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Part 3: More Mechanics Details (by EponymousMrYar).

I thought they were fine as well, they weren't as bad as Leave's first couple of updates for Chrono Trigger where everything was noticably blurry.

However, enough about technical details! Lets get into some Mechanics Details!

Yapping Eevee mentioned the stat panel and the main stats. Those of you who are really into the romhacking scene might notice that it seems relatively familiar... In that it closely resembles Romancing SaGa stat panes.
That's right, this is a SaGa game at heart!
Don't worry, unlike most SaGa games this one actually tells you enough to figure out the underlying mechanics, except they're rather muddled by the caveman stuff. Plus with levels it's more like 'SaGa-lite' in terms of crazy unpredictable stuff that happens.
The important thing to know is that all of your stats are important, not just a few of them and that you have no 'basic' attack, everything is a technique/skill/whatever you want to call it.

Here's the nitty gritty on stats as I understand them from playing this game way too much years ago:

ATK and DEF: Purely equipment derived, these are self explanatory, ATK is how much ATK your weapon gives, DEF is how much DEF your gear gives. More on what these actually mean later.
PWR or Power is your 'physical; prowess. The higher this is, the harder you punch stuff.
Sp or Speed is how fast you are. The game uses this to calculate when everyone gets a turn including enemies. High speed means you get more turns to the enemy which makes you win more and reduces the time that some attacks take (because you're getting more turns to resolve them.)
Vt or Vitality is your hardiness. This isn't just 'you take less damage' but it also affects status ailments in some way.
IQ or Intelligence is how smart you are. This mainly affects how much 'mental' attacks deal but can also affect certain ailments.

Now for why all your stats are important, Techniques.
Namely because there is no 'basic' attack. What stats your technique uses depends on the technique itself. Overall they tend to fall into two broad categories:
Weapon based attacks, where the ATK of your weapon is taken into account plus a relevant stat.
Non-Weapon based attacks, where the relevant stat is the main power behind the attack.

Thus, Weapons are often just as important for what non-ATK stats they give as for their ATK.

DEF is a bit more nebulous. On the surface, the more DEF you have the less damage you take however this is a SaGa game at heart. There are way more attack types than you think.
Overall the best way I can sum up DEF is the same as ATK:
Attacks that DEF takes part in when determining how much damage you take (plus or without a relevant stat,)
Attacks that bypass defense and only take into account the relevant stat (most Mind attacks are a prime example.)

To give a practical application to all this, here's an at-a-glance breakdown of our two characters so far based on these screenshots:

Yapping Eevee posted:

Pogo Ayla is strong but kind of slow. This however works out for him as most of his attacks are based on his strengths and those attacks that aren't are generally useful for their status effect rather than their damage. Also something you can't really tell from this screenshot but the dude is a caveman and has crazy high HP growth.
Gori looks statistically strong at first, but check out how much equipment has evened the two of them up already. Gori's fast but other than that he's just got more Vt than Ayla, which he sorely needs because he has bad DEF. His lack of equipment options and his poor tech list make Gori more of a supplemental character.
Pretty sure Ayla has eclipsed Gori in all matters but speed (and maybe Vt) after this grinding session.

Overall the mechanics lesson that LiveALive wants you to learn here is that Stats from Equipment are Important.
Also note how Gori's wearing a bunch of shoe-items as accessories. The game does that a lot: tons of head/body/etc. equipment can be worn as an accessory. You won't gain the ATK/DEF from the item but you will gain it's/some of it's supplemental stats.