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Part 14: WuTang Revengeance.

(Forgive me, and farewell. I’ll be with you all soon enough… Wait for me… )

I’m really too old to do this, so I’ll only do it once.

My eyes…

And my footwork!

To your sight… And to your mind…!

... Ha… ha… This is… WuTang’s final technique…

Translation: Hall of Mirrors.

...Okay, not really. inthesto called it “The Whirlwind Fang”.

But, you’ll soon understand… With your skills, it won’t take very long.


Rest well…

I am just going… to pray for their souls…

In other words: “I am just going outside and may be some time.”


Yuan, forgive me…

Forgive me, Sammo…

As some people in the thread have discussed, the Master’s training affects which student will survive the attack on the dojo. It’s a dirty trick on the game’s part, given that most people are likely to try and spread the training out instead of piling it on one student (despite the chapter intro).

As you may expect, our goal here is to go have some harsh, violent words with the practitioners of Yi Po Men Kung Fu.



I understand… Are you ready?

Come on now!

Let’s go, Li…

Yeah, that’s the spirit! The more the merrier!


Well, I do have an appointment…

Hah! YOU!

Battle in China will be playing non-stop for the vast majority of this update; we have a lot of fools between us and Odi Wang Lee. Oh, and I should point out that one big difference we’ll be seeing is when the chosen pupil joins; Li is the only one who will show up in time for this little fight.

These guys are massive chumps by the way. They have 32 HP, so even Li’s weaker moves will murder them.

Master!! The WuTang Master!

Hello, dancing fodder.

Discussing experience values for this chapter is somewhat pointless; practically none of the fights are repeatable, aside from the tigers out in the bamboo forest. The main thing to remember is that these guys are practically worthless.

Li’s default abilities are actually reasonably usable if you somehow mess up her training and stop her learning the Master’s techs. Monkey Hand is definitely no Monkey Fist though.

SheXingQuan is the poor woman’s Squirrel Kick. Her last move is rather a tricky one to use, and we’ll see why later on.

I choose to believe that this is not a battle cry, but a scream of terror.

The instructor is more powerful than his underlings, but only has 100 HP. He’s also worthless experience-wise. Slaughter him and move on.

Well, I did promise there would be tigers.

This is the only encounter before the end of the dojo that’s worth good experience, having a value of 9. I’m sure there’s a lion/tiger’s share joke in this somewhere.

Their defence kind of sucks though.

Now that we’re done with the special rules of the Master’s training sessions, our chosen pupil will learn whichever of the Master’s techs they don’t already know before being able to get any of their unique ones. So Li will learn the remaining two (including Fusha No Sha, remember) at levels 9/10, and then start on her own techs at level 11.

Another tiger, two mooks and an instructor later, we can actually get through the door. There are seriously a lot of fights in here.

They’re just speed bumps. (There are items in those pots, including a single-use attack item. Nothing great.)

Well, for how heinous he is, I kinda like Odi’s taste in decor.

Though perhaps he could control his pets a little better.

Whatever the ‘luck’ Lion Hand claims to be based on actually is, Li seems to have plenty of it.

+20 Speed for the Master and Li now.

Three more soon-to-be-corpses in this room.

Oh, and there’s a hidden item. If you check the table, there’s another Fukahire Bun.

The next room has the first encounter that’s actually reasonably dangerous if you stand in the wrong spots. (Its experience value is 2.)

This is one such wrong spot. This attack does a good 80 damage, half the Master’s health and a third of Li’s.

Li retaliates with the only charged move she knows; ShuiNiaoJiao takes a while to perform and only works on enemies three spaces away, but it hits extremely hard. It can be quite valuable if used properly.

I may be misremembering this, but I think that if you avoid triggering the previous fight, this room will continually throw enemies at you. But this chapter can be beaten with no grinding at all, so why bother?

Coming through, kitty.

These guys are still pretty easy, and actually weaker than the instructors we’ve been facing. You can attack and break the table in this fight, but it’s not an enemy and doing so has no benefit beyond letting you move more freely.

Ah, good. No matter which student survives, they should end up at level 9 without grinding.

You see, we are nearly at the end of the dojo.

There’s just a tiger and two more mooks between us and the last room. At this point, you may wish to give all the best equipment to the student instead of the Master. Both because the student is outpacing the Master, and for Reasons™.

(Music stops.)

Oh look, he has a throne.

So you’re Odi Wang Lee…

Greetings… I’m impressed that your little sidekick is still alive. My congratulations.

I could have them all attack you at once, but that would not be fair, would it? And I do so dislike unfair situations.

You had no problem sending a gang of these blockheads to our home!

Ah, you refer to my small army of grunts. They are far too weak, alone, to handle any meaningful task. These here, on the other hand, are my favorites! Allow me to introduce you…

Yi Xi, Er Xi. Dong Jia, Xia Jia. Nan Jia, Bei Jia. Chan… Lin… and Shan, the Sisters. And…

Yes, he does have everyone stand up when he says their names. I trust you can do without the other half-dozen images to figure out he’s going up toward the head of the table.

And if you can’t beat them, you obviously won’t be able handle me… (sic) Now!

So yes, we have to fight four pairs, one trio and an old man before we can get to the actual boss fight. This chapter really backloads all the combat.

As mentioned, make sure Li has the better equipment now. (99 total speed. )

You can pick a fight by trying to talk to the next set of combatants, or by trying to talk to Odi directly.

The first two get promptly kicked to death.

The second two aren’t far behind them.

As you may be guessing, the first half of this little gauntlet is just to ease you into things.

It’s the second pair of fat dudes that actually kick things into gear and start becoming threatening.

If you aren’t lucky with your stun procs, this move in particular can cause some hassle. 60-ish damage, comes out fast, dude on the right loves spamming it. (Take him out first.)

The guy on the left has a chance to drop this interesting item, for those of you who like to savescum such things.

Yuan would probably have liked this. As it is, I just stick with the Tiger Gauntlet.

Indeed, Master. How about my favorite pretty sisters?

It’s also worth noting that totally-not-the-Magus-sisters have the Dragon Suit, which follows the same vein as the gauntlet. Specifically it’s Chan who drops it.

Shan and Chan aren’t too tough, though the latter has a weak counterattack.

Lin, on the other hand… She’s genuinely dangerous if you make the mistake of standing in range of Twin Swords. If you attack her up close, do it on the diagonal.

You’ve waited enough, Yi Bei Kou… It’s your turn!

Since we’re fighting him on his own, Yi Beu Kou serves as something of a miniboss right before Odi. He has 480 HP and can petrify you if you stand diagonal to him, though not at close range.

He’s much more likely to just take away all your hand techs for a while.

Not that Li really cares about such things.

(Rest-of-update video here!)

(Music stops.)

Alright, now we just have to…

Oh, hi there.

Hahahahaha! Meet Sou Xiu and Man Xiu! They have mastered the An Sha Quan, a type of assassination Kung Fu. They could even kill me! As such, I am always focused, and can never relax! This is the only way…

Ah yes, the incredibly powerful force of constant paranoia.

(... Li… I’ll take these two by myself… Lee is all yours!)

(...B-by myself?)

(He’s trying to tire us out… I’m not as young as I once was. I’ve lost my endurance.)


We actually flashback through the entire demonstration here, this time without sound.


You…? YOU…!? Hah… even the great Master can’t beat old age, hmm? Hmhmhm… hahahahah! Bwahahahaha!!

Hah… Foolish child…


WuTang’s final technique…

A pointless gesture!


Li gets a one-time use of her ultimate technique here, and it’s just as fantastic as you’d expect. Odi Wang Lee has 688 HP, so that took off over a third of his health.

Odi has a few nasty tricks up his sleeve, so feel free to go nuts with your healing items.

Li has a relatively easy time of this fight, honestly. She hits like a truck and can take a few hits without needing to heal.

In the end, she flip-kicks off Odi’s kidney to set up the finisher.


(Music stops.)

And here we go…

Kicking a dude across the room, through a throne, into a gong. In slow motion.

You became… even… stronger…

... I believe you could properly pass my skills down through future generations…

Wha!? Y-yeah, as if!

No… I’ve lived long. Maybe too long. Your growth has helped me keep going this far… Li… Your heart is as warm as the sun… Never ever lose that…

... … Okay…

Now… I’ll go deliver the message…

(Music stops.)


The credits begin, but we have one small scene left.

Finally I managed to bust this rock. Could I be like you some day, gramps? Someday…

And you, you old bastard! Because I’m the…


And so Li continues her training in the noble art of WuTang Kung Fu.

She tries to help out the townsfolk, as her mentor once did.

Remembering well the time they shared.

And so another story comes to an end.


With three chapters now completed, we must once again decide on our next destination. Plan Convergence would lead to Akira’s Mecha chapter next; are we sticking with that, or going elsewhere? And don’t forget about names!

Oh, and expect the Yuan/Sammo bonus update sometime soon.