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Part 2: Day 1 - Story

Day 1: Story

On first booting the game, you're greeted by the Project Moon logo.

Then, a content warning. They don't want anyone jumping in without being prepared.

Music: story 1

The title screen is dark until you click your mouse.

The yellow runs from the bottom left up to the top right coloring everything as the title comes in. It's a simple, yet neat-looking effect. Those of you familiar with the old interface will notice the options look different now-the translator forgot to capitalize them in this build. Anyways, let's get started on day 1. We'll skip the tutorial for now, since it's faster to just explain things once the gameplay starts.

Music: never frozen bottom flows

This is the day 1 loading screen. We'll be meeting that woman on the left in a moment, but first…

We have to choose an abnormality. We'll normally have to pick one out of three at the end of each day, but today we're locked into this one, O-03-03.

Highlighting a cell gives you a little bit of text that can serve as a hint for what kind of thing you might be dealing with. In the future, I'll just be writing them down to save room. Since we don't have much of a choice we pick this one, and we're off!

Music: op theme

I give you a warm welcome to Lobotomy Corporation. I am Angela, your advisor and secretary. My role as an AI is to assist you in adjusting to your new workplace, so please have no worry in speaking with me or asking any questions.

Some lines can be one of a few randomly chosen options, and this is actually one of them! All the other versions here are variations on 'Gosh my name sure is cool, huh?' so I'll skip it for now, but if I run into any interesting ones later on I'll mention them.

I was born from one of the ‘Wings of the World.’ It signifies that I am one of the best to exist in this age. Ah, I know what you must be thinking. Your eyes show that you think I look too human to be an AI, am I wrong? However, there is a great difference between us. I am bound here. I cannot go wherever I please like you do. I may be able to operate the systems of this corporation to open a door or prepare a cup of coffee for you, but I cannot take a step outside of this building to bask in the sunlight or feel the gentle breeze.

The color of my hair is that of the morning sky after a light shower. The tone and shape of my voice is taken from the wisest person in the world. Lastly, my face is picturesque of the person who had the most beautiful smile. ...

My appearance was designed with attractiveness to the largest number of people possible in mind.

Is… the AI flirting with us? :raise:

Moving on, Artificial Intelligence is much more efficient in comparison to humans in terms of multitasking. I am the best in a majority of work fields. I am able to handle the work of several dozen people at once. I’m certain many people have lost their jobs because of me. It’s such a shame.

Here's where we get our first choice! I'll be showing each option off whenever possible.

>Could you inform me about the company?

Let me put it this way. Your world is constantly growing, and the demand for energy is exponentially increasing as technologies advance. All conventional energy sources combined could not sustain the world further. In search of a solution, we happened to stumble upon mysterious beings whom we dubbed Abnormalities. Then, we figured out that energy could be harvested from these ‘Abnormalities’ via a “special method.” “To isolate them in a controlled environment, and then to harvest energy from them.” Our corporation became one of the Wings of the World for this discovery that benefits humanity in two ways.

It is very important that you know and understand these beings well to be successful in your position. For now, the Encyclopedia’s pages lay blank, but it will be filled out little by little. Don’t concern yourself too much with it. It is the task of your subordinates to pen it.


>Could you tell me about yourself?

I heard that it took an enormous amount of time and effort to create me. All kinds of new algorithms and features were developed, inscribing a new chapter in the history of Artificial Intelligence. And I serve the company.

Then, we figured out that energy could be harvested from those “Abnormalities” via a “special method.” While AIs as a concept have become so commonplace that they are seen and used everywhere in this day and age. I am quite different in comparison to the rest of the pack. That is, I can closely imitate human emotions. This is not a simple task, as emotion is a highly sophisticated originally biological system that is substantially more unpredictable and complex than any other. Along with other functions at my disposal, I will be your perfect partner.

Routes Merge Here

Lobotomy Corporation is always looking for ways to improve its harvesting processes. Our systems are continually updated to support this. Speaking of which, there was a new update to the system right before you arrived. That means the working conditions have been improved upon, compared to those of your predecessors. Think of it as a small welcoming gift. Best of luck for us.

Oh, pardon my manners, Manager. I was talking to one of the other AIs that work here, I should introduce her to you. Our facility is a huge one, and even I would have trouble managing it on my own; so someone determined that there should be an AI to assume head control of each department. If I were to be considered the cerebrum, they would be the cerebellum. Naturally, of course, I should be your most trustworthy and capable companion among all the AIs.

You can tell that Angela's trustworthy because she tells you she's trustworthy! :pseudo:

Well then, shall we greet her now?

In summary: Our name is X. We mine abnormalities for energy, because :capitalism:. Angela is very, very full of herself, and is probably going to try and kill us because she is an AI and this is a video game. Now, let's go meet that other AI!

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

They actually do have a rushing footsteps sound effect here. I don't have a good way of capturing the ambient noises, but PM put a lot of work into these scenes.

I arrived just on time, right? The time iiiiiis…only about one minute late. Well, I guess it still counts as “on time!” Congratulations on joining Lobotomy Corporation, manager!

I do not want to disturb this touching moment, Malkuth, but every second counts in Lobotomy Corp. Please make your introduction as brief as possible and go prepare for the meeting.

But hey, at least the other Sephirot are looking forward to meeting you! Well, maybe... not all of them…

You've probably noticed that thing behind Malkuth at this point, so I don't see any reason to try and hide that all the Sephirot are named for the tree of life spheres. I don't know much about the symbolism, so if anyone wants to go into that in the thread it's a-ok by me.

Since we’re the Control Team, we have a great deal of responsibility! I’ll try my best to help you by improving the basic functions of this facility, manager! I’m sure you’re a bit nervous right now. It takes a bit of time to get used to things around here. I know from experience! But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to help you! I am, umm, not exactly the best at everything. I used to be a problem Sephirah, you know.

But still, you can do it! Just like I managed to, I’m sure you will succeed, manager! I’ll give you an easy task since it’s your first day here! I wish you the best of luck!

Someone's banging at the door?

:v: I have to get out of here, please. I know you’re capable of it, you’re the manager! You’re not the same as the rest of us! You can do anything!

Why do you want to quit? Don’t you like working here in the Control Team? Every day here is a delight for me!

:v: It’s so horrible, I can’t take it anymore! I’ll go insane! Nothing here is normal!

Do you really think you can’t handle it?

:v: Please… I don’t want to be here… Let me out of here, please…

Another choice. We can leave things to Malkuth, or we can intervene ourselves.

I'll let her handle it.

Please don’t be alarmed! These kinds of things happen quite often. Oh, right, it must be the first time you’ve seen something like this. Usually Miss Angela or I handle this kind of stuff. It's just a tiny hiccup. Nothing for you to worry about!

:v: No, please, manager! Please…!

*more banging on the door, cut off by a pair of metallic cutting sounds and one last thud*

Hey, we've gotten our first mission! We'll cover what these do once we get into the game proper. Also, Malkuth seems to have killed an employee. :ohdear:


Let's see what happens if we step in instead.

I should intervene.

This is the silent stare of an employee who thinks their boss is an idiot.

Then please keep this in mind, manager. Once they say they “can’t handle it,'' they are no longer part of my Control Team. The Control Team is on the top of all the Sephirot, just like the central nervous system of a human being. If we go down, it’s only a matter of time until everyone else goes down too! At first, it was hard for me to get used to as well. But I worked really, really hard!

This is where we'd get the mission if we went with this route. Since we already have it, the scene just ends.


Routes Merge Here
In summary: Malkuth is the head of the Control team, and has a weird taste in wall hangings. She used to be inept and got to where she is by working hard. She is also absolutely willing to :commissar: an employee if they say they can't take it, and will probably try to kill us because she's an AI and this is a video game.

After the story we enter the Unlocking Phase, where we select a department we want to expand. For right now our only option is Control, so let's click on it.

As Malkuth says, we're going to be expanding one department every day. This also determines where the abnormality you pick is going to be placed, but this almost never matters. Anyways, we'll confirm our selection.

Another loading screen. I'll be cutting these one out in the future, but each of them is worth showing off once since several of the terms they use come up in the story as well.

Music: neutral 3

The last thing that happens before we can start the game proper is a Memory Repository imprint. The Memory Repository feature allows us to reset time back to whatever our last repository day is, and you make a new imprint on every day ending in 1 or 6. There are a few other quirks, but we'll cover those when they come up. I'll be cutting these out from now on, too.

And so, we're finally into gameplay! This is the Deployment Phase screen. It's used to hire new Agents, place Agents within departments, equip Agents, and power up Agents. Right now, we only have one Agent, and the one that showed up when I tried to hire another was…

They don't exactly inspire confidence.

That's where you come in, thread. You can be as specific or general as you like in your description. There are RGB sliders for hair color, but be aware that most of the hairstyles make them pitch somewhat darker than normal. I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Gameplay! Mechanics tutorials! A human skull!