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Part 20: Robot - Update # 1 - Introduction to naming screen in scant minutes

Robot Chapter, Part 1
In Which the Robot Meets Its Mildly Creepy Inventor


That's it for Sunset's chapter. Only five more to go, and this thread's only been going on since...February? Jeez, we gotta pick up the pace here.

This next chapter has quite a few gimmicks to it, which I'll explain when they become relevant. For the moment, let's enjoy a little preview of things to come.

Narrator: Inside, a new kind of life-form is being created. The robot created by Kato the mechanic will eventually become involved as events spiral out of control on board...

And by becoming involved, we mean that it's going to run around and talk to people, while occasionally opening a door or playing an arcade game. Exciting, no?

To get us further pumped up for this gripping space opera, we get to read several pages of exposition, most of which we'll learn in the course of the chapter anyway.

You know what, instead of reading that, let's look at a spaceship instead.

Oh yeah...

This is the Cogito Ergosum, the location for this chapter. Its name means, "I think, therefore I am," and comes from the French philosopher Rene Descartes. Think of it as foreshadowing for smart people.

Inside the ship, we see the room where the crew sleeps. All of them are resting securely in suspended animation as the ship drifts on autopilot.

All, except for one.

Please note that, despite the title, there will be no robot love taking place in the course of this chapter. I'm sure that you're all very disappointed.

: Theeere we go...Finished!

: That should've done it.

Meet Kato, the mechanic that the preview mentioned. Hobbies include video gaming, low self-esteem, and creating life in his own image.

: All right!

Also, either working robots are a new thing in the galaxy, or he's just very easily amused.

: Do you understand me? I'm Kato. That's K-A-T-O. Kato. Good morning? Er...Say, that's right! You don't have a name yet.

: Nah...that sounds like a dog's name, anyway...

In the original Japanese version, Kato wanted to name the robot "Koro," which is Japanese for round, but decided not to because it also can mean dog. This is pretty much the same thing.

Remember the name "Rover" for later. It might or might not be important.

: I've got it! How about I give you a silly name completely opposite to your nature? You can be...Cube!

: Hmm...maaaybe not. Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of something.


Well, if he can't think of anything, I guess it falls to us. How about it, guys? Can you think of a better name than Kato can? Just as a reminder, it can only be six spaces long.