the furthering of science?
[ I'd be happy to. ] / Nope.

Sure, we'll give them a few G. Let's see if it helps them somehow!

Thank you, young people! When the water comes out, I'll let you drink as much as you want, or swim in it!

Well, that was interesting, but it seems we'll have to come back at some point to see if there is going to be any result. Last time when we were here in Scenario B, we didn't have an option to donate money, that's for sure.

In any case, we're basically done here, so now let's head back to Hardia to report on our successful mission to get rid of Fang.

Ah... that big fang you have with you... could it be...?
You did it, didn't you! You did it! Fang is not of this world any more! Now, finally, my husband and my kids can rest in peace! Thank you so much! Thank you so much!
Here is the key for the "forbidden room" on the second floor of the church in Minago. Please thake it.

Ken obtained the "forbidden key".

And so, we have obtained our first proper key to a locked room! Of course there are still lots more to be found in the world before we finish the game.

We are also done with this whole thing, so we'll be on our way now.

As we're about to leave, we're interrupted by the receptionist.

Customer, excuse me please...
I've noticed you come a few times into the room in the back...
Uh, I'm not sure how to say it, but... that room is haunted... A woman's ghost visits it sometimes.
A pack of wild dogs killed her husband and her child right in front of her. And then she ended up hanging herself right in that room.
I heard she was a cleric in the Minago church, but despite that it looks like she was not able to be reincarnated.
What a shame, right?

I guess we should have suspected something when she said that her name was "Spectra". But we didn't. At least we should have remembered from one of the previous scenarios that it has been mentioned to us about a female ghost which haunts the hotel.

All right, let's head to Minago and find what is in this "forbidden room"!

As mentioned, it's in the church...

...over here on the second floor!

First of all, there is a chest here. It contains simply a "gold nugget" which can be sold for 6400 G.

On the other side is one of those computers which can be used to release the animals from cryogenic storage. This one in particular will give you a pair of sea cucumbers. But sea cucumbers can be easily found on the overworld, so this is not a huge help. Anyway, we'll keep this pair as backup if we really end up having trouble catching them properly. (Spoiler alert: we won't have any trouble with that.)

But ok, let's continue with our exploration and let's catch a couple of new species for a change!

For this we'll go back to this tunnel leading from Hardia to the northern part of the world.

We'll follow this mountain range towards the west.

On the way we get another message notification.

Also on the way...

...we can catch some horses.

Eventually we reach another cave entrance. We haven't been here before.

This place is called Shanai and this tent contains...

...a person who will explain to us this cave's gimmick.

If you proceed onward, be careful because the ground is unsteady and may collapse underfoot. Be especially careful near the walls as the ground there is quite fragile. If you do fall down, take the dogs out of your party immediately! You don't want them to be eaten by an octopus!

That's ok, I have already not been using dogs for a while now. Also, we have indeed come here to catch some octopuses, so falling down a hole is not a problem! It's also not necessary, just a quicker way to get down and obviously everything is reachable through normal stairs.

As we continue into the cave, indeed if we come close to a wall in certain spots...


We seem to have fallen into a large open area...

It's swarming with octopuses here!

A spider or an octopus? You be the judge!

The only issue here is that the ground makes you walk slowly and the octopuses will chase you relentlessly, so you might have to fight them a bunch of times I guess.

Also, they looked a lot weirder in the original PC Engine version:

A brain or an octopus? You be the judge!

Don't miss this chest here in the corner, because...

We'll finally make use of this a bit later today! It's about time, right?

But getting back to hunting for a moment, there is another new species here!

It's the tanuki! Note that the real-life tanuki definitely don't have oversized testicles. That only applies to the magical ones!

Unfortunately I cannot give you here any additional weirdness by posting the PC Engine version, because they looked the same in the original.

Also for the item mentioned there "oban koban", oban and koban are old Japanese coins, and this item indeed sells for a whole 36,000 G, so if you have extra tanukis which you don't need it's probably a good idea to try to get it. But as we've seen, money is not a big pain in this game, so don't worry about it too much.

If we keep exploring we can find this staircase...

...which contains a small area with a chest. The chest contains a large golden nugget, which can be sold for around 12,000 G. Not too bad for a couple of minutes work!

With this, we can leave for now. But we will be back as there are more species here to be found.

Outside, it's now Winter 1992.

We'll stop briefly by the ark to hand in what we have so far.

Just as we're about to do it, we get another message notification! We really do seem to be getting a lot of these lately.

In any case, the robot tells us that we're now at 24 out of 120.

While we're here, let's check out at least ONE of those messages we have waiting for us! Surprisingly the message is from Panheim!

Hello... This is Panheim, the former head of development at Green Pharma. I heard about your reputation and I am contacting you because I want to ask you to help me.
Can you write this down? There is a stone cave around the W-17 area, this is the site of the famous archaeological discovery of Marblepolis from a few years ago. Recently there was a sudden infestation of chickens there in the main area. I am in need of a couple of pieces of chicken meat. That's two chicken meats...
Actually, my wife is sick... I think I can make a proper medication with two pieces of chicken meat... So just bring them to my lab at Hospico. Be careful, not to Eterna, since I'm not there any more.

Well, ok, this should be pretty easy, right? However, before we do that, let's first head over to Hospico and see what it looks like in this version of events!

At the Hospico entrance, there is a person to talk to...

The happier the humans are, the bigger the fall they will experience from there. So I think it's best to be moderate in everything.

First we'll head in here where animal dealer and equipment shop are.

We'll talk to the equipment guys here.

Dr Flora's shapely lips are the source of strange botanical tales and mysteriously tasting kisses. Both are as enchanting and unforgettable as her tanned skin.

We can sell to this guy the gold nuggets we have for a total of almost 20,000 G. Pretty good!

Looking at his list of things that we can buy...

...there is a curious item here: "a filling banana", for only 4 G. Hm, perhaps we'll find out more what that's all about if we keep talking to people?

The meat shop next door.

Dr. Flora's filling bananas are really hurting our business! We can't compete in taste, quantity, price or nutritional value. There's literally nothing we can do about it!

Ah, well this explains it. Meat can normally mostly be used to replenish HP apart from any other effects it may have. So these "filling bananas" also recover HP, but they are also really cheap! I guess we'll try them at some point and see what amount of HP they restore.

Let's continue our tour!

Let's talk to the people waiting here. First this lady.

Some years ago, Dr. Emory was inspired by the sight of his daughter suffering from a heart defect. And now his cloned organs are saving tens of thousands of lives every year! He's practically god-like!

Huh, maybe this time he didn't turn into an evil genius in the process?

Next, we talk to the gentlemant in the middle.

Of you who volunteered to collect all the animals... most people will think that you don't really have that much to do. So they will be asking you to do all kinds of favours to them. Well, just do the best you can, ok?

You know, that's true. People HAVE been asking us to do stuff for them! What's that all about?

Next, we'll go over here...

...and talk to the hospital director.

I have seen a lot of patients until now, and I can tell you one thing: even if your body is a little damaged, even if you lose almost everything, there is still something good to live for! That's all there is to it.


But, we'll continue back outside...

...over to where the scientists' labs are located.

First, this lady here.

Dr. Flora's filling bananas! They don't care in what kind of climate they grow and they bear fruit all spring, summer, winter and autumn! If it spreads throughout the Federation, mankind will be free of hunger for the first time since its birth!

Going into the first house... is of course, Dr. Flora's lab! Note also that in the following conversation the choices don't matter.

Hello! I am Flora! Now that I'm done making a talking flower, I'm trying to decide what kind of flower to make next! Which of these do you think would be the most interesting?
The flower that can use tools. / The flower that is self-aware. / The flower that walks upright. / The flower that can manipulate fire.
Then which of these do you think would be the most interesting?
The cannibalistic flower. / The flower that eats itself. / The flower that eats everything. / The flower that eats only gourmet food.
Then, which one of these?
The flower that can give birth to human children. / The flower that can impregnate humans.
Yes! That's what I'll do next! I'll make sure to send one pot to your house too!

This woman is weird. Let's get out of here.

In front of the second house is a pregnant lady.

Miss Sachiko is the most famous person in Hospico! Even the most selfish male patient will always answer "Yes" when she asks them to do something! The other one is Nekky the Santa! He's so good with children, and although he never even mentions it, he donates one million G to this hospital every season!

Going inside...

...this one is, as before, the lab of Dr. Panheim. He's ever here for once! But first, let's see what his assistant has to say.

While they were on vacation, Dr. Panheim's wife was scratched by a weasel. Normally you would recover with only a slight fever, but it turned out that she's allergic. Poor Dr. Panheim, she's been in a come ever since... and he was so excited for their honeymoon "redo"!

Ok, let's talk to Panheim now.

Hm? Oh, it's you. Ken and Linda, right? Sorry for calling you out of the blue like that. My dear Elizabeth is sleeping here in this pod.
By the way, can you bring me that meat? I know it's a lot to ask, but we don't have too much time... two years from now, in Autumn, is the final deadline for us to leave this planet. But if I am not able to cure her... my wife will not be able to come with me... ever again.
Please, Ken.
Oh, my dear Elizabeth... if only you could open your eyes again!
If you could bring me that chicken meat, I have a couple of things that I can give you in return!

Well, ok. I do wonder what we'll get in return. He did say "a couple" of things, right?

We'll deal with the chickens in a moment, but for now let's just finish our tour of Hospico.

Finally, we proceed to the last house, which of course belongs to Emory! There is a person in blue here (and yes that's definitely Sachiko there tending the flower bed!).

Dr. Flora dreams of creating a new kind of organism that combines the best parts of plants and animals! I wonder if it will be able to live for about 500 years only on sunlight and water? Do you think that would be a boring kind of existence?

All right, next is Sachiko.

[ They are! ] / Not as pretty as you!
With father's growth stimulant, the flowers bloom already after three days from being planted!

Huh, this is actually the same dialogue from Scenario B. Ok, then, let's go inside.

Inside is just Emory.

She keeps saying things like, "I'll never be able to find anybody better than my father, so I will never marry!"
Since I always want to be an amazing father, this is a bit of a problem... Hehehehe...

Yeah, he's still weird.

But for us, let's head into the hospital building across from his house.

These stairs lead down to the morgue, but there isn't anything new to be seen or found there, so we don't need to worry about it.

Instead, we'll go and talk to this gentleman here.

Ever since resigning her position at the company, Chairwoman Elizabeth has been travelling around the world with her husband. I do envy people who are able to afford something like that...

Next, we'll talk to this lady here.

Most animals run away when they see humans. It makes sense, because they know that only humans attack even when they are not hungry!

Next, we'll take that staircase to go to the upper floor.

It's a bit of a fad right now among ladies to eat these "filling bananas", because they help with the weight loss. But at the same time, they make you feel fuller--they expand to twice the size when you put them in your mouth.

We can also talk to that nurse behind the counter...

The nurses here are always nice to you, right? Want to know why?
Tell me! / Is it because I'm so handsome?

Normally I would just choose one answer, but both of these are important! The first, because it gives a bit of a back story and the second because it's just plain funny. So, if you choose the first option:

There used to work a midwife here who was nicknamed, "The right hand of the Holy Mother". She was in her twenties, and eventually fell in love with a patient. She knew that the patient had an incurable illness, but she proposed to him and made him accept to marry her! He happened to be in the same Ranger corps as you and the nurses here still kind of have a weakness for that kind of thing.

If you choose the second option...

There's a washrooom next to the stairs which lead to the roof. Inside the washroom, you can cool your head a bit. After that please make use of a mirror mounted about 20cm above the faucet.

I guess we might as well head to the roof to see if there's anybody there!

On the way, we'll stop by these two nurses and see what they have to say.

Sometimes, Beastian babies are born with vestigial horns, tails, gills and scales. But for most of them, they disappear within a couple of weeks. Only rarely do they stay past that.

An interesting tidbit.

The other nurse:

For babies, as soon as they are weaned, their poop starts to smell really bad. Whever I smell it, I think, "Well, this one is no longer an angel. Now it will become human and there's no turning back. Congratulations... I guess?"

All right, to the roof!

Oh, hey, it's Kens' mum!

You know, I used to work here and was a midwife of some renown. This is where I met your dad, actually, so I come here a bit to revisit my youth.

Oh, so she was the midwife who... Well at least this hints that we may yet find out what happened to Ken's actual dad by the end of the game!

Anyway, we'll go all the way back inside...

...over to this room. Let's talk to the nurse first.

Sachiko, Sachiko, Sachiko, from morning till night. I can understand because his daughter is cute, but in Dr. Emory's case I think he takes it too far so it's a bit weird. I think if Sachiko tells him she's getting married, he may yet kill the unlucky guy. Hehe, too bad for little Nek...

Let's also talk to the old dude here.

I really envy women. Being able to nurture a new life in your own body... and with men, it's all over with just a quick squirt. You and me... I think we both lost out by being born as men, didn't we? Next time I'm born, I definitely want to be born in a body that is not short of a uterus!

Anyway, this guy here, next to some equipment...

If you ever see catfish swimming in a pool in a town... get out of there as quickly as you can before you get burned to a crisp! They're super strong!

Yeah, we know. Hence not really going be catching any catfish until we gain a good few more levels!

But all right. That's enough of that for now, so let's head out and catch some chickens (and earthworms in the process).

For that we go down to Marblepolis, slightly to the south east from Hospico...

Here, of course, we have these guys who are working on the excavation...

I don't know where they even came from! But recently I can't do any work any more because of these chickens who are playing with fire!

Remeber that chickens have powerful fire based attacks!

The other guy:

If you go down into these ruins, you will find a number of stones that you can move... but better not. There are sometimes gnarly things underneath!

Inside the tent...

Some guy told me about seeing a purple lion down here... but I think he must have been daydreaming. These days it seems to happen a lot, but there's no way such a thing exists! Anyway, I'm not going to go and check. It's not that I'm afraid of the purple lion... but chickens are another matter!

And the other tent...

Don't move those stones without permission! They are placed where they are supposed to be!

And yeah, the game is strongly trying to get you to, in fact, try moving any stone that can be moved. As you might recall it unlocks a staircase to that weird place with animals status and what looks like teleporters! We will find out what those are for later on in this scenario.

Anyway, down in the ruins, we will of course move a stone (well, you can't even avoid moving this one here in any case!).

This, of course, triggers some earthworms which we need for our collection!

Next is of course, chickens, one of which you can see here. As we know from before, they will try to run away, so you have to chase them. But there is another way to approach them, which is actually better.

You can take a piece of meat from your inventory...

...and throw it on the ground, like so! This will distract the animal, and allow you to get a guaranteed back attack!

This is quite nice, since chickens are quite fast and we are a bit underleveled, so this lets us get a bit ahead of them at the start of the battle.

So finally I manage to get enough chickens for us and also two extra to convert into meat for Panheim!

With that done, let's head back to Panheim's lab and give him the requested items!

Back in Hospico...

Ken handed over 2 pieces of chiken meat.

He goes over to prepare the medication for a while. And then, he opens the capsule, and...

This does indeed cause Elizabeth to wake up from her coma!

Honey, I just had a horrifying draeam... It was absolutely terrible!

Hey, so in this version of the events she just grew old normally and didn't go crazy!

Anyway, Panheim interrupts us for a moment.

I don't know how to repay you guys! Thank you so much! I know it's not enough as a thanks, but I want you to have this!

Ken received "Blue Beastman Statue".

Actually, I have one more present for you, Ken.

Ken is forced to receive "Chanelle no 5.".

It's a medication which helps with "that", so try using it. Well, it worked for me, anyway.

It's another one of those items that give random stat increases in battle. Yes, the incorrect spelling is part of the joke.

About that beastman statue (blue)... we'll be making use of it very soon, don't worry.

Before we leave, let's talk to Elizabeth one more time and find out more about her dream.

It was just such a scary dream!
I was a vampire and I was sucking the blood of young women. It was tasting so sweet and delicious, like an overripe persimmon. And I was doing it to stay forever young.
But my husband ended up growing old without me! That was the scariest part!

Uh, about that dream... Actually, you know what. Better not.

Ok, now we can leave. We have a couple more small things to do today, so let's head a bit to the southern area.

Of course, the only place in the south which still has Bird Line service is Dogy Figh, so we'll head there first.

We'll leave the tour of the town for another time--we do need to figure out what the dog fighting ring owner and his weird family are up to these days! But for now, let's head eastwards to Laguna Lodge, Dr. Emory's residence.

It is of course reached via this tunnel.

The door is now open, so we can just walk straight through.

While we're here let's check out if somebody is around!

Turns out, Emory is actually here now. He is also conveniently blocking the access to that chest by standing in this exact spot! Those dolls are still there on the table next to him, which we've looked at in the previous scenario. Let's talk to him.

By the way, do you know what is the meaning of these two dolls? They are Dharma and The Lucky Cat. In Jipon, the country where I'm originally from, they are said to bring good luck and every house seems to have them!

Although the lucky cat is, of course, "Maneki neko" doll, as we've discussed about previously in the thread, here the game literally calls it just "lucky cat" in English. But it's nice to get a bit of an in-game explanation about the dolls. Conveniently, I'm not going to dwell too much on what he just said his country of origin is called, and we'll simply be on our way now!

We'll take the southern exit from his house, the one which leads into the lake here.

On the eastern side of this small lake is one of these ruin things that we've been seeing everywhere around the planet.


It's one of those mysterious teleporters, this time surrounded by animal statues!

A small distraction...

...because just as we come in, another message notification pops up! Is anybody counting how many this is already?

Anyway, in front of the wall, there is some kind of a pedestal with a statue on it. Let's examine it.

Well, I mean, yes, I guess. Kind of that's why we came here.

Ken put the beastman necklace on the long-necked beastman statue.

(Try saying that ten times fast.)

The teleporter starts to glow, like it's now active!

I mean...

...let's step on it, how bad can it be, right?

We arrive at another place, which the game helpfully indicates is named "Holy Hole".


Oh, there's another one. And this one is lit, too.

And a whole bunch of chests, "guarded" by beastman statues!

They are all empty, except...

...this one here. So now we have a silver statue and a blue one from Panhem. Curious. Did they perhaps use to contain statues of other colours that got looted at some point and scattered around the world? Well we'll definitely try to find them all!

There doesn't seem to be anything else in this big hall, so...

...we can head south.

We pass by some tents and equipment, but there's no one around to talk to about what just happened.

Evenutally we make our way out. It seems we're still in the southern area, but... where exactly? Let's check out our helpful satnav!

So, we stepped on the teleporter near Laguna Lodge. On the map, this location is indicated by the white line pointing at it (J-17). On the other hand, our current location is indicated by the rectangle marker at H-23. Of note here, is the this H-23 location is not actually reachable by walking! It's surrounded by the mountains on the west and north (along coordinates I and 19), and the water around K-19 is as you can see a bit darker coloured, which means it's too deep to walk through. Of course, this location is still reachable by using the Bird Line "drop-off" service, so that's not the issue. What is the issue is that it costs around 2000 G every time you use it.

Bottom line is, it looks like there is a network (?) of teleporters on this planet which just might allow us to traverse the place quicker.

And who knows, there just might be one or two which lead to some unexpected places?

And we also still don't know what those differently coloured statues are for... but at least we've figured out something to do with the necklaces!

All right, we'll stop here for today. You probably are already getting an idea how this scenario will work in general, but in any case, we'll talk about it in more detail next time!

Today we have an illustration depicting the game's main characters.

Why can't they just look normal?