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Part 26: Spring/Summer 1994


            Remarkably we are even quite closely related to fruit and vegetables.
            About half the chemical functions that take place in a banana are fundamentally
            the same as the chemical functions that place in a human body.
                    -- Bill Bryson

Last time we left Ken and Linda a bit of in the middle of a sidequest, just as they were about to pick up some turtle eggs to bring back to the Broncos in Battle Park! So let's continue right where we left off!

Actually before we start, a little bit of trivia that might have escaped your attention. Linda's surname is actually different in each scenario. In scenarios A and B, the game makes a point of telling it to us over the course of the story. Thus, we find that in scenario A, her name is "Linda Aurea", whereas in scenario B, her name is "Linda Banning". In scenario C, the game does not tell it to you directly, but since Ken and Linda are married in this version of events, you could potentially assume that she took Ken's last name (which is Challenger). Therefore her full name in scenario C would be "Linda Challenger". So when we look at it, we can see that the first letter of Linda's surname always corresponds to the letter which designates the scenario itself: A, B and C. That's a pretty neat touch that many people probably miss entirely!

Anyway, now back to our turtle eggs!

I guess let's pick up a few?

After picking up a few, nobody comes chasing after us... so let's try making our way out then!

On our way out, we run across another new animal species, just causally flying about in the cave. Let's see what it is!

So, these flying creatures are northern sea lions (a.k.a. Steller sea lions). Yes, I know, that's like oddly super specific, but that's how it is! In Japanese the game refers to them as トド as opposed to アシカ (which would be regular sea lion). So yeah. The latter version of sea lion is not even in the game at all!

Anyway, these guys are definitely not a joke and will gladly obliterate you if you give them a chance! In particular, at the level that our characters are, it's an absolute necessity to use some kind of restraint or debuff against them, since on top of everything else they tend to appear in large groups of 6 or more. In my case, I found that using "smelly fart" works well to make this fight easier. Obviously you also want to use a beastman transformation which gives you the most extra attack without sacrificing the defence, in order to more quickly deal with their high HP. Considering that mostly it was relatively clear sailing in combat so far, this one might surprise you with a sudden difficulty spike, especially compared to other species inhabiting this cave!

By the way, the PC Engine version looks similar, but just a liiiiiitle bit freakier:

After this...

...we're done here and can leave the cave. The weather outside is not great, though, but what can you do.

So let's head back to Battle Park and see what we get as reward!

This is great! You managed to get here in time while my husband is still alive! Quickly, give the eggs!

Ken has big eggs snatched away from him!

She works on making the soup and then...

All right! Done! It tastes great! If I may say so, I think I'll be able to be proud of this in afterlife!

She goes over to her husband...

Dear! The turtle egg soup you've been waiting for! Here, honey! ❤

The husband tries the soup...

Oooooh! This is some flavour!
I'm... cured!!!!!

Don't know how, but I feel so much better!
Now, come with me, I want to give you my thanks!

He goes down into the basement, and we follow him.

Now then, choose one of these animals. I will give you ten females and ten males of the animal of your choice.
So, what shall it be then?
[ Hydra ] / Snakehead / Tree frog / Carp / Tiger / Ladybird

So this is an interesting choice here. Although they are not all in easily accessible locations, in general these all can be caught without specific preparations (unlike e.g. what we had to do with swallows). In particular, hydras can be found in Samakia simply by letting them ambush you overnight (although we haven't yet done so). Also, as it happens, we'll catch us quite easily some snakeheads (a species of fish) just later today.

In the end, one option to take is to simply take whatever has the biggest sale value, and more or less that's hydra. So we'll take ten of each of hydra and basically go and sell them all. You could keep one of each for the ark, but there's no reason since they can be easily caught as I've already mentioned. So when you think about it, it's not really a particularly interesting reward really.

Huh... you're so greedy aren't you?

He says this no matter what you choose.

Again as we start to leave, he stops us...

That soup made from the eggs you kids brought me... it was delicious! Now I can have no regrets even if I die!
Yes! Yes! Yes! That's it!
Pteranodon egg omelette! I'd die for it!
Please! Next time, bring me some pteranodon eggs! If you do it, I will give you a pair of giraffes... they are supposed to be extinct, you know!

Now you want pteranodon eggs? More interestingly though, it seems that somewhere on this planet there are also still living animals from the time when dinosaurs ruled on Earth... well, or at least whatever their Neo Kenyan version looks like. But where?

On the way out, we stop by to talk to Louise again...

What? Now he wants a pteranodon egg omelette?
Hmmm... but I've also never had one, so...

Well, looks like we have a new quest then?

Checking the quest screen confirms that indeed we do. We "simply" need to bring some pteranodon eggs to Bronco at Battle Park. Good news is that unlike the turtle eggs, this time we have full four years time to do it--so pretty much until the end of the scenario! All right, well, we don't currently know where to find a pteranodon, so let's continue with our other tasks.

First off, I want to go and sell those hydras. But they are a Class A protected animal, so we'll have to go over to Nebul so we can do it illegally.

You might recall that the Bird Line to Nebul is not initially open. In order to open it, you have to talk three times to one of the Bird Line employees in one of the cities in the starting East Area. But the question is, which one? In fact there's few enough of them that you can simply brute force it. But the real truth is that which person it will be is really determined based on the name of the dog that the girl gives you at the beginning of the scenario. There are only about six different names her dog can have, and each one corresponds to one of the Bird Line people. So if you don't want to try them all, you can find a cheat sheet, I guess. The "real" way to do this is to find an NPC which straight up tells you which person it is--the only problem with this being that... said NPC is actually in Nebul itself, so you would have to reach it normally first before you can find out what she says!

In any case, after opening the Bird Line to Nebul, we'll briefly head over there.

First we stop by the animal trader to unload our hydras. This brings us to a comfortable spot money-wise of over 300,000 G

The other thing is, Nebul of course is one of the places which has an animal dismantler. We'll dismantle our ant queen!

I've found Yabasa's ring!

Well, isn't that something? If you dismantle the ant queen, (first time) you get another one of those biblically-named rings! Good thing we tried this, since there's no other way to get this particular ring except by doing this!

On our way out of Nebul, we can quickly stop and take that exit in the bottom left...

It leads to a balcony with this person on it...

Even with all your strength of youth, you might still hit an insurmountable wall in the future... In such a case, rather than trying to force yourself headfirst through the wall and get hurt in the process, try rather walking along the wall. You might just find a hole to walk through.

Good advice for life in general, I suppose.

Anyway, we head back to Hardia, and as soon as we exit to the outside... becomes Summer 1994. There is now exactly 5 years left until the meteorite impact!

While we're around, there are a couple of teleporter spots here where we can use some of our beastman necklaces.

One is right next to the ark.

This teleporter leads to...

...Marblepolis, of all places. You might recall that this was the first time we came across an inactive teleporter, all the way back in Scenario A. There was another mystery here, a few of those odd blue domes/capsules, which we haven't been able to do anything with.

Going back to the ark, though...

...just a little bit to the north, there is another teleporter.

This one leads to...

...that place called Daicave which like a really big cave ("dai" means big Japanese). We don't really need it right now, but we might use it for a quick exit later on.

Returning back to the ark for a moment, we'll head very slightly southeast of it.

Here is the Karagoram cave.

Here we find the scientists who are trying to get the cave to fill up with water again, in order to revive an extinct species. But unfortunately, they are running out of budget.

Finally the mining budget has run out... But I will not give up! If we can't use the machines, I will dig with my own bare hands!
By the way, and this is just us talking, you don't think you could donate a bit of money to cover the research costs? All in the spirit of advancement of science?
[ We'll be happy to. ] / Nope!
And how much do you think you'll be donating this time? I hope I can count on you...

We'll give them a cool 100,000 G!

Thank you, young people! When the water comes out, you are welcome to swim in it or drink as much as you like.

That's nice and good, but I'm definitely more interested to see which animal species might be revived from those dry eggs that just need water to grow!

All right, now that that's all sorted, let's pick up our next quest. It's true that we have already two outstanding quests, but we don't seem to be able to do anything about those yet. So let's move on to the next one that we CAN do something about. This one is actually quite fun if you do it the right way.

Let's of course start by listening to our next message from a quest-giver!

I hope you can come through for me... I have something I really need your help with. So I would like you to come to Koshikata. My name is Poliska, the father of Patruka, the mayor of Koshikata. I humbly ask for your help... *cough* *cough*

Right, so looks like the guy who "revitalised" Koshikata needs our help. Could it be that something has happened to the tiger's claw, the symbol of the city? (Spoiler alert: yes!)

Our next stop, then, is Koshikata!

Once there, we'll head straight to the mayor's house. As mentioned the current mayor is the son of the guy who rebuilt the town (the guy in a t-shirt who seemed upset last time). But we've been called by his father, so that's who we'll talk to.

I have been expecting you, Miss Linda, Mr. Ken. I am Poliska who called you. Actually there has been a bit of a snag... the tiger's claw weapon, the symbol of this town has been stolen... *cough* *cough* *cough*
Sorry, I've been suffering from this cold that I can't seem to shake. Anyway, if the town's symbol is not returned by Autumn next year, my son Patruka, the current mayor, will be greatly embarrassed...
Please help my son live up to his name as mayor of Koshikata!
[ We'll take this on! ] / And what do we get in return? / Go look for it yourself!
Thank you! You're indeed people of courage, as the rumour says! *cough* *cough*

Are you all right, sir? You don't sound too well, honestly.

To respond to your sentiment, let me offer you already a small token of my gratitude in advance. Let me teach you one of my ancestral hunting skills. I will teach you how to use the art of camouflage, which allows you to hide from the animals.

Ken learns the "camouflage" ability from Poliska!

As it says on the tin, if you use this ability then you will be temporarily not visible to animals. So any species that might chase you will no longer be able to see you and will stop chasing. Might prove useful in certain situations. Also, as you can see, none of these abilities could be learned in scenarios A and B. Only now do we truly get to experience the full extent of the game.

Talking to him a little bit more yields another tidbit.

Actually, the original tiger's claw was stolen. The mayor at the time couldn't handle the weight of responsibility and killed all the inhabitants. *cough* *cough*
Please bring the tiger's claw back by autumn next year! *cough* *cough* *cough*

All righty then.

Checking our quest list, it just reiterates that we should find the town's symbol, the tiger's claw and bring it back to Poliska. The time left is 1 year and 3 seasons. We'll get on this quest straight away.

But, actually, there is a bit of an interesting situation here. We need to bring a tiger's claw weapon. But ultimately, it's just a weapon. Which means, it can be made from 10 male tigers, right? Well, yes. In fact, there are multiple ways to solve this quest. One of them is indeed to simply go and catch 10 tigers (which is not so difficult) and synthesise the weapon from animals. In fact, you could have just asked Bronco to give you 10 tigers and you'd already be done with this quest right now!

However, if you don't want to do that, there is also the second way to do this. An upcoming quest has multiple possible outcomes, and one of them gives you the tiger's claw as reward. So you could do that quest first, and then bring back the weapon. This isn't really recommended since another outcome of that future quest gives a much better reward so it would be a shame to waste it on getting just a tiger's claw.

So, then, we're going to go and catch some tigers, right? Wrong. We'll take the third option! There is also a tiger's claw available to be found in a chest in one of the dungeons. Getting to it is a lot of fun, so it would be my recommended way of dealing with this.

For this, we need to head down south which of course means catching a flight to Dogy Figh!

East of Dogy Figh...

...we also get a message notification as we are walking around.

We catch a couple of hippos on the way.

But where could we be going, you might ask? Well. Some time ago we've been told about a bandits' hideout full of traps that is apparently located in the northeast part of southern area. That seems like a viable place where a stolen item might be found, right?

Here is the place we're looking for!

This place is called Coral Collana ("collana" means necklace in Italian). So let's explore it and see what we might find.

Just a staircase leading up, it seems.

Climbing up, there is a staircase leading down the other side, but also a sign with some writing on it!

The sign says:

The chest in the back is empty, so there's no point in opening it, ok?
     -- García, the great thief

Ah. So he likes to play games then.

Indeed, there is a chest here, and if we open it, it is indeed empty. So let's leave it closed as the sign says. We'll simply take the other staircase down.

It just leads to anotehr nondescript part of the cave.

Eventually we get to another staircase going down...

...and then back up to another part of the cave.

Here, there's another staircase down and another sign, which reads as follows:

The same way you do with the toilet door, you should do with these chests--don't leave them open!
     -- García, the stickler for etiquette

Two chests, empty. Leave them closed, I guess. We'll again follow the next staircase down.

Sure, let's keep going...

...only to reach another staircase up!

This leads us to the third sign! It reads:

Postmen always wet their boots twice!
Actually, just kidding (lol)!
     -- García, the humorous

This one is a little bit harder, but it will become clear in a second.

Three chests this time. There is a mention of number 2, so...

...let's do like this.

Then we can continue down like this.

We reach this staircase leading down. If we hadn't done the chests right, it would have looked like this instead:

Thus, blocking our way forward. Hence the hint about wetting the boots but actually not. Anyway, let's proceed down!

Eventually we reach another sign. It reads:

There is a pitfall ahead.
Don't you think I'm being really nice right now?
     -- García, the kindhearted

Only two chests here. The first one is empty, but the second...

Oh, nice! Not only that, but also...

...we fall through! Well, the note said so, right?

We fall in a little bit of a dangerous situation, though. Here you can use either camouflage, or throw some meat if you have it to distract these guys. This is another new species which we'll check out in a moment, but first...

There are two signs here! The first one says:

Let's learn Japanese! Turn to page 28!
Red is 赤. Yellow is 黄. Green is 緑. Blue is 青.
     -- García, the studious

Of course in the actual game, this joke is reversed and teaches English. But this is the best I could come up with!

Anyway, the other note says the following:

You're too busy
To appreciate the changing seasons.
No time left at all.
     -- Garcius, the haiku poet

I love this last one, but I'm going to have to take a moment to explain what's the joke. Actually the whole joke is really in the signature. Up until now, the name García was written simply by using katakana, as would normally be done in modern Japanese, as ガルシア (Garushia), so nothing out of the ordinary there. However in this last one, the name is signed as 我留詩亜 instead. As I'm sure some of you know, the practice of writing foreign names/words in katakana was not always so prevalent, and even in the early XX century the names would at least sometimes be written instead by using the kanji for their phonetic value only. And so the word 我留詩亜, if you use purely phonetic values of these characters, can be pronounced exactly as Garushia, same as it was with katakana. So the idea is, I guess, to give it a more old-fashioned feel like it's a poet from centuries ago. I have tried to mimic this by using a vaguely "Latin" sounding version of the name García, since a few centuries ago, this was not an uncommon thing for people to do with Latin often being a sort of lingua franca, at least in Europe. Note however that I got this deliberately wrong: the proper latin version of García is actually "Garsea", but that didn't sound "Latin enough" to me, so I Latinised it by using a stereotypical "-us" ending!

Bonus: In 2017 they made a special promotional video for the Great Ace Attorney game where the "modern" Phoenix meets his ancestor. At some point in the video they start making jokes exactly on this topic. You can watch it here (I have added the timestamp for the relevant part).

All right, after a clearly way too long of an explanation for such a small thing, let's move on!

Clearly these fish (?) do not belong to any species we've seen so far, so let's catch a few!

These are snakeheads, which as you will recall, was one of the options for which animal to get from Bronco. As you can see, they are very easily found down here, so getting them from Bronco is a complete waste.

Yeah, so they also have the "desperate attack" ability, which essentially adds a large part of their defence state into the attack stat. So the attack will be quite heavy, but they will be exposed with reduced defence after. Also not how they have the ability to eject one of our party members from the battle. If this is linda (or dogs) then the battle continues. If this is Ken, then the battle ends immediately. I should probably mention that Linda does also have by now that ability. As mentioned, probably next time I will go a bit more into details about the abilities as I feel I have neglected that part a bit.

They, too, used to look just a liiiiiiiitle bit freakier in the original:

But, let's see what else is here.

After dealing with this, we can see that there is still a way to go here. We won't take the staircase up, but instead we'll check out what's down the hallway.

It leads, first of all, to another sign on the wall. This one reads as follows:

Well, that's mysterious (or not?).

On the other side, there are some doors, but only one has a panel of sorts next to it. If we examine it...

Checking back to what that last note said, it clearly gives the arrangements for these lights (green/red). The letters SSAW correspond to Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (the previous notes told us to consider the colours and seasons). Since right now it happens to be Summer, then we'll use the Summer arrangement of colours, like so:

This of course, opens the door and we can pass through.

Now we still need to get to that door in front of us. There are wolves in the rooms to the side, and if the security cameras see you, they will come in an fight you. You can avoid it by sneaking along the wall. But, as it turns out, we do want to catch a couple of wolves for the ark...

After catching a pair of wolves, we need to go back out to reset the situation, and then...

...we can sneak through by hugging the wall.

Then we get attacked by these dudes. Seems like we've been here forever?

Did you come here knowing that this is the hideout of the master thief, Mr. García? Be careful what you answer as you may or may not survive as a result of it!
[ You're the one who may not get out alive! ] / García? That sounds like a dog's name. / Sorry, didn't know. Please let me go!

What you answer is completely irrelevant, because:

Are you kidding me? Get him!

And you just have to fight them! There are several fights one after the other. Luckily we're high enough level that this is not a problem.

Over here to the left is Mr. García himself!

Well, now that you've managed to come this far, let me give you a word of advice: pelicans will only show themselves to those who are completely cleaned out. So, I'm going to help you out with that now! Give me all your money!
[ Give money to YOU? ] / Yes, here you go, please.

If you give the second answer, he will take all of your money. But either way...

...we go into a fight! After you defeat him, if he took your money, you get it back.

After the fight, we can also check out that chest in the corner:

Ken obtained the key to the safe!

We can use the key over on the other side, where there are four more chests!

The first chest contains 3,100 G. The second chest, contains a clam shell, a piece of equipment. The third one has the leopard sabre, a weapon. Both Ken and Linda already have a clam shell, so we can just sell this extra one.

And then, the last chest:

Finally! It took a little bit of time, but we finally found what we were looking for!

And now tell me, why would you go and make a tiger's claw from 10 tigers when you can do this other thing and infiltrate the bandits' hideout instead? Right? Honestly this whole thing is just super fun to do.

However, we can definitely head back to Koshikata now.

Oh by the way, when you're leaving, make sure to hug the wall again so you don't get attacked by wolves. Ask me how I know this.

Anyway, here we are back in Koshikata in front of the Mayor's house.

After entering, we get some news from the son...

Ah, you're the guys my father was talking about... unfortunately he died from the cold.
He was gone so fast... he just coughed a couple of times and that was it...
Well, what about the tiger's claw? If you've got it, give it to me please.
[ I'll give it to you... ] / Give it to you?!
I have resigned my post as a mayor, but at least I can give you this if you want. My father wanted you to have it...

Ken received the red beastman statue!

Oh-ho, so our collection of statues in various colours is growing, huh?

To tell you the truth, the tiger's claw wasn't stolen. I lost it in a bet with a guy who I didn't realise was cheating and he took it... My father knew that so he went out all over the place looking for it. And it ended up killing him...

I don't even know what to think about this guy.

Over here we can talk to his wife and daughter.

We're going to be leaving soon too... There is lots to do, like sorting out our belongings and saying goodbye to friends. But it's better to be busy because otherwise I get sad while thinking about my father in law...

And the daughter...

Grandpa went into the sky... But he doesn't have wings?

Well this quest kind of ended with a whimper...

So let's not end on this note for today. Instead, we'll go and have some more NPC chat before we finish. Let's head to Nebul, where we haven't had a chance to spend much time yet and see if anybody has anything interesting to say.

First we can have a chat with the guy at the left luggage counter.

The maximum number of items you can keep in left luggage is 32. I heard there used to be a guy who filled more than half of the slots with champion's belts! Of course, all ten of his dogs had names written in kanji. I guess if you're going to do it you might as well go all the way!

Unfortunately, with all the nice QOL features this game has despite its age, easy inventory management is NOT one of them. You only get 32 slots in your inventory, plus another 32 in left luggage... and that's it. In addition to that, perishable items like plants, meat, poop, etc. can't be given to left luggage so you have to carry them with you. And in addition to that, the items of same kind DO NOT stack. So if you have e.g. 5 potions, well, that's 5 slots of your inventory gone! There is however the function to "drop" the items you don't need, after which they're gone forever. But it can be a little annoying sometimes, since sometimes you have to pre-plan or even drop a consumable item in order to be able to pick something up. For those who played the original version of Demon's Souls, it's a bit like going into 2-2 and eventually realising you'll have to make more than one trip in order to be able to pick everything up that is lying around in that level!

Let's head down into the business area... First we'll talk to that person that is just barely visible on the left side of the screen.

It is the fate of the animals to be hunted to extinction by the humans... But the humans will also become extinct themselves in some thousands of years. That is also fate. Probably gods decided this by throwing some dice, or something.

We'll also have a chat with this person in what looks like a kitchen?

When I was a kid, I saw a picture book with animals from Neo-Kenya. The animals of Earth have the same names but they are not related at all. Sometimes they even look a bit like each other, but most of the time the names seem chosen so stupidly that you wonder if the people who named them have any sense whatsoever!

You might remember that this town is kind of "upside down", i.e. all buildings have entrances on the roof! Let's talk to the person on the bench.

There is a young woman named Jill here in town, she can register your wolf as a hound in secret. Just go and find her.

Well, this is nice, but at this point Linda can do wolves and much more than than (eagles, dolphines, etc.). So this might be useful if you want to use it before Linda gains the ability. Nevertheless, we'll find Jill in a bit and just see if she has anything to say.

Let's head down into the bar...

Let's talk to this gentleman here...

I hear there's a wanted criminal called "The Puppet Master" hiding on this planet... In fact, it may even be me! He he he!

And the other guy to the left...

What is right and what is wrong, that judgement is best left to the future generations. In the meantime, why not just go ahead and do whatever you want! No need to worry about this and that, lest you start sounding like an old man!

Yeah, that's definitely the kind of attitude that always seems to be prevalent...

That door in the bottom right corner is a "dressing room door", and therefore it can be opened with the key we recently got.

However, there's nothing here, other than the ability to get up on the stage. So let's move on. By the way, have you noticed actually how many of these keys you can't even get at all in scenarios A and B?

Next, we'll make a stop at the hotel.

First we'll talk to this hunter here.

I know that we can't use modern weapons, because the animal's body would be destroyed and could not be used for anything... But at least we're not Neanderthals so we don't hunt with knives and clubs.

We can also certainly bother the person in the room behind him.

Swallows are birds that live at sea. It's a bit difficult to catch them, but if you just want to see them, you can watch them from area U-05 in winter flying over the sea. But if you want to catch them, you'll have to find where they nest. Probably somewhere in the far west.

Man, so many people give you hints about swallows. Luckily we don't need to remember this one since we're already done with that whole story.

Downstairs is another room.

Have you ever wondered why years are referred to with an abreviation "AMD"? It means "After Mother's Death", where "mother" of course means Earth. Certainly, it was humans who "killed" it, and we've been on the run ever since, without a proper home.

I'm sure you've noticed the room with two chests there. It can be opened with the storage room key.

The first chest contains a big golden nugget, and the second... well, see for yourself:

Oh, a white one now, too? Huh.

Going back outside, we can talk to this pregnant lady here.

In the Beastian legends, it is said that humans were chased out of Eden. However the beastian Eden is not above the clouds, but instead deep in the bowels of the earth.

People keep talking about this thing... we'll definitely have to figure it out sooner rather than later.

Next on our list is this person here.

Hey, you, did you happen to come here on foot?

We didn't, but let's say we did.

[ Certainly. ] / Not at all!
I see. Well, next time don't be stupid and walk when there are easier ways. The direct flight to Nebul is available to anyone who chats three times with the Bird Line employee standing on the left at the Hospico counter.

So this is what I was talking about previously, this woman tells you how to open the flight to Nebul. Of course, since there are less than 10 possibilities, you can just spend a few minutes and talk to all of them until you find the right one. Or alternately you can google for a table telling you how which person to talk to ties in with the possible names for the dog the girl gives you at the start.

Over here in the corner is another tent...

There is a woman sitting on the bed...

Don't you want to have a reliable hound? With a dog, no matter how much you try it can only get up to the level 20 or so... But you can register a wolf as a hound for 374G. Do you want to do it?

So this is the wolf girl. For now, we don't need to do anything here, since anyway Linda can train wolves and for free too. So let's move on.

Finally, there is this well hidden guy here.

I sell slightly shady merchandise... But I tell people who are buying so that they are prepared for it. So they can't say later that they haven't been warned, ok? If you don't like it, don't buy it!

Uh, let's see what he has for sale, then...

Well, that's certainly an unexpected list of items for sale... He sels a smooth egg for 6 G, a tissue for 2 G (which is useless as far as gameplay is concerned), a tablet of Vigour II for 120 G (I guess you can try that for some random stat increase in battles) and also... a white beastman statue for 66,600 G. Does that mean we could buy another white beastman statue? But I thought they were one of a kind?

Well, turns out the game is a bit cheeky here. The white beastman statue is not part of the "set" with all the other colours, but is instead a useless item which just takes up space. This applies also to the one we just found a few mintues ago. So spending the 66,600 G on this would definitely be throwing the money away. In fact, not only that, but...

...the other white beastman statue we just got from a chest, I'm just going to sell it to him for 33,300 G! It's the only use it has, to be sold for money! I also sold the big golden nugget to him for 12,200 G. Not a bad deal for a few minutes of work!

All right, I think it's time to head back to the ark now and hand in everything we picked up recently!

After that, checking in with the robot...

...we find that we're currently standing at 59 species collected out of 120, so pretty much at the halfway mark. Not so bad, I think.

Anyway, that's definitely been quite an adventure today, so let's stop here for now and we'll see where we go next.

So as mentioned, I will add kind of a rough "to do" list of various taks we might need to get around to tackling at some point during the remainder of the game. I've added here a few things which I could remember also from before, and also I will mark for each task whether it is something that came out of NPC chatter, or it's a part of a quest, or something else ("other"), e.g. if we want to figure out the purpose of an item or something like that.

So here is approximately what we have on the list at the moment:

I think that should about cover most of the things, but let me know if I have forgotten to put anything on the list.

Just a typically weird one of Linda today!