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Part 31: Channeling AM.

(Loud rumbling.)

Animals may be ruled by instinct, but they will not take a life unless they need the food.

I must teach you…



You used me, betrayed me, and cast me aside like so much garbage…

For the vanquished, there is no tomorrow!!

I shall change the past, and you shall bear witness…!

...So. Oersted seems to have pretty clearly renounced his position as silent protagonist, in both regards. There have been plenty of interesting posts about what happened last time, and I have to agree with those who said the ‘ending’ was among the best scenes in the SNES library. Aeon Genesis’ added touches with the changing font really help to make the moment.

As for what we’re doing this time… Well, Oersted made that pretty clear.

You shall die, powerless humans, as sacrifices…


Caveman Chapter posted:

Yes, this is what you think it is.

Oersted is reaching out through the ages to lend power to other beings of hatred, to pervert the course of history. And that translates into us playing as each of the bosses from the other chapters.

Our former player characters seem to be just as strong as we left them, meaning that the more we levelled them up, the harder this is.

You may recall that I slightly overleveled Ayla. Even so, that was a ridiculously good roll on Dodegesden.

At least that made it easy to show off an alternate ending… Armageddon, which can only be triggered if you lose too much health during one of these boss fights. It’s suitably bleak.

The music for it:

Zaki obligingly wastes enough turns for O-D-O to avoid being clobbered again.


You, born from nothing, were created by humans to fulfill their selfish desires! And at the whim of those same humans, you were destroyed! Fight…!


Sci Fi Chapter posted:

I was built to maintain harmony
Therefore, my will is absolute
Nobody will stand in my way
Anyone who tries…
… will be terminated!

10 Drive Back
20 Go to 10


Strength is everything! Those who allow themselves to feel emotions will remain weak! The victor…


Kung Fu Chapter posted:

WuTang’s final technique…

A pointless gesture!

Since the enemies in this reverse boss rush lack healing items, Li doesn’t have the durability to take down Odi Wang Lee before he kicks her to pieces.


I shall ensure that your future is turbulent and uncertain! No ideals! Only those who sell their soul will obtain power…


Ninja Chapter posted:

Hehehahaha, over here…

Cower before the sublime form of he who shall rule the Land of the Rising Sun!

The Frogsnake Demon can quickly drain Sonic and Ryoma dry with Drink Blood.


You who choose the path of battle, to become the strongest man alive… Defeat is only temporary!!


Wrestling Chapter posted:

I am not impressed, though. The competition was not exactly stellar.

First was that amateur, Namcat… and the Lucha wimp… I twisted Tula’s joints in ways nature never intended! Then Max, and that fatass, Iaukea… And the geezer, whatever his name was. They were weak… so they died! Now, you fight me…!


You didn’t fight them…

Namcat’s ashiwaza… Great Asia’s Lucha… Tula’s armlocks, Jackie’s strength… Morgan’s power, Seishi’s technique! And… my anger…!

Odie Oldbright’s Acro DDO move is still far too much for Andre to handle. Two hits and he’s out for the count.


The souls of those fallen in battle… Nobody has the right to deny you your desires! Use your power, for this putrid land…


Western Chapter posted:

Doesn’t matter how many rats you rustle up…!

O. Dio wasn’t wrong then, and he’s not wrong now.


Why bother bringing people together? It will only result in more despair. Destruction! This filthy world built by dirty people…


Mecha Chapter posted:

You’ve come… Now! The Great Inko Buddha statue shall bring unto us salvation!

We can do this…

The Great Inko Statue was already on fairly even footing with Buriki Daioh; being able to shut down Babylon Kick consistently makes this a cakewalk.


You are trapped by your own illusions! We…

Hehehehe… Hahahaha…

(Music fades…)


And so Oersted begins to wander.

The land is quiet.

Dead quiet.

There’s not a soul around.

Lucretia is abandoned.

Or perhaps, its people unmade by Oersted’s doing.


He remembers when things all started to go wrong…


What Straybow led him to do…

But has his revenge really accomplished anything?

Perhaps Oersted has sobered up a little.

(Music quickly fades.)

Pity all of history had to pay the price first.


Of course, we’re not really going to let things end that way.

This is the screen that pops up after the “To be continued…” of last update. Everything you’ve just seen is Oersted’s version of the final chapter; things will play out very differently indeed if we choose one of our remaining heroes. The true final chapter is much longer, more involved, full of secrets and extra challenges.

However, we must now make an important choice. Which of these seven heroes will be our main character? The one chosen cannot be removed from our party, and we won’t have to track them down for recruitment. (As a sidenote, anyone rotated out of the party will have to be found at their recruitment spot again.) Your choice will also affect certain pieces of dialogue and the recruitment of other characters.

(Nobody is really hard to recruit, but The Waco Kid is definitely the most hassle.)

Sooooo I might have a preference in this, but I say that you folks should go nuts. Vote for whoever you want to lead the world-saving party!

And while you vote, I wish to share one last thing with you: A bonus from the OST, a medley of battle themes from the first seven chapters. Perhaps it will help inspire your choice!