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Part 26: The Plot Kicks In.

Okay, so we’ve basically finished with the grinding and gearing up for the chapter. Trying to activate Buriki Daioh and recruiting Taro will let us progress.

And of course, where better to tie the trigger for a scene than to a tile you absolutely have to cross in Chibikko House?

Looks like the Crusaders didn’t give up after their last beating.

Get outta the way!

Taeko kindly steps aside so we can elbow this dude in the face. He wouldn’t be any challenge even without any grinding.

We’re getting out of here!


Well, credit where it’s due; they didn’t stick around to let Coop kick all their asses.


What happened?

The Crusaders took Kazu!


Aw, man. Matsu’s gonna try and hog all the ass-kicking!

Oh hi there buddy…

Sorry ‘bout this!


And so, after having jacked some random guy’s bike, it’s time for a chase through… whatever city this is. I’m going to assume Neo-Tokyo.

Which ends up leading to the docks. No music here, just a mixture of ambient noise.

The idea is to wander around until you get your first glimpse of Kazu, then head to the area where they were dragging him away.

Then eventually the Crusaders will end up leaving by the southern exit, letting us discover them facing off against Matsu.

Y-you… You’re always getting in our way! I’ll kill you!!

Sure you will. Shadow Image (Coop’s level 13 tech) makes short work of these chumps.

Why’re yez kidnappin’ folks!?

I ain’t talking!

I’m sure you can guess what that means.

(It couldn’t be…)


(… to the commander…)

! (Should I go… to the facility?)

Uh-huh… Well, it seems the military has some scheme that involves getting a lowlife gang to kidnap people. Totally above board, of course.


Back at Chibikko House, everyone has gathered up to welcome Kazu back after his brief kidnapping and subsequent rescue.

This is the only bit of information we need, but might as well see what’s on everyone’s minds.

(Wow, Kenichi’s amazing!)

We really can depend on Mr. Matsu after all… / (We still don’t know where Watanabe’s dad is…)

I’d fight! Yeah! Tiger Driver! / (I’m so glad, Kazu…)

That was such a thrill! / (Man, I totally wussed out…)

Yay Kazu!! / (It’s cuz he didn’t take his nap.)

I… I might have been kidnapped… / (Dad… When will you come back for me?)

Watanabe is still the most . Alright, let’s say hi to Coop’s sister.

H-he went home…

Hmmm… Are you sure about that, Kaori?

(… O-oh no…! I can’t let him read my mind about Matsu!)

(That jerk… Trying to be cool…)


And so we shall!

If we say Yes posted:

I don’t believe that for a minute! Get lost!

We have to say Nope here.

I may not have an appointment, but…

What’re you doing?!


Oh good, they didn’t bring their Noisy Crickets.

The MIB has only 70 HP, but has access to Psycho Alpha and Hypnosis Tone, techs which can turn and put Coop to sleep respectively. They’re an annoyance, but not overly threatening.

Another pair of them attack before we even get to the front door; the facility is crawling with government types. Consider it the cousin of Kung Fu’s Yi Po Men dojo.

There are a lot of enemies here.

These ones have robotic Dobermans; they’re more of a threat, but break down when you defeat the MIB.

The MIB do have one nasty trick, though. Seems they select government agents based on psychic ability these days.

(Hey, he’s kinda cute!)

There’s not much to see up the escalator; any men inside the facility who share this sprite will think one of three things.

(W-what are the guards doing?!) / (I want a raise…) / (Wonder what the secret project is…)

Secret project, you say. Or think, rather.

The upper door is a toilet, and it’ll get you attacked by a MIB/Doberman combo every time you use it. They have an EXP value of 5, so don’t bother with it. We’re plenty strong enough for the rest of the chapter.

(He looks pretty dumb!)


Yep, this place is totally legit.

Let’s keep exploring. See what other military hardware we can steal while searching for answers.

Both southern doors in here lead to the same room, which has another knife and grenade in the lockers.

Hmm, doesn’t seem like a very big facility.

Oh, just shut up and die.

We want to go down the right-hand elevator here.

There’s an optional scene in the upper door here, and I don’t want to miss it.

A MIB bursts in with their “What’re you doing?!”…

...and gets blink-and-you’ll-miss-it buttkicked.

Taking a break, huh?


Let’s do it, Coop!

And thus we get Matsu as a party member. He would join us later if we missed this scene, but hey. Always nice to have some extra help.

Toss the spare Taeko’s Punch and Shinju Shirt on him, and pass the Rider Boots over to Taro. He’ll do fine.

The other door outside will lead in here, which serves as a place to grab some more items. There’s a trio of Napalm Bombs in the unguarded room, along with…

That free Plasma Spark I mentioned earlier. Very nice.

(Man, security’s tight.)

I’m working right now. / (You sure are stubborn! Well, I guess with my good looks, I can’t blame you.)

I don’t think she’s interested, mate.

The guarded door leads to a throwing knife, napalm bomb and…

...well, aside from more weapons and two 100V lasers in the lockers, some interesting information.

I-intruders!? / (If these top-secret files were to be read by someone…!)

Professor Cindelman’s assistant. Whereabouts presently unknown…

Watanabe’s dad worked here…?

An anti-establishment organization.

Died in a dispute with a Crusader. His son Coop and daughter Kaori were taken to Chibikko House.

…Well, this has been rather illuminating.

Let’s just move on for now. There’s only one more direction we can go, and it’s through that door.

You’re dead meat!

If we didn’t have Matsu posted:

Coop! Without Matsu you’re nothing!

Really, you couldn’t even bust out the Lariat No.3 to fight us? Bunch of chumps.

This is where Matsu will join up if you didn’t grab him earlier. It’s only a few fights, so whatever.

With 60 HP, the Guard is pretty laughable. It’s like this chapter doesn’t expect you to gear up properly.

...Pathing is hard, okay.

If we read the mind of the lady in this sideroom, she’ll summon another repeatable fight. It only has an EXP value of 8, so we’ll pass.

Have fun in hell, boys!

One of the two guys with pathing problems is actually a General, which qualifies him as sort of a mini-boss. He has 496 HP and can do 30-80 damage with his attacks.

Matsu’s Pissed Fist tends to wreck single targets pretty hard, though.

The double door is a no-go, so we need to fight a second General to get into that other room instead.

(Music stops.)

Ooh, science-y!

...Oh God, what did they do to Watanabe’s dad?

But I have a date, and I ain’t working overtime!

They turned him… into a fluid android, like Taro?

…I think we may have found those 2000 people the Crusaders were ordered to kidnap.

And they are still very much alive.


Urgh. Let’s just get in that room and bring these assholes to justice.

It’s open!


...What in the actual hell is that.

Who are you?!


Matsu!? So you finally…

My name is Cindelman… My research on liquefied humans progressed immensely thanks to Toei! But… you! You helped him to get away!

Odeo Temple is where science and religion join as one! As the 2,000 people merge into one, the great Odeo will descend unto the Inko buddha statue!

I hope you’re all following this, folks… because things are getting pretty crazy up in here.

Such a pity. You’ve come all this way, but I’m afraid I can’t let you leave… Here’s a present from the professor…!

Ooooh, this is perfect! Just the test I was hoping for! Human subjects…!

Oh no.



Kozo Watanabe is a very dangerous foe… if you face him head-on.

Case in point.

However, it seems that ‘not finished’ means that his inner workings are completely exposed at the back.

Attack W-1 from behind, and he will suffer critical systems failure.


(No music.)


…We’ll see you next time, folks.